WorldVentures Review: The Naked Truth

Product Name: WorldVentures                                                                      Website:
Price: $56 per month & $199 start up fee
Owner: Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue
Overall Ranking: 4 out of 100


For myself, knowing about WorldVentures started when I was invited to a meeting after  school by a friend. He promised that it would be worth my time and present an opportunity for me to make loads of cash. Being me, always interested in finding a way to earn a few extra dollars I decided to attend and see what he was raving about.

That evening the classroom was packed to capacity and people were standing all over. Some guys from a nearby college were making a presentation about an opportunity that would make it available for us college students to travel the world at the cheapest price. Not only that but the ability to earn  a good income while doing so.

The presentation was a real hype that showed college students partying across the globe. People were signing up and persons wanted me on their team. They wanted me to book my next vacation trip through one of them also.

I was pumped up that evening, but I went home with so many questions unanswered. I dug for information for the next 2 weeks and what I have discovered is what am about to share with you.


World Ventures was founded in 2005 by Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent two successful businessmen. It is a travel club that boasts having 120,000 representatives in over 24 countries. They encourage living a life of fun and pleasure.

This travel group company is aimed at providing members with the cheapest rates for travel to some of the most expensive countries in the world. It is  a multi-level marketing program that has as its product dream trips.

The business is about having representatives to sell the dream trips and recruit others to join them.

Pro’s and Con’s


  1. Have the opportunity to travel on trips with members of the program.
  2. Education in public speaking and networking.
  3. You have the chance of receiving a free BMW if you are a senior reps and reach the quota of recruiting persons to sign up.


  1. The compensation plan is confusing.
  2. Poor customer service
  3. Refunds is likely a difficult task and does not fall through.
  4. There are upsells in hundreds of dollars.
  5. The prices on other travel club or vacation bargain sites are often times cheaper than what WorldVentures offer.
  6. Points accumulated by reps are only usable on dream trips to travel.
  7. Airfare is not included in dream trip packages.
  8. There are a lot of terms and conditions to adhere with disclaimers.
  9. The company is facing a lot of Lawsuits.
  10. The company has a high rating scale of being a pyramid scheme.


On my university campus, there are about seven training workshops held for the year that I am aware of. The trainings are a big hype just to let them members get pumped up about traveling.  In the training different presenters would try to evade it or talk about time running out and going deeper after the sessions but that never happened.

They also present the payment plans that the student should keep up with and recruiting new persons. The aim was mainly to get as many new persons to the meetings as possible.

When some questions were asked to get more details the presenters who not answer In the workshops you will see the members with some blue signs that say YOU SHOULD BE HERE.

Interestingly many of the students at my school have been apart of the program for more than a year. I never saw them in any of the videos and being on any of the dream trips.

I ask some why they were still a part of the program if they are not making money and are not going on any trips. It just did not add up. Why be loyal and committed if someone is not benefitting from a program.

WorldVentures Scam

Upon discovering, I realized that if the students wanted to be a part of these trip they will have to pay their airfare and the price sometimes at full cost.


It is difficult to get in contact with the owners, but representatives are able to get support from each other or main on the ground trainers. The address and contact for the headquarter office can ne found on the website’s homepage. Getting contact to the owners is often likely not to happen and members are encouraged to collaborate with each other.

Representatives have access to the back office of their business when getting members on their team and seeing the compensation plans as well as receiving materials and other tools to work with.

5100 Tennyson Parkway

Plano, Tx 75024, USA

Tele: 972-805-5100


What does it Cost to be a Member?

First to be a part of the club members have to pay a $199 start up fee just to join. After that there will be a monthly $56 fee that will be paid.

There are different levels of membership within the program. They advertise a Gold and Platinum standing which are the highest levels and can cost hundreds of dollars. There are other membership levels and dream trip types.

  • DreamTrips  ($199.95 One-Time then $26.99 per month)
  • DreamTrips Life ($199.95 One-Time then $54.99 per month)
  • International DreamTrips Life ($199.95 One-Time then $49.98 per month).
  • Luxury DreamTrips ($999.99 One-Time then $99.99 per month)
  • DreamTrips U ($99.99 One-Time then $20.99 per month)

Members will need to keep purchasing materials for recruiting and in this aspect there are a lot of upsells.

Invited to another meeting, it was more than a show. The senior members rode in the BMW bonus car incentive that was received for being the top representatives in my country. In order to receive this free incentive, a person would have to recruit a total of about 500 new members as I was told.

Making an income in WorldVentures will take anyone downstream as 73% of the representatives do not earn commissions. Click the image below to have a look at their compensation plan.

WorldVentures Scam


There is no need to be in a vacuum. During the summer of this year 2015, the WorldVentures scam escalated in my country. The complaints are endless. People going to hotels for vacation but to realize that the prices were not discounted and have to pay the full fees, not getting proper customer service from the head office to clear all the issues.

Here I have gathered a few complaints that has been made and what is happening in reality with the company (Gleaner, Complain Board, Ripoff Report, Scam Adviser)

Also here is a video on the company being investigated by one news channel. Many are the experiences of persons out there.

Dream Trips

This is where once a member you are able to see the discounted prices that are being advertised to visit various destinations of the world. Things are not always as they seem. Plane fares ar not included and  there are upsells other than what is being presented here. Only members of the club are able to view these prices.  Here are some examples of what they advertise.

The costs sometimes presented, it would have been better to go and get another vacation package other than choosing WorldVentures. Also, I must say that for the traveling dream trips these have to be done in groups as they are buying their packages in bulk to get a discount.

This would not give any alone time with family, but a bag of people means a bag of noise. Not really much relaxation seeing that you would have to go with the group at all times.

Many times there is no negotiation with the cruise ship or hotel owners/companies and the prices are not discounted as World Ventures advertise. Customers/members have to pay full fee whilst they are at the destination or go back home upon realizing that the presented fees were false.

My Final Say

At the end of the day, the decision will be up to you whether or not you will want to join this program, but all I can say is that it is there is no transparency in the WorldVentures travel club. It is a waste of your precious time that could be used to make real money.
Be realistic in your approach to life. Earn and then you can live a dream life. There is no such thing as Leisure without working for it. I am willing to help you in your success if you are interested in making an income online.

To find out more about working with a legit program at $0 Start up,

WorldVentures has so many lawsuits and all over the internet can be found negative feedbacks and complaints about the experience with the company. If you want to throw money away this is the avenue. I in no wise recommend the WorldVentures program to anyone.

If you have been a member of WorldVentures or would like to share your views you are free to make your comments below.




    • Thanks Josh for your feedback. It is good for persons to do a little research at times and not jump into the pond only to realize that It was not as safe as it appeared. Sometimes what people need to do is to step back for a moment and evaluate things by thinking with their minds and not always lead with their hearts. I am glad that you liked the complaints.

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    • Hi Noah. I like to keep my theme simple and clean. To be honest, I have never had any trouble with browser compatibility. There are various angles that you can try to approach the issue and have it resolved. I came across some answers to the issue from Microsoft support. You can click the link to see the different methods and what will best work in your favour. Glad I could help.

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