Website Profit Course: Fake or Legit?

Product Name: Website Profit Course
Price: $37/mth or $ 297-lifetime membership
Owner: Ray Delvecchio
Overall Ranking:  90 out of 100 

You might have heard about Digital Profit Course. Don’t be confused it is different from Website Profit Course. Both training programs with similar names. You can read my review on Digital Profit Course.

So let me tell you how I came across this site. I was starting a new aspect of working online. I was now building websites for people and charging but was unsure of some of the strategies when it comes to creating pricing.

It was through my research that I stumbled on his website and got some help from Ray in going about doing this the correct way and it was sure helpful. 

Introduction About Website Profit Course

This program has been around since 2014. It was created by Ray Delvecchio. He is an engineer by profession but chooses to follow his love for online marketing. His site teaches persons how they can succeed in web design, freelancing and affiliate marketing.

Ray seems to have caught on to what Digital Profit course offered but was not doing and is now offering that to the public, authentic and quality training. I then discovered that he offered so much more in training and that is what I will be telling you more about. 

Pro’s and Con’s of Website Profit Course


  1. 30-day refund policy
  2. Free account
  3. No upsells
  4. Useful content
  5. You try before you buy
  6. Lots of free resources
  7. Reasonable price
  8. Easy to follow the training


  1. Limited Training-Only basics
  2. Website layout and experience could be enhanced.

Who is Website Profit Course for?

This is a beginner guide on starting out online. It is designed for persons who would like to earn from home or have a side business. It is for those who are curious about web design or digital marketing and want to start out online. 

Training and Tools Overview

In the training you pretty much get an entire package to help you start a successful freelancing or web design business. Ray does mention that you will need to purchase your domain name and hosting as this is a requirement for all websites.

You will find in his training many useful tools. Below you can view some of his listed offers.

Web Design Course

  • 8 Training Modules
  • Actionable Worksheets
  • 8+ Hours of video content
  • Member forum
  • Downloadable templates

Module Courses

  • Target your Niche
  • Competitor analysis
  • Build a website templates
  • Set Sale Goals
  • Sales Strategy 
  • Website Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Advertising Management

Bonus Giveaways

  • Email outreach scripts
  • 1-page price sheets for meetings
  • 12 success web design companies
  • Common sales objections
  • Sales Goal spreadsheet
  • The “Perfect” client checklist
  • Divi WordPress Child Theme
  • Service packages offer
  • Business and life expenses spreadsheet
  • 100+ Business Industries List
  • 50+ Subject Line
  • Notes from Ray favorite Business Book

Ray even has a book that he published and would sometimes offer this to his clients for free. I must add that Ray provides a ton of resources for free.


Members are being updated via email and through the forum within their community. Ray also post monthly updates in the membership forum for his users. 


This is a section on his site that I really find fascinating. It is not testimonials like other sites wherewith fake people images and a two-sentence on how it has helped them. But you will find people and their websites that you can get additional information on what they have used the program to create. 

                People                                            Websites

  1. TJ Higgins……………………………..Higgins Web Solution
  2. C.J Ezell………………………………..The Red 5 Agency
  3. Felix Rivera……………………………Spectra Web Designs
  4. Daniel Freeman……………………..Freeman Studio Art & Design
  5. Laurence Bradford………………….Learn To Code With Me
  6. Brian Newhall………………………..BPN Web Service

What does it Cost to be a Member?

There are three types of membership. Free account, $37 monthly and $497 for lifetime entry. The free account is limited to the number of resources you can access. You get his book PDF version and downloads on marketing, business, and web design.

The difference with the paid memberships is that with the lifetime memberships you get 1000 business cards and a hard copy of his book- “Create Your Own Freedom” If you are not living in the United States this option would not benefit you as they only ship in the States. 

The price is not bad. Taking the lifetime plan would be a good option as you will get all the future updates and new training at no additional cost to you. Your membership will not expire. Taking the monthly membership for a year is $444.00. 


My Final Say

Website Profit Course is not a scam and is ideal for beginners. It provides basic training that is easy to understand and follow. The Owner Ray is very much a part of the entire process guiding his users. There is a lot of transparency with what he offers and how he goes about it.

It is very rare I recommend a program and I would recommend Website Profit Course to anyone who wants to know the basics of starting online. However, if you want to get more advanced training Wealthy Affiliate University would be the best place.

With this option, you do get the same Basic guidance as well as Intermediate and Advanced training when you are ready to move upward. 

Below I have added a comparison chart of Website Profit Course and that of My #1 Recommended program.  Feel free to leave your questions and comments in the box below.  



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