Top 6 Things To Do Before Submitting Your Essays

After writing your essay, you want to ensure that you follow these simple steps in order to receive the highest marks possible on your paper. You may even need to do an entire revamping of your paper. I have listed in order what is necessary to be done to your already written essay.

Many universities have Softwares that are able to check your paper and pick up any form of error that is presented. Whether in grammar, plagiarism, spelling etc. We are not always perfect in writing but are prone to make mistakes. I am going to help you correct any such errors so that you can maximize on getting the best grade possible for your paper.

  • Check Essay Structure

The first thing you would want to do is to see if your paper is actually how an essay is supposed to look. As outlined in the chart below an essay is comprised of an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph making a total of five paragraphs. Ensure that there is five and that you use transitional phrases that make the transitions into other paragraphs an easy flow.

Your ideas should be clear as well as examples if given. Even though you may have written your essay already, re-read the question or instruction that has been given to ensure that you have done that which is required and not end up doing something totally off and get a zero for the entire paper.

  • Check Citation Writing Style

The most popular citations used across the world are MLA– Modern Language Association and APA– American Psychological Association. However, there are others like the Chicago, Turabian etc. You can check with your university department or lecturer to know which style is being used or accepted.

These citations give guidelines on how your essay paper should be formatted. It tells you how you show reference your work, the headers and type of page numbering that is required, font style, letter size, indentations, spacing,  in-text references etc. The specific requirements are expected to be carried out. The citation document can be acquired through your school or online.

In colleges or universities if this is not followed marks will be deducted from your paper. The styles also come in various editions. Presently the APA is at the 6th edition and the MLA is at the 8th edition. Ensure that all information you use that is not yours is sourced properly as well using the required citation style.

  • Grammar

There are a lot of free online software that can be used to check grammar errors in your paper. When using free software’s there are usually word limits to it or it only gives you a limited amount of corrections that it can make to your paper.

Some may require you to buy the full software by upgrading. One of the best one that I have come across is Grammarly, but there are many others out there.Some are: Ginger, White Smoke, Spell Check Plus and Correct English.  You can also type in free grammar checker in Google and try some. These usually check for spelling, punctuation, etc.

Some can correct you errors as you go along typing while to use others you will have to copy and paste your work so that you can get a free check. Remember that as you make the corrections to the uploaded paper you should also make the corrections to the original document that you will be uploading or handing to your teacher.

  • Plagiarism Checker

Ensure that there is no copy and paste sentences or paragraphs from off the internet in your work. Believe me think twice. This usually results in my classmates getting a zero for their papers. Maybe your teacher will overlook a sentence and deduct some grade-point but your lecture may not be as nice as others.

You want to present professional work. there are software’s that has plagiarism checker with grammar and other paper testers combined.

I encourage you to use more that one software when checking you paper just to be absolutely sure that nothing that is not your own words is presented in your paper. Systems that my lectures use are able to find every place online that an unsourced set of words or sentence is located.

Many students usually have a problem when it comes to plagiarizing. The definition that I have learned is that, 3 consecutive words that is found anywhere else. Pretty crazy especially when you know you have written your own work. Well, as they say, great minds think alike.

Some tools that you can use are; Plagiarism, Plag Tracker, Viper and Plagiarism Detector.

  • Grade Checker

Paper raters are aimed at marking your paper and giving you a score. They will tell if you work was excellent or it needs to be fixed. This medium does not always prove to be 100% correct. I have handed in a paper that it has graded in as being a B+ but my lecturer actually gave me an A.

It will force you to do well or better on your paper. Say for example the first time you run your paper it gave you a C+, you will want to fix it and try again until you get an A.  If you would like some feedback on your paper this is an ideal tool to use.

  • Proof Read Your Work

The benefits of proofreading your work can never be exhausted. Spending 15 minutes the most to read over you work will not cause you any pain. Even if it is to let a friend read your paper, that person can see errors that you yourself or the computer may not have picked up.

Just letting you know one more thing. Some university lectures will only accept printed work and they may see this as a way of marking you down for spelling grammar etc. Well, take this advice. Type your work, follow these steps and then hand write it or print it if they wish.

One of the best ways to proofread your work is after writing and editing the essay, to sleep on it and finish editing it the next day. This will help you in taking a break from it so that you will more easily to pick up errors and make room for improvements.

I would love to hear if these methods have been successful for you. You can leave any comments you have below.

All the best with editing your essays.


  1. You know what I hate to do the most. It is to check the structure of the essay. I am rally bad in it and that is why I would rather place my work for proofreading and leave all the worries for their professional writers.

    • Thanks Adam. It can be pretty frustrating to keep going over and over an essay to see all the errors. Especially when you may not have someone there to check it for you, these different checking tools can become pretty handy. I would not say they are all perfect but they sure can make your job lighter. With the professional writers, this can be a plus. As for me, I keep the writing to myself as in order to do well on the exams learning to write essays well will come in handy than having it done by others.

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    • There is always more than one way to get an essay ready and in shape for submission. While having other persons getting the job done, a thoroughly proofreading will be required along with other steps mentioned. The cost to get professional work done should also be considered.

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    • Glad that the information was useful to you David. Essay writing is a breeze for many high schoolers until they start attending college. Understanding the basics of what is expected and what to do will help any student in getting good marks on just having the core components.

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