Top 20 Organization Tips For College Students


Staying organized in college can take a lot out of many students especially if they are naturally not organized. Being organized is not far fetched. It is more than achievable for the student who wants to accomplish this.  

In no particular order, I have provided the Top 20 Organization Tips that any college student can implement in staying organized and performing at their “A” game. 

#1 Try Not To Multitask

Multitasking is a popular habit, especially for females. If you can focus on one task at a time this will increase your productivity. It is better to have 5 projects complete than 10 started but not complete. 

#2 Plan Your Day The Night Before

I usually practice this, then I realize that it is one of the key strategies of past president Barack Obama. Sit down and figure out how you will accomplish all that you plan on doing the following day. This way it will be more easy to not miss anything.

You can even start working on a task once possible. Nothing feels better than going to write an essay to see that I had done half of it already the night before. 

#3 Use Apps To Help You

Using apps to help you is an option in staying organized. There are many useful apps for college students. You can use planner apps, alarm clocks, clockwork tomato, nudge-to keep track of your fitness or even Evernote for keeping your class notes organized.

#4 Stop Saying Yes To Everything

If you want to keep on track with the most important things to you, you can’t say yes to every request that is asked of you. Many students have a challenge saying no especially when they are involved in many groups and clubs. Prioritize school duties such as submitting your assignments on time, studying for the exam, and preparing for your presentations. For the most part, these should be at the top of your list.

#5 Use a Planner

To keep on the ball, a planner may come in handy. It helps you to have a view of what you will need to get done in days or weeks ahead.  

#6 Develop a Routine

Nothing beats having a routine. When your brain and body coincide on tasks then staying organized will be a breeze.

It may be night, morning or weekend routine start working on one. Get your mind and body in motion.

#7  Set Goals for Yourself

If you do not have a goal then there is nothing working towards and no need to be organized. Set SMART goals for yourself. Make them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and in a reasonable Time frame.

#8 Have your Class Schedule in sight

It is important to get a printout of your timetable for your classes. Not only that but put it in a place in your room that would normally look. It should never be the case that you forget that you have classes on such a day.

#9 Declutter and Clean Weekly

What could be more relaxing than doing your work in a clean fresh environment? Take the time even if it is once weekly to get rid of all the junk that may clutter your room. Cleaning does not have to take all day. Just an hour can do. Clean the bathroom, the kitchen, sweep and mop/vacuum your room. Do a little dusting. Believe me, in the end, you will feel and see the difference.

#10 Set Your Own Deadlines

I know that attached to every assignment on your class schedule there is a deadline. Set a deadline for each assignment two to three days earlier and work towards it. To avoid waiting on the last minute and then be all stressed, work towards set deadlines.

The saying goes…….“Rome was not built in one day” Do a little aspect of your assignment or task daily, it does add up.

#11 Clean Your Desk at the end of Each Day

Cleaning your desk space should be a daily task. You can do this right before you retire to bed. Get rid of all the paper that may be piled on it. Throw out what is not needed and make your desk space ready to greet you in the morning. A clean desk shows that you are organized. 

#12 Constantly Review Your Syllabus For Each Class

Keep checking your syllabus throughout the semester. To know what the teacher will be looking at next helps you to be prepared. It shows you know what chapters to read for the next class and help you to seek clarification on necessary areas that may require guidance. You don’t want to miss anything either. It should not be that at the end of the semester you realize you missed two of the assignments. 

#13 Remove Distractions

One of the best ways to stay organized is to get rid of what usually distracts you. If it is your phone, put it on silence. Turn the television off, choose to not study around your friends, just put a sign on your door that says “No disturbance-Study Mode or check back in the next two hours. It is that simple. 

Additionally, try not to open social media pages when you are doing your research. Responding to a 2minutes message will take you the next hour believe me! I can attest. 

#14 Choose Clothes and Pack Bag Overnight

Select what you will wear the night before. Instead of running about in the morning can’t find your socks. Set everything down. It is always good to have ready to wear items in your closet. I usually use an hour on weekends to identify the clothes that I will wear for the entire week and get them ironed. 

#15 Create a Study Plan For Your Exams

If you fail to plan then you plan to fail one of my lectures would always tell me. You need to have a plan of action, especially how you will study for your final exams

#16 Use A Timer

It is good when working on a task you use a time device. You may want to use the Clockwork Tomato method where for every 30 minutes you work on a task you take a 5 minutes break. The helps you to refocus and not be overwhelmed. 

#17 Use Sticky or Post-it Notes

Sticky notes can be used as helpful reminders to get things done. Whether you place them on the door, refrigerator, glass in the bathroom or your computer, they are there to keep you organized and help you in staying focused. The uses are many especially when you decide to use the Post-it Notes for studying.

#18 Review What You Learn Each Day

Taking an hour when you get home to review what you learned during the day will go a long way in keeping you abreast in understanding your material. It also makes studying for exams easier. 

#19 Plan For Fun Time

“Hard work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. In all that you organize, make time to hang out with friends and do the things you like. Being organized is not about you being a robot or on a drill squad. 

#20  So What If You Mess Up?

As it says so what? It’s not the end of the world, nobody can beat you for not sticking to your plans. You do owe it to yourself to keep on track though. You want to see results and improvements, so follow your set plans as best as possible. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you slip up, just pick up from where you left off or start over if needs be.

I hope that you would have found these organizational tips to be helpful and that as you implement them you will achieve the success and results that you are looking for.

Do share your comments below on which tips you have found to be most helpful as well as questions you may have.



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