What is World Wide Dream Builders? The Answer

Product Name: World Wide Dream Builders (WWDB)
Website: www.wwghq.com
Price:$5 Basic Membership & $49.95 Premium Membership. Hidden cost $3500-$4200/year
Owner: Ron and Gloria Puryear (Top Amway Distributors)
Overall Ranking: 60 out of 100

In recent times I have been approached by a couple pitching to me the World Wide Dream Builders opportunity.

You may be wondering if this is another scam? Another pyramid scheme? Another MLM? What in the world could be authentic about the business opportunity?

Here in this review, I will be sharing what I have come to learn through interaction with these individuals and how you can have the chance to know the answers you are in search of.

Introduction About World Wide Dream Builders

World Wide Dream Builders-WWDB, also known as the World Wide Group-WWG was founded in the 1970s by Ron and Gloria Puryear (Top Amway Distributors).

This couple within four years worked their way to Diamond status in the Amway program. It wasn’t until in 1995 that the company was registered as an LLC.

It was started in an effort to get Amway Distributors referred to as Independent Business Owners (IBOs), to be more successful at marketing the brand.

The most successful Amway Distributors are those who make up the WWG team. The promise of escaping the 9-5 is what they promote.

So as you see, the main objective here is to market the Amway products and get new recruits. You can check out a review I did on the Amway program here.

Pro’s and Con’s of WWDB/WWG


  1. It provides training to its recruits.
  2. You can make a little money with Amway, not WWDB.


  1. You are responsible to cover the shipping cost for products you buy
  2. You have to personally use the Amway products
  3. Too many complaints from distributors
  4. Too many complaints about the product’s non-effectiveness.
  5. Mentors are brainwashed and trained to brainwash new recruits.
  6. When you get in it is hard to get out.
  7. You will need to commit to completing assigned tasks no matter what.
  8. The money you make is insignificant to what it will cost to be a member.

Who Is World Wide Dream Builders For?

It is for IBOs of Amway who are failing and want to get some invigorating juice to be pumped up. It is for people into selling more and more of the Amway products and to recruit more and more of their friends and family.

It is for those who believe that working for Amway selling the products and relying on their downline to do as they do, is escaping the 9-5 which they are still apart of.

Training and Tools Overview

In their training, they speak a lot about education to be your own boss, staying positive minded and motivated. The person who recruited you is your upline and is responsible for a lot of what you do.

These distributors classify themselves as mentors and will assign you books to read among other things. The World Wide Dream Builder Books listing is centered around making money, network marketing, investing, and dreaming big. To mention a few, you will get books such as:

  • The Business of the 21st century
  • The Go-giver
  • The Pro-Sumer Power
  • A Better Way To Live
  • Intentional Living
  • Enthusiasm Makes The Difference
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • The Choice
  • Everyone Communicates Few Connect
  • WIN
  • Etc.

Events and Conferences

The program hosts a number of events throughout the year. The main ones are Spring Leadership, Family Reunion, and Dream Nights.

I want to let you know as well that attending these events are not free either. We will get into the cost a little later.

Top Diamond leaders get to walk the red carpet and brand their signature rings. Each sitting at these events lasts for at least three hours and there is a lot of hype.

Below is an agreement that many new recruits normally sign in their first year.

1*’ Year Agreement

Our Commitment:


  • Time away from our Family
  • Time away from other Business Owners
  • 2 Board Plans a month dedicated to your Business
  • Live calls
  • Answering questions on CommuniKate
  • Build a “Tap Root” Leg
  • Help you Qualify and build your business
  • Money

    • Money into our gas tank
    • Money into Flights, Hotels & Rental Cars for Distance legs

You’re Commitment:

  • Daily Habits
    • Listen to a Digital Delivery or CD
    • Be listening to CommuniKate
    • Read 15 -30 Minutes from recommended book off of the WWDB booklist
  • Weekly Habits
    • Communication with your Coach/Mentor
  • Monthly Habits
    • Attend your local WWDB Functions
    • Attend two upline board plans
      • Note: If you have kids, it is important to have a strong Baby Sitter list
  • Yearly Habits
    • Attend ALL 4 Major Functions
      • Dream Night
      • Spring Leadership
      • Family Reunion
      • Free Enterprise Days
    • Do a Budget
  • Volume Habits (150PV Minimum Standard):
    • Convert a minimum 100PV (1“ Circle) to your own business
    • Earn a minimum SOPV from Retail Customers

What Does It Cost to be a Member?

They provide two tiers of membership. The first is $5 monthly for limited access to their training and $49.95 per month which allows persons to have full access. That is just the face they try to show.

Other Hidden Costs

How Much Will You Make?

Seeing that Amway is the business opportunity then we should have a look at what you can make with Amway. The average person makes $180-$200USD per month with the company.

To be exact, that is what the 0.3% of their active users are making. Will you be in that less than 1% to make anything?

Bear in mind that those who make it in this group are doing a whole lot of recruiting and selling of products. Take what they said out of your mind about making 6-7 figures income.

If someone makes $200 per month that’s $2400 per year, they still would not be able to cover the cost to be in the program. Which is $3500-$4200 USD.

This cost doesn’t even include personal living like baby sitter care when you are away. Something to think about!

A Glimpse of What I Experienced

You will notice that there are a lot of couples in the program. This is one of their marketing strategies. When they are able to get both involved, they will have better control of their finances.

I did pick up in the program that they pretty much brainwash their victims to making a fool out of themselves. If you say things that they do not like (not agreeing on all things), they will leave you alone.

They will tell you things like you need to submit to mentorship and do what they say. If you do not agree with things they will act as though you are dumb and will never get wealthy in life. If you don’t make a purchase or attend events when they tell you to some even get mad or upset.

Ty and Vanessa Crandell are the top WWDB where am from in Jamaica. They have managed to create a massive network of folks here reintroducing the Amway products.

Amway has had its bad reputation and line of failure from back in the days on the Island, so recruiting is not that easy. I noted that in the recruitment process for weeks the couple that introduced me never mention what the business was about.

If you allow them, they will string you along. All I wanted to know was what the business opportunity was and they kept assigning me books to read. It was in one of their zoom conference calls with other members I learned that the business was actually Amway.

These zoom conferences lasted like three hours and even more. For 2hours and 45minutes they will just brag about living the dream and walking away from their jobs.

In the last 15 minutes, they will actually give a brief idea about Amway but never in full detail. More like telling you to purchase the products and get new recruits.

In my dialogue, I saw so many red flags that I knew something was super off. To mention a few: the couple always avoided answering my questions, keep saying they will be addressed later on which never came.

The worst part that ticked me off was when they used my email to create an account with Amway and Amway sent me the info to confirm my account. This email they had as it was the medium they would use to send me the book reading assignments.

I never liked the sneaky, deceitful, and conniving mentally that was portrayed. They were never upfront about their actual lives and pretend a lot. Acting as though they were successful when they were not.

This I saw exhibited with many other couples. A few were genuine and I quickly realized those were the ones at the top like the Crandell’s. All the others were just new recruits trying to bring others in and make money.

Unlike Amway that promise financial freedom in 2-3 years, they emphasize that you will be apart of a 5-year program. That’s more like them adding two more years for this side of the business to make enough money out of you.

The only good thing I got from that mentorship was reading the books and doing the reviews. I never continued any further as I was not interested and saw where things were heading.

My Final Say

World Wide Dream Builders do a lot selling the dream but the downlines do not make the money to back it up. Bad enough that Amway already has their own levels that one has to climb and now added targets to meet through the WWDB program.

To be frank, you are not an Independent Business Owner. You are working to make the individuals at the top of WWG and Amway to get richer.

Believe me when I say you are being sold a lie. Many who are apart of it when they finally realize how much money they are losing, that is the only time many will wake up. WWG is just a support system for Amway recruits.

Financial freedom is not what you will get with the World Wide Group. If you want a genuine way to earn online and create a business for yourself then you can review My #1 Recommended Program to create an online business.

It is absolutely free to get started and there is nothing to hide about the ins and outs of the program. Nothing to lose either.

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