OMG Machines Review- Can It Get Any Crazier?

Product Name: OMG Machine
Price: $699 per month or $7,999/yr.
Owner: Mike Long, David Mills and Greg Morrison
Overall Ranking: 73 out of 100 

Hey there everyone, Nichole here once again with another review. So yes I test out programs to see what they entail and then come back and give you all the juicy information so that you can make an informed decision.

This time OMG Machines is in the spotlight. One of those companies with a hefty price tag. Today we will be going into what the program entails and if it can stand the test of time offering what the online marketing community is in need of.

Introduction About OMG Machines

The first thing I saw when I viewed the OMG Machines program was the price. And at that time I was like OMG. Are they kidding me? What could they have to give me at that price? So OMG Machines is owned by Mike Long, Greg Morrison, and David Mills. These three are all successful entrepreneurs making millions of dollars online.

They believe that they have the formula that can beat any Google Algorithm and are able to keep your site rated at the top despite the stiff competition of other websites. This is a big claim!! If it does work is this worth the cost?

They provide training on SEO techniques to get ranked in google, send lots of free traffic to your website, dropshipping and getting your products ranked in Amazon. There are lots of positive reviews out there that the product actually works. I find that most of these reviews come from affiliates of the said program. Let’s look into what they have a bit more.

Pro’s and Con’s of OMG Machine


  1. Longevity- 6 yrs around
  2. Reasonable training- good quality
  3. It is promoted by known public millionaires


  1. High Priced……..Excessively
  2. The sales page is hyped.
  3. Sign up experience is poor in directing customers
  4. No refund policy
  5. No free trial
  6. Some outdated information- Site not frequently updated.

Training and Tools Overview

The landing page is rather catchy to the eye and is loaded with information. Upon signup, you will be sent a confirmation email. Once you confirm and create a password you will access the free member’s area There really isn’t much to see here.

In there you will see the:

  • Magic Bullet 7 Video series (setting up a website)
  • Live training webinar teaching how to make a profitable website.

Both of these are some basic information. The content in their training can be overwhelming. There are many courses to choose from and arrows pointing in varying directions. The good part is that all these other things are included in the $8k. I also noticed videos and other dated information on the site from as far back as 2012.

Next thing you will come across are some videos from Bob Proctor endorsing the OMG Machine program. He’s a real sweet mouth. But then he talks to the point where he encourages you to borrow the $8k from your grandmother if you don’t have the money. Is he for real!!!

No Holds Barred Assimilation Program

This is their main offer that you would be purchasing in the actual sign up. You do not get any sneak peek at this until you have paid your $8,0000.00. Included in this is:

  • Search engine marketing tutorials
  • Superstar coaching- OMG high earners coach you
  • Affiliate marketing training
  • Client consulting training-templates and role play videos
  • 6-figure a month coaching webinars by Greg himself
  • Training to take advantage or scale  Amazon and E-commerce sales

So yes this is the main product of what you will get for the $8000.

Red Flags

  • Bob Proctor appeal for sign up is a turnoff. Asking you to borrow the $8k from your grandma is a scammers approach. Poor old grandma retirement saving will be gone!
  • The sales page is excessively hyped, promising riches and showing testimonials of persons who have benefitted from the program.
  • Having a no refund policy is definitely a red flag. What if someone is not satisfied with what they got? Well too bad. Your money is gone forever. I smell trouble that they will have unhappy customers.
  • They guarantee that you can redeem your investment in the first three months once you sign up. Then they give a financial disclaimer.

What does it Cost to be a Member?

As I would have hinted up until this point. Being a member does not come at a small cost. I really don’t see why something should pay that money and they don’t even get to test out the product for a week or a couple of days.

Once again, once you pay for the course you will not be refunded. It is being promoted by individuals such as Tai Lopez and Bob Proctor. When we see big influencers promoting something it is one of two things.

  1. They did their research and know how valuable the product is.
  2. They want to help out a friend and be in the game to make some more money on what they have.

Yes, we can see it is legit for the most part but it is the level of value that it brings. It is also up to those who can afford the cost.

Complain Thread You Must Read

My Final Say

OMG Machines is a legit program there is no doubt about it. It is not worth the $$$$ I must say.  They are dishonest in their level of transparency. The training has mostly basic information and a newbie will be lead to believe that they are being pitched with a great offer.

What they teach can help you to earn. There is no true guarantee that you will make back the money you spent in the 3mths as they claim. The aim should not be making these billionaires richer but to help people to be successful online. Getting started online this way is too expensive.

Another Alternative-Optional

If you cannot afford such a heavy investment such as the OMG Machines then you can try out My #1 Recommended Program. It will teach you the essential skills you need to be successful online and I will personally help you along that journey.

I can tell you that it will not have you robbing the bank and it does not come anything close to $8k. It is cost effective and you can experience it first hand for free. You will get:

  • A supportive community
  • 24/7 online support
  • Live chats and webinars
  • Affiliate marketing
  • SEO Lessons
  • Can contact the owners
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Can try for free
  • 2 free websites with free membership
  • ……………..and much more

Leave your questions and comments as I will be sure to help with any concerns you have.



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