Top 7 Ways Students Waste Time In College

While many students attend college to get an education, they find that they spend their time doing so many unnecessary things instead of actually getting one.

Believe me when I say there are some students that have a breeze through college and after 3-5 years they don’t see much that they have accomplished. They find themselves repeating courses and seeing the same lecturer over and over again.

College can be tough, stressful and expensive. Wasting time is actually wasting money. Here I will be giving you an highlight of the top seven ways in which many students find themselves wasting time in college.

1. Playing Games

It is hard for many students not to be engaged in playing games. This is a form of a stress reliever for many and helps to buy some time when waiting in a long line to be assisted.

However, many college students are addicted to gaming. Some skip their classes and put their research papers on hold to beat the highest score in a game or pass another level.

Playing games whether video or on phone is more common among male students. While playing games may ease the mind and make it ready for new challenges, it is a time stealer that robs many college students of their sleep and studying for exams because they are hooked on it.

2. Watching Movies

Watching movies is great when it is a good one and you have friends over. While movies are able to bring you with a new perspective and keep your mind off worrying about school work for some time, watching one movie after the other wastes time.

The average movie is almost two hours long. Imagine a student watching movies all weekend. Research has it that too many videos can decrease attention span. Let’s face it. Movies give us brilliant ideas to write our papers, design new clothing or create new things, but it can steal our time and become a huge distraction.

Episode movies will keep you glued to the chair because you want to see what will happen next. With this, it is easy to lose track of time and deadlines needing to be met for assignments.

It is then in the night that many students will try to scrabble a paper at midnight due the next morning when their brain is all too tired.

3. Being On The Internet

Gadgets are a huge distraction when it comes to the lives of college students. In class sessions, they are on the internet. Don’t think they are trying to get the answer that the lecturer asked. They are listening to new hits, watching videos, playing games, sending messages etc.

The internet has a lot to offer and it is not just for helping with school papers, finding a job, or getting the news. College students are caught up in actually every possible aspect of social media.

Many colleges have rules to help curb this behavior. Rules such as no cell phone use in most lecturers or no taking notes on a laptop are entrenched.

Instead of students listening to what is happening around them or taking place in their environment, constantly being on the internet makes them less productive.

Think about it for a second. How is your ability to spell words now when you are not texting or typing? It could be said, “I was once a great speller.”  College students find that a facetime video chat that was supposed to last for ten minutes tuned out to be two hours. Constant entertainment is the aim of the game.

4. Worrying

Worrying is like a rocking chair it keeps you rocking but gets you nowhere (By Van Wilder).  The challenges and stresses of college students are many. There are so many things that students worry about.

When one worries often times what they are worried about is the future….. the not yet……the what may happen. Worrying makes it problematic to focus on studies or even concentrate.

Worrying comes as a result of fear or apprehension. Students who are able to think through why they are worrying better make good decisions than those who harbor negative thoughts.

Worrying can take hours. This can even cause one’s head to hurt and let one loses time, focus and concentration to get anything productive done.

What a student could do is to write down their fears or what it is that is bothering them. Evaluate those things that you have come up with and see if they are rational or irrational. If you have no good reason, logic or facts for the way you are thinking then you are worrying without a cause.

5. Partying

While not all college students engage in party activities the majority rules. Partying is a way of life for many students. They have to go out on weekends, get high, have fun and just forget about college for a moment.

Partying is the ideal way for many students to get away from stress and worrying about exams but definitely eats up useful time.

College students are easily influenced by their peers to engage in a party. While it builds social networking, it also opens avenues for unhealthy behaviors.

Having a hangover when a student has assignments, projects, tests or papers to complete proves unsuccessful and often is the result of lower or failing grades.

Students who don’t set a limit to going out partying, constantly drink or smoke will soon find themselves addicted and waste their college years.

6. With Other Times Wasters

The easiest way to waste time is to spend it with other time wasters. It is easy to find them if you yourself are a time waster or they may find you when they need someone to hang with. It is so easy to sit around all day and do nothing productive.

In college, many students see the need to build and invest in friendships. Newfound friends are apart of the package. In an effort to please someone, some students may set their school work aside. Choosing rather spend your day to slack off than doing school work is definitely not a good idea.

I can remember my first year of college doing that and when everyone was gone to bed I had to stay up in the night to write a paper that was due the next day. This was pressuring for my brain and I lose my sleep.

Make your work a priority. Ever wonder why a class clown most times do well? They waste other students time in class but go home and study and do their work. Something to think about.

7. In the Affairs Of Other People

Being all caught up in what others are doing and their drama can rob your time. Students will sit and talk about other people’s business for more than an hour.

If you are able to invest all that energy and interest in college work, then you would be better off and more productive improving your grades.

It is definitely okay if your friends are having a challenge and would like someone to talk to about it. You can make yourself available to give a listening ear. Act as a support system if needed but don’t be a gossip buddy.

Doing this on a consistent basis where their drama becomes a burden for you, they are always seeking your time and attention to every detail of their story can actually drain you mentally and emotionally.

I hope that you found this post useful seeing the various ways students waste their time and hoping you won’t get caught. Time wasted can never be regained.

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