The Profit League Review: Something Smells Fishy!

Product Name: The Profit League
Price: $3999
Owner: Jeff Samis and Jessica Samis  (wife) 
Overall Ranking:  65 out of 100 

If you have not heard about one of the latest buzzes I will be sharing with you that information in this blog. Whether you stumbled upon The Profit League by Ad, referred by a friend, browsing the net, etc.

I will be guiding you as to what you need to know before you join and what you can expect after signup. Now is this course robbing innocent people of their hard-earned money? You will be finding that out and much more.

Introduction About The Profit League

So the first things that we will come across is that it is a family business owned and operated by Jeff and his wife Jessica. They have put together the training, courses, webinars, etc.

They claim that they have successful businesses online and just want to teach some of the skills they use. Question-why at such a huge cost if they are already successful?

I find that the concept they use is very basic. You get your local businesses to pay you a monthly fee for advertising for them. You place their ads online and on social media pages (facebook, twitter, Instagram). When I examine it, you are mainly doing Paid Per Click (PPC) But I have to question is this course worth the $3999 that they are seeking? 

Pro’s and Con’s of The Profit League


  1. Can set up ads in a day
  2. Training videos are easy to follow and understand
  3. Weekly webinars
  4. Owners are experienced
  5. Training being updated monthly


  1. Everyone writing the same or similar Ads
  2. Upsells
  3. Training is basic
  4. Too expensive
  5. No free trial
  6. No money-back guarantee
  7. The upfront cost not stated
  8. Facebook ads need to get low CTR in order to get leads for clients.
  9. You have to learn how to sell yourself to local businesses to get clients
  10. You are encouraged to be your own first client paying to test the system.
  11. Need a client to get started.
  12. Members have to rely on facebook forum for help

Who is the Profit League for?

This is first for the person who is willing to part with their money on such training. It is also for both the beginner and experienced marketer who has a lot of TIME to go with the long haul. Without the willingness to put in all the time, choosing to go along with this is definitely a waste of money as you know you will not be getting a refund. 

How It Works

When you go on their page you will get two options [Proof or Apply]. If you select “Proof” you will get a bunch of videos which are testimonials in nature of people telling you that it is working for them. If you select “Apply” then you will be directed to a calendar with a time layout to make an appointment with Profit League.

Once you do this, at the appropriate date and time you will get a call by a successful member of the community. If somehow you miss it you will have to make another appointment. 

It is pretty much a one hour call and you get to ask all the questions you want. This is actually the registration process and to see how committed you are. Once everything is finalized and the payment of $3999 is made, you will start learning. 

Training and Tools Overview

What I find is that this course does require a lot of time and effort on your part. It is important that you sell the services of making ads locally to business in order to have clients. Without clients, this will not make any sense. The training includes the use of Paid Per Click (PPC), Google Ads, and Facebook Ads Campaigns.

What You Get

  • How to increase your traffic for sales
  • Weekly webinars
  • How to generate more leads
  • How to make ads and sales funnel more attractive
  • Campaign templates
  • 2 live coaching calls each week
  • Sales and emails scripts
  • Facebook and click funnel training
  • 20+ done for you Facebook Ads campaigns

There is a lot of work to be done disguised here. Let’s just talk about one. With Facebook Ads, you will have to constantly keep checking, monitoring and updating these Ad campaigns. It takes a  lot of time on your part to make any of this work and this is not brought out in the training. It does require a lot of dedication. 


You have to use Facebook to get assistance from other members and contact the owner. Many members complain that they would have preferred if there was a support forum in the back end of their office. There is a community forum on facebook but it is not very active.

What does it Cost to be a Member?

With The Profit League, you are not told the price upfront. You have to provide them with your email, phone number and watch a 45 minutes coaching video. You will then have an hour call interview with them before they tell you that the price is $3999. This is rather cold. They call this cost a tuition fee.

There is no guarantee that using the courses you will be able to make back the money spent. It is a rather hefty price for those who just want to double their existing sales online or to start an online Ad business.

It is a lot of funds to be invested in something that will require so much time and attention from you as well. There are upsells involved like their Clickfunnell Account for funnel pages costing $97 per month.


At the end of the day, the big question is whether the information they provide can be found elsewhere at a cheaper cost or you are willing to lose if it does not work out. You get no free trial and once you make your payment you will never get it back. Like it or not.  

My Top Recommendation

I have been apart of the Wealthy Affiliate University since 2015 and it has given me all the training I need to make it online successfully. I introduce you to this only if you are interested in learning about online marketing and doing online business for yourself.

There are no risks involved as you are able to try for free and there is transparency in knowing what it is that you will be getting before you even sign up. I can tell you that the training is awesome with live webinars, video training,  a supportive community and you can always contact the owners Kyle and Carson. 

I can assure you that it will not cost you $3999 and you do not have to worry about upsells. In fact, it is just $49 per month and you can get it yearly for $359 saving you $299 right there. The best part about it is that you can earn while you learn.

My Final Say

I do not think The Profit League is worth the cost. Some of the Ads appear pretty good but still not for the cost. The program is new and its effectiveness is not tested so much. The training is basic and does not provide you with enough to become a successful online marketer.

There are lots of programs out there that are competitive and offer a money-back guarantee, unlike The Profit League Course. If you pay and then realize it’s not your fit you would have lost out on the investment.

I don’t believe one should spend so much on a program that is not open on what they teach and the costs associated. It is a good concept in online ventures to try or test before you buy. 

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