Saving Towards College? #1 Recommendation

Are you endlessly trying to save for college? or are you a concerned parent who is trying to put your child’s future in place. Saving towards college can be really hard. Especially if you are working a 9-5 to get the necessary funds.

We are in an age where financial Aids and many scholarship donors are becoming exhausted. What do you do when the tire meets the road? For parents, retirement funds may not be enough when the bills are to be paid and a meal is needed on the table.

In fact, parents should be enjoying their retirement after having had put in so many years of hard labor. It is fair for parents to relax and enjoy their retirement.

Going the way of the banks into borrowing loans is definitely not a good deal. Am telling you trust me. The interest will be mounting up like never before and not only that but it gives a feeling of restiveness and you are not able to fully able to express oneself in having and living a life that counts.

How can you save towards college? Where will all this extra cash flow come from? There is a way out. Let me share my experience!

My Story

After graduating high school, the normal thing in my town to do was to get a job. Well it was the only option that I had seeing that I had no funds to go to college.

The other option that I had was to take out a loan and that would have put me in debt. Moreover who would really affix their names to my papers so that I could receive the loan. My dad surely would not use our house as an asset anyways.

That was when I saw my friend who I haven’t seen for about 2 years walking towards me as I was going down the busy street. Immediately we started a conversation.

So I told her that I graduated from high school a month now and did not know what to do because I cannot afford college fees. Immediately she introduced a work and study program that her college offered and I buyed into it by signing up for college.

I must say that working to send myself to college has not been easy. In fact, it was a very tough situation but I must say that I have learned may of life’s lessons through the experience. Seeking endlessly online of a legit way to earn an income so that I could get more time to spend on my studies I finally found a program that actually works.

Take a look at my profile here.

#1 Recommended Saving Plan

Owners Carson and Kyle

There is a way to make the entire process one that is less stressful when it comes to saving. Wealthy Affiliate is an online marketing program that teaches individuals how they can turn their passions into a successful online business.

This program was founded in 2005 by two internet entrepreneurs who are really successful. This one that has helped me as a student to be where I am today. Focussing on my studies and not fussing on doing 2 jobs trying to make ends meet. Owners Kyle and Carson offers some great tools that are aimed at making any blog convert into revenues.

Become a Member!

There are two types of membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

#1.There is  Free Starter Membership

#2 There is a Premium Membership.

The diagram below shows what is being offered at both levels and how each individual can capitalize on the opportunity.

I recommend that you try the free starter membership at no cost. If you are satisfied with the service that is being provided there is always the opportunity to upgrade to the premium membership. I am sure that once you have received a taste of what is presented you will be eager to get and learn more.

One of the greatest thing that I like about wealthy affiliate is that everyone is given the chance to earn while they learn. There are six simple courses that the program offers and while taking them chances are high in making money.

There is a community with hundreds of thousands of individuals who are ready to share their knowledge and experience within WA. With the help of live chats and video tutorials, there is ample opportunity available to everyone to put forth their best.

The saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” now I am telling you that a blog a day means success is on it’s way.

At this time I just want to give you the opportunity to have a look inside at the system as Kyle explains what the program is all about and you get to see lesson one on the getting started course.

There is no point in telling you all this stuff if I don not have  proof that such an awesome program actually exist. You at this time will learn how easy and simple it is on becoming a member and start your own online line business by setting up your website and getting the ball rolling.

Image result for saving for child's education

As a college student, you do not have to do it alone as other family members can join in and help you save. Take a look at some testimonials at WA of parents and grandparents who have been making investments into the futures of their children and grandchildren.

From the comfort of home sweet home.  Any family member can log in and own their own business too. There may be unemployed family members within the household, here is equal opportunity to also earn an income and make contributions to your prospective family member’s college education.

Any family member can log in and own their own business too. There may be unemployed family members within the household, here is equal opportunity to also earn an income and make contributions to your prospective family member’s college education.

Not many parents have been able to stash away enough savings as needed to for their child’s college. It may be that you just were not getting the enough from the job you had, especially if there is more than one child in the picture to send to college.

This is an effective way of making a meaningful contribution to gain a college education. Imagine having 3 affiliates in one home. Maybe grandpa, dad, and you yourself the prospective college student. A large flow of income would be streaming in on a monthly basis.

It is still not too late!

Using Investment Plans?

I am not totally disregarding putting plans in place if your child is just a toddler and you have more than enough time to save. Go ahead and get those saving accounts whichever it be, that will allow you to put in place the necessary funds for your child’s future.

What I am offering to parents of many children is the privilege to earn and save more within the WA affiliate program. Various businesses are able to give interest on your money if saving for a couple of years and that is pretty good. Education plans can pay off if you start making investments early.

Well if this is not the case you have as a parent, here is the chance to still save more with less time on your hands. Your child may no longer be qualified to be on one of these plans due to age requirement or other factors but Wealthy Affiliate provides a way how you can gain access to funds to keep putting income towards college plans even if you should quit, retire, or get laid off from your job.

Success Stories, A True Representation



I just bought my first home… thanks to Internet Marketing

Amazon Bought Me A Volvo

My $50,000.00 Blog Sale Story

These are just a  few of the numerous stories that I have chosen from within Wealthy Affiliate to share with you. There is nothing impossible when it comes to making it financially. There wasn’t a wave of a wand and all these people ended up being successful. It takes determination.

There is nothing extraordinary about it.  We were not born as geniuses. But when we were offered this opportunity many of us grabbed on with clinching fist, knowing what we want and doing what it takes to reach where we are today.

Everyone had the opportunity to try out the system for free before totally making a commitment to choosing this as the path that they really want their life to head in. With no credit card required this opportunity is also made available to you.

Do Not Quit


Hustling about working for 2 to 3 years to pay college expenses is pretty difficult. I am not saying that it is not impossible. What I am introducing is a way to make the same amount in a year or less with this program. In fact every year most colleges raises the tuition cost and the price of getting a college education may seem to be in the distance.

One Final Thing

When the funds come rolling in, you may rethink about ever going to college. Just bear in mind that you can always do WA part time while studying. If you believe that education is important go for it! If I can do it, any other college or prospective college students can!

Product Review!

Get started with $0 today! No credit card required.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions that you may have below as I am looking forward to seeing how best I am able to help you save to the cause. Meet you on the inside,




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