Top 10 Types Of Lecturers College Students Encounter

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It may be that you will be heading off to college and are curious about the type of lecturers that you will encounter or maybe you are already there and want to know what category to put your professors in. Well, this article is aimed at highlighting the top 1o types of college lecturers that most students encounter or will encounter.Image result for college lecturers

Having experienced more than 10 lectures myself and getting the views of some of my colleges I have outlined the top choices.

Each lecturer is unique and has varying teaching styles as well as personality, and every college students have to cope with it.

Practically speaking, some are just not fitting for the profession and need to be reassessed by their supervisors, while others are some of the most awesome persons a student could ever meet.

#1 The Story Tellers

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There are always those lecturers who get so carried away in the lesson. They give numerous examples of experiences they had even when some are not related to the topic being discussed.

I have seen instances when students don’t want a lecturer to teach a lesson, they engage them in other topics and before you know it the class is over and nothing learned but personal stories.

For every topic, a storyteller can relate to something that happened some time ago. While having discussions and bonding with students is good, time is often wasted, and then a lot of work is left to be done at the end of the term.

#2 The Disciplinarians

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Disciplinarian lecturers are most times those who have taught at the high or secondary school level before. If you believe that you left your parent house and is no longer under any supervision then you are up for something else.

They ensure that you follow the school rule to the “T”. For example, if short clothing is not allowed or colored hair, they will have the student out of class for the day and may even report him or her to the dean.

Disciplinarians sometimes order students and treat them as if they are talking to kids. They are in full control and if a student wishes not to comply then he or she might just leave the class and pick up the course with another lecturer. In every department, there is always a lecturer like this. A mother or father away from home.

Being respectful, knowing the school rules, and knowing the rights of a student are the bests ways to get around teachers like these. Just a warning….. if a lecturer so happened to be out of line and is reported, that student might be disliked and experiences harshness and bad grades as a result in some instances. Otherwise, disciplinarians help students to be on the ball with school work.

#3 The Cool Down To Earths

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There is always a miss or lecturer. Everybody’s favorite funny, easy going, understanding and negotiable. Cool lecturers usually make classes fun, interactive and informative.

With them, learning difficult concepts is made easy and most students do well. With the facilitator being down to earth at times may come off as being unprofessional and or giving too much information that students should not know.

Sometimes they seem more like friends instead of actual lecturers and some students of the opposite sex may try to get close. Amidst the jokes, laughter, and spontaneity in the lessons they abide by ethical codes of conduct that governs their profession. Some may even get involved in school protests.

#4 The Good Looking

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Often times students would discuss how a facilitator looks. Even if the lecturer does not know anything that he or she is teaching, that is often times overlooked by some students.

I often time see and hear male students say they have to change a section of their class because they are distracted by the looks of their lecturer and cannot perform at their best. Sounds a bit silly but can be true.

A male lecture does not need to do anything to have the ladies discussing his body shape among themselves in the class. This was one of the statements that I heard one day in class “Sir body look shot! Him thing tun up” meaning that the lecturer has an awesome figure that any female would like. He is classified as number one. (muscles and abs).

#5 Help You Pass

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You can always visit a help you pass lecturer at his or her office and receive clarification on a challenging topic. These types of lecturers will also provide extra classes for free if students are interested in doing well. These facilitators want to see students do well and have their best interest at heart. How to not fail a class is what they are all about.

These type of professors are also passionate about the courses that they teach. They might give the class a makeup quiz if students are not doing well. They always are interested in problematic or weak areas student have concerns and encourage students to push and try to do their best in all cases. They are also good motivational speakers.

#6 The Socratics

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Socratics love to ask questions about information that is in the text or was sent to be researched. They always have a pop quiz to give you at almost every class and they tend to facilitate a lot of group discussions.

With these lectures, a student should always read the assigned chapter before class, read the course outline to see what will be done at next class and be prepared for a pop quiz.

It is impossible to not participate in a class or not have your name being called. Persons who raise their hands a lot after a while will be rejected and they will seek to call on those who are talking, distracted or sitting at the back trying to hide. It is never a good feeling to be called upon and knowing nothing.

Marks can be deducted as well as awarded for not reading as well as reading assignments and making notes. The   facilitators love spontaneity in putting students in groups and let them carry out in class activities. Lecturers like these push students to know course content.

#7 The Ph.D.

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Lectures that have a doctoral degree most times lecture in advance to their knowledge even when they are just facilitating a bachelor’s program. It can be pressuring but not all bad.

In fact, it prepares one to be ready for a masters program wherein they will find it to not be so hard as they have challenged the same stuff while at the bachelor’s level.

Some Ph.D. will act as if they are a know it all, however, quality written papers are what they look for. It is not impossible at all to get an “A” as long as a student works for it.  I have had the experience where after doing courses with Ph.D. lecturers that there was a drastic improvement in the quality of my research papers as well as other assignments.

Upon giving an assignment to a lecturer who only has a masters degree, it was refused saying I did not have the potential to write such papers and I got them from somebody. Well, eventually they were taken. This to say there is no limit to the potential that students can reach under the hands of Ph.D. lectures. Just adding, many of them will mark papers hard if they forget they are teaching a bachelor’s program.

#8 The Boring Ones

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No matter how at times students are very interested in learning and passing a class, if the content is always presented with the lecturer at the podium talking there is no way the students will not be sleeping. Boring lecturers have no spontaneity. They do not try to find new exciting ways of presenting their lessons.

If they tried to make the lesson interactive, put in a powerpoint, video, activity, or take students outdoors then students would more likely to stay awake. Once there are students who are awake they will continue the lesson while others will wake you or ask you to leave.

Just note that they do take record at times of those who are sleeping and not paying attention. Sleeping is not always associated with a boring class but the class may be in the slot just after lunch. You get what I mean!

#9 My Class Only

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My class only lecturers are those who tend to give assignments upon assignments nonstop. The magnitude of work that they give makes it seems as though no other course can fit into the term or semester.

Some just don’t care whether or not a student wants to have other courses doing, they just need their work done and handed in on time.

I keep track of all assignments that are given by my lecturers and there are two lectures that give nothing less than 10 assignments for a semester. That is not even inclusive of presentations and other course outings.

Try counting the amount of assignments you were given from each lecturer at the end of the term and you will be amazed. In classes like these, students really struggle to do everything. The most challenging courses sometimes prove to be the ones that some students end up with an “A”.

Some lecturers hire persons to help mark papers for them and so it’s not so tough until you see that you got a few right answers incorrect.

#10 The Lazy Bunks

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Lazy bunk professors usually do not teach, lecture or help a student to learn in any significant way. They usually send a student to read a chapter and do quizzes. Often times students feel as though they are doing the work of the lecturer.

Teacher assign students to make presentations on almost every content area in the text and act as a keen overseas. Which brings me to the point of what does it mean to lecture? They are to teach and guide just that not as detailed as a secondary school.

The Lazy bunks teachers are usually those who never mark papers and return them on time and give an examination on what was not taught or covered throughout the course. Sometimes they don’t show up at class and ask someone to sit in for them. In fact, they are usually late.

I sure hope that you now have an idea of what types of lecturers that college students encounter on a day to day basis.

Let me know in the comments the type of college lecturers that you encounter most? If you are a lecturer, what category do you think you belong?.




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