Top 10 Things To Do If You Can’t Find A Job After College

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What does the college grad who has not landed a job after college do all day? good question! Just left college or about to leave college and wondering what you will do if you can’t find a job.

Not finding a job is the cry of many colleges students. There are loans to be paid back, and definitely a mouth to feed. Here I will be sharing with you the top 10 things you can get active doing to occupy your time and not just laze around.

Stressed out, missing college and bored can all be handled. These top 10 will actually make you feel productive, keep you on track and put you way ahead of your competition.

#1 Go Volunteer

Yes! you heard right. Volunteer or work for free. There are many agencies that will actually take you on as an intern. There are many charity organizations out there who need the help of volunteers. This is a great opportunity to add something new to your resume. It does not have to be an area in your field of study.

Keep yourself busy. An agency may take you on part-time and before you know it, you have a well-paid job or a temporary position until something else comes up.

Get involved in community projects and be an active community member. This will also aid in your networking as you put yourself out there. Remember that people living in your neighborhood are from various career backgrounds.

#2 Write Business & Dream Plans

Think business. Consider being jobless an opportunity for you to come up with creative ideas on how you can finance yourself and not only that but to also create an avenue where you can employ others providing jobs in the process. Focus on an area that you believe you are well knowledgeable and create a business proposal.

There are financial institutions that are willing to give small startup loans and you can also receive financial consultations on the profitability of your business ideas.

Dream big, where you are and where you want to be. Continue reflecting on your goals and add new ones as you see fit. Write plans for a non-profit group you would like to operate in the future, books you intend on publishing etc. Don’t just create these plans but act on them.

#3 Do Some Hobbies

You now have more time to do the things you like. There is no need to sit around when you have time on your hands. Invest in you and the things you are passionate about and never had much time for in college.

Do some painting, knitting, cooking, cycling, fishing, traveling, dancing, scuba diving, fashion design, gardening, reading, bodybuilding, writing, affiliate marketing or whatever you find to be worthwhile.

You could also write a blog about those things that interest you or you are passionate about. This can turn out to be a stream of income as many people make money blogging. In the same time, learn something new. You can seek to get professional training in something you love or a skill if your degree area is not one.

#4 Send Out Resumes

Do not limit yourself by narrowing your chances seeking a job only in certain industries. Broaden your job search. You may want to relocate, try other industries or accept something of a less pay for some time. No one will know you are seeking a job if you don’t tell them. The best method is to keep sending them your resume.

Always remember to do a follow up on the places that you send your resumes and job letters. It may just be in a pile with all the other new applicants. Stand out and show you are interested in seeking to know whether your application was successful.

Continue building your skills and make preparation for when job opportunities arrive. Get a friend or family member to assist you in doing mock interviews and answering questions. You will be more confident and less nervous when the time actually comes.

#5 Hang With Friends

You can now link up and hang out with friends you have not seen or hang out with since you went to college. Catch up on some old times. You may be surprised at how things have changed or how much fun you have been missing out on.

Go out and try new things and see new places with your friends. Go shopping,  grab some food, buggy on a road or beach trip. You can also make new friends as most of your colleagues in college may not be around.

There are so many things you can do together. Play video games, host parties or even compete in a sporting event. Your friends may have jobs so this is more likely when they are available and within your schedule of trying out some of these tips.

#6 Continue Studying

The job market is very competitive and you will better understand when you start working. When you think you have achieved all, you realize that you may need to add a few more skills and training to get ahead of the crowd.

To continue studying does not mean you have to go back to college. Take a certified course online. You could even study online which may be more convenient. Get certified in areas that will make you more marketable.

Courses can last for three months and do not have to last a year. Take for example there is always new technology and new ways of doing things. Take a certified training in computer programming. If you want to create a business you could do something in business management or entrepreneurship to add to your degree.

#7 Work Part-Time

Working part-time can be fun and interesting. With this, you will be able to finance yourself, get experience for your resume, learn something new, and still be able to do the things you like because your job is part-time.

I normally tell my colleagues “don’t think it too hard to work outside your field.” I know college was not cheap and minimum wage is like a spot on the blank sheet compared to your expenses.

Don’t find the jobs available to be degrading. e.g working on the garbage truck-someone has to collect your garbage. You can work in an area that is not your profession for a few months just to get by. Some of the jobs seen as the most degrading jobs in the world are some of the best paid.

You may to reduce the cost of living and save more by moving back home after college, and live on a budget to save more.

#8 Enjoy life

The time period after leaving college and finding your first job is one of the biggest breaks you may ever experience in your life. Once you get a job, depending on nature you will be doing a 9-5, 6, 7  or working seven days of the week. The only time you will have to go out on vacations is the companies yearly one which often lasts for a week or two. Some places require you to work for a few years before you can get a month for vacation.

Go out an travel to all the places you have never been and longed to be. Enjoy your time with friends and family. Life is to be lived so live it. Go out and explore. You may be worried about getting a job but that’s not all there is to do.

Savour the moment and enjoy where you are. You are in a position to do what makes you happy and be around those who you love. As Gordon Hinckley once said “In all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” 

#9 Join a Professional Group

There are many professional groups and associations that exist and most certainly for most professions. With professionals in your field, you will meet those who most times are already working. Being in an organization it is easy for them to hear of a new post that is open and they usually advertise them at their monthly meetings.

It could even be the alumni association for your college. There are always established successful professionals that are apart of them. By taking part in activities you can exhibit your abilities and open up better network chances.

Always seek to be in the know. Get the latest information or buzz on what is happening in your field, projects, and events that are being undertaken. Set yourself for success by being present.

#10 Never Stop Networking

Seek to enhance your career at all times. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to know more. Attend seminars, workshops and all you can think of. Always be checking online, the local paper, or any other news medium. You should also attend job fairs as they can give you information of existing job vacancies.

Make ample use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, twitter etc. On LinkedIn, you can display your area of expertise, your experiences, and what you are looking for job wise. You can also create a professional online portfolio.

There are many companies that are using this platform to find suitable employees for positions they have available. Do things to enhance your career.


No need to be a deadbeat or feel stuck when there are so many things you can do to advance yourself. Don’t place yourself in the group that feel they do not need to work and sit at home allowing their parents care for them.

Stay positive and motivated. You are not the first to be unemployed and will not be the last.  You have overcome the many challenges you experience in college and you will overcome this one too.

I always hear this saying “the devil finds a use for idle hands.” Don’t let him find your hands to use. Stay focused, stay on track and don’t mess with the wrong crowd. Keep the positive attitude going.

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