Post-It Notes: Using It Correctly

Post-it notes have been around for years and despite the increase in technology, we find that it is still in use and is effective. The usage of post-it notes otherwise called sticky notes is very popular.

It can be seen used by students, in the workplace at home and so many other areas of life. There are so many uses of it and some just use it because they see others do.

Anyways who can resist it when they are so pretty and colorful. They add brightness and are eye-catching. In this post, I will be sharing with you what not to do when it comes to using post-it notes.

I will also be sharing some ways that you can integrate its usage in some of the task that you perform daily. More so I have added how effective they can be for any student. 

Using Post-It Notes The Wrong Way

The first thing that most people get wrong is how they peel the sticky note.

  • The sticky side should always be down. This is not the side to write on. 
  • When pulling it off, the sticky part should not be at the top but at the side. No wonder why they keep curling and never seem to stick to anything when used. 

Post-it Notes On Your Device

One fun fact is that individuals can use sticky notes from their device. When working on an assignment, I would put the top three assignments that are due to three different colors on the home screen.

Each time I get one out of the way I would remove the post-it note. Having it on the home screen acts as a consistent reminder. There are also apps that one can add to tablets and cell phones. 

Simple Practical Uses

  • Sticky notes are great for studying. You can use it to mark a page or section of a book you are using. Using the more slender sizes will help you not to cover the content of your book.
  • They are also useful when writing short term to do lists.
  • Use them to remember deadlines so that you can avoid fines or late fees
  • Use them as labels
  • Use it to create a short supermarket list when you need to go to the grocery store.
  • You are free to stick your notes in whatever location you are likely to look.  Whether to the wall, the fridge, the mirror, the computer or the door they work just fine.
  • It is useful for working with groups doing activities
  • Plan out your day 
  • Leave a message for your housemates.

Using Post-It Notes For Studying

The video below entails how a student can use post-it notes to:

  • Create a mind map
  • Boost their memory
  • Make essay plans
  • Test their sequencing

Unconventional Uses

  • Use it to clean your computer keyboard. Use the sticky end to pick up dust particles that are hard to reach hiding between the keys.
  • Use it to organize your planner
  • Use it for origami
  • Use a sticky note stock as a cup coaster.
  • Design a wall calendar
  • Make a sticky notes lamp shade
  • Use on your pantry door
  • Make a colorful wall art
  • Label your electric cords

With the use of post-it notes, you can stay organized and double your level of productivity.

I hope that you would have learned some creative ways that you can make use of your post-it notes and understand how you can start using them in a smart way. 



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