Top 8 Dating Tips For College Students

The college student’s dating experience is a little different from that of non-students. It is quite unlike the typical high school dating arena as well.

Most students are away from home and get to make their own choices on who to date and what to do. Some dating activities take place in the confinements of the university.

While at college,  it is the norm to attend classes, get assignments done, and go out on a number of engagements. You may even see your dating partner often due to this fact. Here I will be sharing with you the top 8 tips that you are to bear in mind when choosing to date in college.

1. Set Clear Boundaries

Everyone has their preferences and beliefs. If you do not have clear boundaries you will soon realize that you go with any and everything.

Only when you know and understand what you value will you be able to set clear boundaries. Know what it is you are looking for and willing to accept.

Boundaries are not stone walls but fences with gates. A person needs to decide what it is that he or she stands for. There is always room for compromise however it should have no place when it comes to your core values.

2. Be Yourself

In search of love, many have gotten lost in others. Let this not be you. It is important to maintain your identity during a relationship. Express your feelings appropriately when you are happy, sad, or angry about something.

Bear in mind that no one is a mind reader. Vocalize these things. Do not hold back.

A couple entails two separate individuals coming together. Two individuals with their own personalities, likes, and dislikes. Understand that you need to love yourself and the person you are before you can truly love someone else.

It is better not to pretend as though you are someone you are not, hiding behind a facade, and losing yourself. No one is perfect.

3. Do Stuff Together

When many think of dating, they only imagine nights out dining but it entails so much more. It can actually be fun doing simple stuff together. Take for example cooking.

I can remember when grocery shopping together with my college boyfriend. We even took turns visiting each other some weekends cooking and making physical school projects together.

In doing things together you actually learn more about the other person. It’s better than sitting in a movie theatre looking at a screen.

4. Don’t Stay In a Bad Relationship

It does happen that students find themselves in a relationship where things are not going well. One does not have to stay and be burdened, miserable, and unhappy.

Some are afraid of hurting the other person by leaving. Clearly letting your partner know how you feel about how things are going and you wish to end it would be the best thing to do.

A promise of change may not fix the issues as bad habits don’t change overnight. Think about your health, well being, and your safety. Self-preservation comes first in bad relationships.

Self-love will enable you to step away from an abusive, cheating, lying, or malicious partner. Sometimes you may just need to leave before things really escalate.

5. Choose Safe Settings for First Dates

When going on a first date you may think you need a lot of privacy and quiet time which is not necessarily true. Make it somewhere in the public.

It does not have to be fine dining restaurants. As we know the student’s budget isn’t normally that high. Going to the park, ordering take out is good as long as you are in the public’s eyes.

You do not need to go to parties and bars to have a good time or date. The setting just needs to be safe and comfortable.

Stay in your comfort zone, drink responsibly, and set up a call or text system so your closest friends know that you are ok.

6. Be Open To Meeting Other People

You cannot date if you do not have a date. A warm friendly personality is more attractive than a grumpy disgruntled attitude.

College is plastered with people from all over the globe and provides the perfect environment for meeting someone new.

If you stay hiding in your shell-like tortoise or putting your head in the sand like the ostrich, you will not get to know anybody.

Unless people give you a reason to, you do not need to keep pushing people away. Talking to others will help you to better understand the type of person you are looking for.

7. Be Loyal

If you find yourself dating someone that you believe there is a great connection, and things could move up to the next step, don’t date anyone else.

Some people feel comfortable with an open relationship but this must be clearly stated and agreed on from the beginning. If not stated, it can cause a lot of problems.

There are those persons who have a great level of seriousness when it comes to dating. In the beginning, don’t take it too seriously. Dating is getting to know the other person. Not everyone enters it for the long haul.

If you should find someone you can really go steady with, then you need to be on the same level because you may end up losing the person you really wanted.

8. Life goes on after a break-up

The reason many do not start dating is that they fear things will not work out. There are those relationships that maybe would have left you in the hospital or in jail if you did not break up.

We cannot see the road ahead and how poor decisions we sometimes make when we stay in unhealthy relationships.

Then there are those relationships that end without an explanation. You have no clue what went wrong so you don’t know how to fix it. It would be good to know what went wrong to avoid it in future relationships.

I cannot end without saying that it hurts, especially after your first heartbreak. Life does go on and the world did not end. Neither did the clock stop ticking.

The longer one takes to get over a break-up, the more they will lose out on the present moments. After a bad relationship, one usually gets a little backbone and an understanding of themselves when entering another one as they heal.

Simply Put

If your relationship does not work out you can try again. After all, there is plenty of fish in the sea.

Don’t fret, someday you may look back because you were saved from something you never saw coming.

It’s also okay to be single. You do not need to feel pressured in dating. Date at a pace and timing that will allow you and your potential partner to grow together.

I hope that you have found these tips to be useful and they are practical enough for you to apply. Share your thoughts in the comments below which tip stood out for you.

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