Top 8 Things They Don’t Teach You In College

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If you have been to college you would agree with me that they did not teach you everything, if you are planning to go there be open-minded to learn some things on your own. Schools are not obligated to teach us everything as some of our greatest lessons come from the life we live, however, these 8 things I am about to tell you about should not have been left out of the compulsory general course requirement for all students.

When I speak of things they did not teach you in college I am not referring to courses or classes that are offered to only one set of students or in one department.

I am referring to information that should be taught in general classes for the entire school population but was not done. In no particular order, I have listed them below.

#1 How To Manage Money

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This is an area that should not be left up to financial consultants but instructors should seek to help students manage their buying and spending. They don’t teach students how to manage their finances such as a bank account, how to shop wisely, or even budget. This is not a topic just for the business or account majors.

They should teach the general school population how to read a pay stump, balance an account, and types of investments worth trying. Additionally, no financial education is given on managing their credit cards so they don’t run into deep debt and maintaining a good credit score.

#2 How to Manage Stress and Avoid Burnout

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College should be preparing students to face the world of work and effective ways they can deal with their stressors. Students are not taught how to keep up with the workload. In fact, in college, many students don’t do well in managing their workload and they find themselves burnout to the point of sickness.

They don’t teach that failures are inevitable in life and how to get up and move forward after one. They don’t teach students to push themselves, work hard but yet have boundaries that will help them to not be caught in the net of persons, who spend years in a job, giving of themselves without limits that they are overworked and miserable as can be.

#3 Entrepreneurship

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College doesn’t teach you how to be you own boss or generate your own income, instead, they teach you to work for people. They don’t promote innovation in job creation. After all, that’s how the system is set up. You are not to have the mindset that you can become a millionaire or billionaire but you should keep climbing the education ladder to work for people all the days of your life.

I am mindful that not everybody is called to own a business but this is something that should be taught because the going will get tough when no jobs are available. Students should be taught how to sell their ideas, explore their own creativity and how to be effective leaders.

#4 Goal Setting

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If colleges teach students goal setting, this would help their growth and development. There are many people walking on college campuses who have no set plan on what exactly they want to do career-wise although studying, and the steps needed to take in reaching their goals.

Setting realistic goals, and knowing where one want to be in the next 3, 5 or ten years is important, as students should not feel stagnated but look at the big picture with a bright vision for their futures. Time spent planning is never wasted.

Not having realistic goals can break hearts and shatter dreams when not met. Goal setting goes hand in hand with time management. Having deadlines, knowing how to prioritize, have daily or weekly to-do list, completing important and hardest tasks first, all aid in the goal attaining process not mattering how simple it seems.

#5 How To Find A Job

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This saying I always hear by administrators when it is close to graduation ” we are not responsible for finding you jobs.” Kind of a lame statement I think. After training students to be ready for the corporate world 3-4 years they can at least teach them how to get a job.

Am not talking about a one-time training before graduation day. Am talking about an entire course to de done in the final year. It should include how to write resumes, writing proposals, negotiating, questions and answers in an interview, networking, building relationships, how to sell oneself, leading a team as some persons will seek supervisory positions etc.

They can even teach them how to negotiate a raise after being employed for a time period. Work is necessary for survival but colleges don’t invest in this aspect as they already got what they want- years of your money then leave you on your own.

#6 About Insurance

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Being in college every term I pay health and accident insurance but never get sick. Have a health card walking around in my purse that never gets used. Funny thing is, if I should have an emergency it does not cover ambulance cost. Wish I could get back all that money after graduation.

It is important for students to know the types and purpose of having insurance. There are so many; car, health accident, dental, vision, home etc. Knowing the difference between each, best health care providers, and how the plans work should be explained.

An entire course may not be needed for this but it should be taught somewhere along the line. Could save a lot of expenses with this education.

#7 Dating and Relationships

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When it comes to information on going about choosing the right partner, how to be supportive or how to even communicate in relationships, this is not a part of the curriculum. How do I have a conversation and even build one? It sounds pretty easy but really not that easy.

Emails, social media, and telephones have taken over. Learning the art of conversation, being empathetic and practicing active listening is not only applicable for life partners but when working with diverse people, peers, colleagues, and family.

Students resort to learn from every friendship that they form with others to garner these skills. Falling in love, starting a relationship, going on a date, getting married, starting a family, and how to handle common downfalls that take place in relationships all happen at some point yet it is not taught.

#8 Writing For The Workplace

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Academic writing is totally different from that which students will do at their jobs. Being able to write a simple email or memo to send out in an organization has to be clear and precise. It is not like writing research papers or essays.

There are different formats for writing reports, reviews, cases, and a new learning curve takes place when students face the real world. Citations styles don’t matter in these moments so why don’t colleges teach some of the writing styles that are acceptable in the workforce and not just academic writing.

Fitting in or adjusting is a problem as sometimes how students are taught to do things in a colleague is not necessarily the same. This makes wondering if going college makes sense sometimes a thought.


Even though these skills weren’t taught in college, it doesn’t mean that hope is lost or that one can’t master any. A student can become successful in learning them even with the help of a mentor or leaning on those who have been on the road they are heading. These real world things are bound to occur no matter what field you are in.

I emphasize research and more research. Here is something to think about the education/employment system.

Apply for a job…………….you need qualification…………..go to college for the qualification………you need money………………..borrow a student loan and get the qualification………………go back for the job…………….you need experience………….volunteer 3 months……………go back for the job………you need a car………borrow a car cause I can’t get money for one, I owe student loan………….. finally get the job………..half of how they want me to do the job is different from what they taught me in college……………I work three years to make back what I spent to go to colleague…………….hey, there are people in my department who did not go to college and we getting the same pay………….LOL.


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