Top 10 Ways To Make Money Selling College Notes

College students are often times strapped for cash. They are constantly looking for side gigs to help pay off a student loan or offset college costs. Actually, there is a great way that one can make some money on the side.

If you are an exceptional note taker in class, then this is for you. Sit back as I explain to you how easy it is to get started doing this. But first,

Is It Okay To Sell Your Notes? 

The first question that many will ask when it comes to the idea of selling college notes is whether or not this is ethical. Well, there should be no problem as it is not as if you will be taking an exam for the person you sold the notes to.

It is as reading a book. Instead of a person going through a book to take out the high points that would most likely appear in an exam, you would have gone through the process of doing that yourself and making someone’s life a bit easier while at the same time getting a few bucks in your pocket.

You know there are always those students that skip class and would beg for someone to send them the notes. Well here is an opportunity to turn this note taking in classes into a business. We will be taking it up a notch and highlighting ways that you can not only sell to your colleagues on campus but how you can extend your services to a whole bunch of people in online communities that would appreciate this type of service.


So now I can go ahead and share with you the top 10 ways that you can make selling your notes quite easy. These all work differently but the main method is that you will ensure you go to class, take awesome notes, upload them and wait to see your $$$.

You will definitely not turn out to be a millionaire by selling this type of service but you can make a great deal for something that you would need yourself regardless of selling it to others. Upon estimation, you can look at earning $500-$800 doing this for the semester.

1. OneClass


Pay: Varies

A person has to apply to be a notetaker with OneClass. Once the application is approved the student is able to earn 75 credits for each document that is approved.

They mainly use a credit system where earned credits can be cashed out or redeemed for gift cards at varying outlets for example Amazon. A person can also earn credits by referring other classmates to join. This is usually worth 50 credits.

2. Nexus Notes


Pay: $35 per set

Once you upload your notes for sale to the Nexus Notes platform, they will be reviewed and once accepted advertised to other students. When notes are downloaded by viewers, a 50% commission is earned. The company uses PayPal as its payment outlet and usually does payment at the beginning of each month.

3. Course Hero


Pay: $25 per note

You will earn money with Course Hero when a person chooses to become a subscriber to the Course Hero program as a result of the material you published. Whenever your material is first or last viewed before person subscribes you will earn $5 for the person doing just that.

You will earn the next $20 when people select your document to be used. Additionally, you have the option of sharing your notes via social media with your classmates so if they need it they can visit the site and gain access.

4. Notesgen


Pay: 60% Commission

Notesgen allows students to upload their handwritten notes by scanning them. This even makes it much easier if you do not want to type them as many sites require. Furthermore, students have the option to create a price listing for themselves. Payments are made every Friday to one’s bank account.

5. Stuvia


Pay: Varies

With Stuvia, you also get to decide how much you charge for your notes. You upload them to the software and each time someone downloads it, you will make money from that. They will charge a commission based on the listed price. Furthermore, Stuvia allows you to turn your notes into learning flashcards and other educational materials.

6.Oxbridge Notes


Pay: 72% Commission

For this company, they will accept documents in the form of Word and PDF’s. One is able to apply by filling out a form on their site. If you should sell your notes for let’s say $100. You will make about $55. this is dues to Oxbridge Notes taking its 28% and the transaction fees.

7.Campus Shift


Pay: 85% commission

On the Campus Shift platform, we can see where notes are shared from student to student. It is free to join and they provide an option where you can buy and sell textbooks among other items.

8.Student Notes


Pay: $75 per note

This site is very interesting. It wards off idlers with some of its requirement. A student must have a GPA of 3.4 or better to use their services. You will also need to provide them with a schedule of your classes. Once the eligibility requirement is met, then students can upload their work and start receiving payments.

9. StudySoup


Pay: Varies

Just like OneClass, they also use a points or credit system. StudySoup refers to this as “Karma Point”. Students are required to post a study guide 4 days before their exams. If other students sign up and purchase your notes with their point you will earn $4. If they purchase your study guide with same, then you will earn $8.

Their payment methods of choice are PayPal and direct deposit. The cash out minimum is $25. One thing I like with them is that you can upload your past semester notes. Those who upload their notes weekly throughout the semester are considered Elite and get more benefits.

10.Omega Notes


Pay: 70% Commission

Omega Notes allows you to sell a variety of things. From study sheets to diagrams etc. You can even go through the process right from your smartphone. It is free to sign up and post a listing of what you have ready. Payments are made immediately into one’s PayPal account after purchase.

Your Turn

So as you can see there are lots of opportunities that exist out there and you have absolutely no reason not to check them out. I sure hope that the information shared has been useful to you.

If you have ever used a site to sell your notes or have a question, leave them in the comments section below.



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