Top 7 Benefits of Playing Sports in College

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Many students after being active in high school go to college and find themselves stuck in academic work. Playing a sport in college can come with many benefits. I played sports in college for the fun of it with my friends but never entered any competition. It was awesome and I enjoy every moment.

Whether it is playing for the fun or with achieving certain set objectives in mind, I will be telling you the top ten benefits that any college student can achieve from partaking in sporting activities. Choose the sport you most enjoy and let’s get hopping.

#1 Get In Shape

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Being physically active allows you to keep far from having the freshman fifteen. It is also much easier to lose away the pounds in a very fun and engaging way instead of doing hours upon hours in the gym and going on weight loss diets. You will feel fit and energized as you start to consider eating more nutritious meals to keep your body going.

There is no need to always feel tired or laze around. Playing sports will help to boost your energy level. You will not only look good but also feel good. Getting your task done throughout your days will be faster and seem lighter.

#2 Set Yourself Up For Financial Aid

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There are many college athlete programs that offer scholarships and financial aid to students who perform well academically while playing sports. It is a good thing to pay it forward by showcasing your abilities in sports.

Pave your education pathway by receiving financial support by being a part of a sport that is involved in winning championships. This is an opportunity to graduate debt free.

#3 Stress Reliever

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College can be very stressful. What better way to get rid of anxiety and worries by blowing off some steam and getting the body physically engaged. Sports offer a healthy avenue to channel your energy.

You will relieve your stress, feel more relaxed and happy. Sometimes what the body needs is a break from all the book work that can be exhausting. Feel happy to be alive and healthy.

#4 Create And Build Friendships

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Playing sports, you are able to get support from your friends, teammates, coaches, trainers etc. It is good when there are people around you who will have your back and your best interest at their hearts.

You will find that your teammates will be some of the closest people you are friends with and you spend most of your time with outside of practice. You would have endured a lot together in training and accomplish more in victories if you decide to play a college sport.

#5 Keep Your GPA On-Par

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In order to participate in many sports in college, students will need to maintain a particular GPA. Having a GPA below the minimum required will have you thrown off the team.

This to say that playing sports act as a keen motivator in letting you keep your grades up. It is also fun when as a team there are members doing same courses as you and you can study together.

There are also many coaches who act as traffic police in ensuring that they keep tabs on your academic performance so that you are on the ball. Maintaining a require GPA will ensure you are still eligible for the scholarship you are receiving and in good standing with your institution.

#6 Improve Time -Management.

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When involved in sports you will be better able to manage your time and balance the academic workload. Your love for the sport will cause you to get stuff that is important out of the way for some fun.

Using your time wisely and not wasting it will cause you to put in the work needed in studying, completing projects, doing assignments and turning them in on time.

#7 Improved Commitment And Dedication

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Sports teaches discipline. If you don’t go to practice or bail out on a game you are putting your team in jeopardy. Sometimes it takes giving up things you like to do, for example going out to a party the night before practice.

You will be more committed and dedicated to whatever task you are doing. Think about it, in your career, you will need to display much of that. Deepen your passion and you will find that sports do not always have to be competitive for you to enjoy it.

My Final Thoughts

Your university or college may not be a sport oriented one that seeks to go to national sporting events or is big in winning games but you can play for the fun of it.

You can play against teams from other colleges or clubs and represent your college. Everyone gets the chance to go for the tryouts of a sport in college. It will not hurt either to play a sport on the weekend as I do.

If an opportunity presents itself for you to play a college sport take it. You may just be the next big thing.



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