Steal My System Review- Can It Be Trusted?

Product Name: Steal My System
Price: $9.95 Starter package
Owner: Steven a.k.a Millionaire Steve
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100 

As my usual everyday routine was browsing the web, this add popped up on my page. “Stop Wasting Money This $3,000 system is FREE.” It was interesting the figures that I saw.

I decided to watch the video and see what it was all about. As you know curiosity was killing the cat and whats the harm it did say it was FREE.

You may be wondering if the StealMySystem can be trusted I am gooing to share with you what I have discovered. You can watch the video at the website link above if you wish before reading the review or maybe it is because you have been introduced to it why you are interested in knowing more.

Introduction About Steal My System

The program boast the ability to be able to make you $3,000 every single day. Actually the system that they are promoting is binary in nature. Upon watching the video they will tell you that you are viewing it upon invitation only, yet if you should visit the site 1,000 times you will hear the same thing.

Only 37 spots left and your were directed there by his trusted friend.  I am sorry to burst your bubble, but the program is nothing but a product of binary option or Forex trading. The first clue that let me pick this up was when he talked about beta testers results.

It is all about trading and the works. Pretty misleading yes. This is not for persons who are new to internet marketing or trying to make money online. They will tell you that you do not need to have any experience. You may have received emails in your spam folder introducing you to some trading program online.

After watching the video, you will not see or hear any secret but an offer diverting you to make what they deem as a small investment.

Training and Tools Overview

So I wanted to find out more about the program and what it actually entails and if there was possible someone out there that had tried the program. This is what I found from one person.

” Steven provides Steal My System subscribers with a number of different  free tools including a website template, business management software and marketing tools for things such as SEO. As mentioned, Steal My System also comes with training to help you in creating content and driving traffic. Steal My System also comes with free bonus e-book that shows you how to buy and sell websites “

Well, you will hear that marketing tools, e-books, webinars, DVDs, Softwares and all other resources mention that will be available yet all Steve said you would do is sit back and this will work like automation.

How Does It Work?

Believe me, but if you have no clue or cannot read what those lines above are saying or when you get into their system to start trading then you are out for trouble.

They may tell you that you do not need to be experienced or ever trade in your life before. This is just a red flag. Automation does not work well or letting others do trading for you. You are up to losing big time.

Beta Testers

In the video, you may have heard Steve say that he will show you his early beta tester results. There is forex trading that is being done. The Steal My System is a platform that actually refers you to other programs.

Some that they are actually leading people to are: Vibrant Money System, Power Lead System and presently they are leading persons to the Virtex Trading Program. All three programs are know to be untrusted trading sites.

  • You are tricked into doing trading with whichever program they are presently promoting.
  • The program is not free and there will are upsells as trading requires you to be making investments to receive returns.
  • The potential earning figures per day is not realistic.
  • The steal My System is disguised under other network Programs.

Learn How to Create a Legitimate Business Online

What’s up with the Testimonials?

You will notice that in the video there are some persons who are giving testimonials. Talking about the thousands of dollars that they are making and what they are doing with the money is nothing but bogus.

The story from Chris and the others about how they discovered the program and how it is working is not one that is new to me.

I have heard these kinds of stories all the time. It is a part of bad marketing. I must say though that he is really good at acting. Well, he is just doing his job check out his Fiverr account where he wants people to pay him for creating testimonials for them. Actually anyone can do that among other things at

Steve’s Story

So here is steve trying to use psychology to work on your emotions with his sob father story. His father dying from cancer and leaving him with this totally amazing money making system.  Making him a millionaire and how he got access to start making millions.

Making $3,000+ in less than 12 hours. Think about it, if this was reality wouldn’t everyone just sit bak like steven and see money grow like leaves on trees.

What does it Cost to be a Member?

You will notice that on the website it says that the system is free but below the video it shows that the actual price that they have the system for is $30 and that they are giving it to you at a discounted cost of $9.95. At first when I saw this I thought that this was not bad, but then again this means it is not free as they claim it to be.

Even a real free trial would be good. It is just not logical to turn this money into $3000 by doing nothing.

After signing up, you will notice that the program was actually a scam and cannot bother with the stress to get back your money. Anyway, it was just a measly $9.95 you may say. Actually this is how many of these scams out there make their money.

They offer low investments and when you finally figure out it is a scam they get to keep it because you would have considered it a small loss. Most bad marketers what they do is try to sell you a dream life. If you actually have a dream life to sell, sell it! But going around selling a scam is totally not cool.

My Final Say

Don’t waste your time believing what they are telling you. Nothing that is really good in life comes this easy. $3000 a day is not going to come by doing nothing. Be realistic. If this was true, would they want to reveal it to everyone so they are rich too?

The Steal My System is nothing more than a scam diverting you into other scammy products like the Virtex trading program as I said before. I know a scam when I see one. It is just too good to be true.

It was obvious that the speaker was trying to use psychology trying to appeal to your emotions. Yes, you need money not to be ripped off, obviously the opposite of what they are doing.

There was no need for me to sign up with their program as it was clear from the get-go that it was a scam. Take it from someone who has experienced scams and know the signs when they see them.

If you want a legit program where you will be able to work an income, there are plenty out there. You can learn more about my #1 recommended program and even get a free trial to see if the program was cut out for you.

You can share your experience about the StealMyMoney system in the comment box below.

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