The Jaaxy Review-Is This Tool Worth The Cost?

Product Name: JaaxyImage result for jaaxy
Price: Free trial 30 searches, Pro $19 per month, Enterprise $49 Per month
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Ranking: 100 out of 100

Getting your website ranked in Google is very important. Driving traffic through your content is just about to get easier with what am about to share.

In this review, I will be sharing with you information that will help you to understand what the Jaaxy tool is, services they offer and if it is actually worth the cost. You will learn how you can get ahead of your competitors by using the right keywords.

What Is Jaaxy?

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Jaaxy is an online Keyword Research Tool. It does not need to be downloaded as it is not a software. Jaaxy can be used on any Mac computer or any other PC.

Many bloggers or website owners use this to find the best keywords to use in writing their articles. These keywords are frequent in the Google search engine and many others.

The product Jaaxy was created by Kyle and Carson owners of The Wealthy Affiliate University which is the best online marketing course out there. Something you will want to check out if you are interested in earning revenues online.

Pro’s and Con’s of Jaaxy


  1. Does not need to be installed on your computer.
  2. Keyword research results are accurate.
  3. Offer domain names that are available for your keyword.
  4. Have an affiliate program
  5. Easy to understand and use
  6. Free 30 search trial.
  7. Training videos are easy to understand
  8. No unnecessary graphs
  9. SEO powered
  10. Helps to get your site ranked in Google
  11. No upsells
  12. Great support
  13. Uses proxy servers
  14. Saves time.


  1. Price may be too expensive for some people.
  2. Not available in every language.
  3. The free version only gives 30 searches. (Should have been more)

Who is Jaaxy for?

This tool is for internet marketers, bloggers and pretty much anyone that has a website online. It is for individuals who want to target keywords that will help them to get ranked in Google and drive traffic to their online business.

Finally, it is for persons who are just starting out in internet marketing as well as experts. For those who want accurate keywords in a time-efficient manner, Jaaxy is for you.

Training and Tools Overview

As I said before it does not need to be downloaded. They provide training in the form of short videos that explain how to use the keyword tool and some of the key functions. It is very easy to use and the data they give always prove to be accurate. You can know how to use it in less than 10 minutes.

It is able to find research in seconds and sends you hundreds of results. The keywords that they provide have high traffic and they and low competition that will make your website information likely to be found in Google. There is the occasional update of this tool so as to always give customers the best service.

Here I will be explaining briefly the main features that are offered and what they do. There are other features like alphabet soup technique, search progress bar, and site ranking history but we’ll just focus on those below.

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Keyword List

You are able to keep a listing of the best keywords that you have found so you can always get back to them when you are ready.

Keyword Research

The aim of Jaaxy is to provide its users with keywords that get lots of traffic and make your site likely to get ranking.


This allows you to see if you have any competitors out there on using the same keyword. If this is low then you could go ahead and write an article. Competition comes from other websites.

Site Rank

You use this option to check the search engines to see where and how your website is being ranked. Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.


When one is researching a niche and needs to come up with ideas, brainstorming provides a list of popular topics that are common in that specific area. Ideas are never ending with this feature.

Affiliate Programs

This option would do a search on various affiliate networks to see if there are affiliate programs that match your keyword being searched. These searches are done with networks such as ClickBank, Link Share, Digital River etc.

Website SERPS

This option provides you with the top 10 keywords that you select in your chosen search engine. In the results, you are able to get the word count, keyword density, title, backlink, Google Page rank, and meta description.

How To Use The Keyword Research Tool

For Jaaxy this is the main tool that provides most of what persons are looking for. When someone does a search there are some columns that come ups. Below I will be giving a description of what these various columns are indicating.

Image result for jaaxy keyword research tool

  • Keyword.  This is the search for a phrase or your primary targeted word. Keywords must make sense.If it is not grammatically correct don’t use it. It needs to make grammatical sense to get a good ranking.
  • Avg. – This shows the number of monthly searches that is done for that specific keyword. The AVG or traffic should be greater than 30.
  • Traffic.- This tells you how much traffic you are to expect if you are ranked on the first page of Google or any other search engine.
  • QSR- This is known as the quoted research result. This provides the exact number of other websites that you are competing with in Google using the same keyword. This is the same thing as competition. The QSR or competition should be under 100. The lower the competition you have the better it is for you.
  • Domain Search – This offers the ability to see what domain names contain your specific keyword and is available. I think this is an awesome feature. If you like the domain you could quickly do a purchase before it is gone.
  • KQI- This is known as keyword Quality Indicator. It shows three different lights. Green is if the keyword is good and you can use it, Yellow is if it is an average keyword and red shows if it is not good for use because too much competition exists.
  • Watch Video Below How To Do A Search


The Jaaxy support is a really good one. On their website can be seen a contact us button. When persons send in questions they can get assistance within 24 hours.

What does it Cost to be a Member?

Jaaxy provides members 30 searches to try out the tool for free. Based on the experience one can decide if they want to get an upgrade. You can view the subscription plans on the chart below.

  • Pro $19 per month
  • Expertise $49 per monthImage result for jaaxy cost

Affiliate Program For Free Membership

An option that one can use to pay his or her membership is to become apart of their affiliate program Once you are on their free membership one can earn points by getting individuals to sign up.

Free accounts are given 30 points on sign-up. These are translated into the 30 free searches. Get referrals and you can earn credits to do free searches monthly.

Image result for jaaxy free search credit

Test Jaaxy For Free

Why not try some searches for free and test out the tool. Just select the search for keyword when you are ready to see the results for your phrase. Remember what you have learned today about searching and reading the results for keyword search. Go ahead a give it a shot.

My Final Say

I recommend Jaaxy because it is easy to use, understand and proves to be precise in their results. I am sure that when you use the tool you will not be disappointed. Is this tool worth the cost? Jaaxy is more than worth the cost.

Those who make money online will know that it is a very powerful tool that can help you make a lot more revenues. Kyle and Carson occasionally bring new and more useful updates to the program making it more efficient.

If you have not heard about Wealthy Affiliate, the best online training course for those who wish to start their own business online, then you need to head over and check them out. It is also owned by Kyle and Carson owners of Jaaxy.

Get Training in Wealthy Affiliate on How To Maximize Keyword Searches

If you have come across any better keyword tool than Jaxxy out there or have experienced Jaaxy, leave your experience, questions, and comments in the box below.

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