My Online Business Empire/Education Review- Another Scam?

Product Name: My Online Business Empire/EducationImage result for my online business empire
Price: $49 (MTTB) + $19 per month + many up-sells.
Owner: Matt Lloyd
Overall Ranking: 6 out of 100 

MOBE has been in the online business for some time and it has focused on persons who want to become billionaires overnight. I know you are eager to know how is it possible for them to make such an offer.

Here in this review, I  will be telling you in detail the bolts and knots of the Mobe program. It is a bag of hype that seeks to take away people money as long as they get an inch of opportunity to do so. It is my endeavor to bring to exposure any program online that seeks to scam citizens of their hard earned money.

This will not be a one-sided review but it will tell you the true nature of what the program really is, sharing the pro’s and con’s, amongst other valuable information.

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Introduction About MOBE

The system is mainly about recruiting others so they can do the same thing by investing thousands of dollars and I guess everyone knows how that one goes. A pyramid scheme is painted all over MOBE.

When the company started out in 2011 it was named “My Online Business Empire” but it has now been changed to My online Business Education” in 2014.

It has a 21 step training course that is around affiliate marketing and referring others to buy products to get a commission. Affiliates can make 50-90% commission sales on products they are able to resell.

This program is very similar to Experts Academy in the nature of what they are offering. However, Experts Academy does deliver and is authentic. What we know about Matt Lloyd is that he started in internet marketing back in 2008 and ever since came up with MOBE scam or otherwise known as his “Top Tier Business” and I will explain more about this a little later.

Pro’s and Con’s of MOBE


  1. High Commission payout-If you can get others to pay thousands of dollars just as you.
  2. Ability to meet and network with other persons who are a part of MOBE.
  3. Good training.


  1. Products are way overpriced.
  2. No money back guaranteed.
  3. The product information that they are offering is accessible online for less than $50.
  4. Cannot try for free.
  5. No customer support.
  6. No one-on-one coaching as Matt mentioned in his video.
  7. Too many up-sells.
  8. It is an MLM.
  9. Training is like a crash course.
  10. required to pay $1997 after 5th lesson into the program.
  11. It’s all about recruiting others.
  12. Too many products.
  13. There are a lot of scam reports on the company.

Who is MOBE for?

This is for persons who want Matts overpriced products. It is best for people who are willing to invest thousands of dollars into a pyramid scheme and help Matt to get rich.

This product is also for people who believe they have the sales techniques to get others to buy products costing thousands of dollars as they themselves did. I do not recommend this product to any newbie and it is not for persons who genuinely want to make money online.

What does it Cost to be a Member?

First, one-time deposit of $49 and $19 per month to promote the program. This is what is referred to as MTTB -My Top Top Tier Business. This includes a 21 days training course. You pretty much have to buy your way to the top.

These membership payments are made by wiring the money through your bank. Note that some banks will not do the processing for MOBE transactions. After the fifth course you will need to get a licensure to be able to sell products and this comes at a cost of $1997.

A person will then need to buy the products themselves and have to upgrade to the other membership levels.

Their membership levels are:

  • $49 + $1997 + 19 per month-Standard (MTTB)
  • $8997-Titanium
  • $16,667-Platinum
  • $29,997-Diamond

What is My Top Tier Business-MTTB?

This is MLM in nature where a two-way compensation plan is being tied to a product that is in the cost range of $1000-$2000. The payout in commission is very high as the cost for the products themselves.

What makes them no different from an MLM is pretty simple- let’s see the logics……… average MLM will take out an average of $7000-$10,000 out of an individual’s pocket for the year. This may be in purchasing products such as articles, vitamins, paying membership fees, upgrades or even thin air etc. depending on the type of MLM company.

But here is MOBE that wants to get $8997 -$29,997 for membership fee one time. The cost for their products is not even yet calculated. They are worst off than many MLMs that I’ve seen. Let now take a look at what they are offering.

Cost, Training and Tools Overview

Image result for MOBE

A person has to buy the products before they can sell them. The list of products can go on and on however I am not going to bore you with too many. Training in these products can last from 8-17hrs. There are webinars, newsletters, articles, etc. For the prices, you will definitely need a calculator.

  • Licensing Kit-$1997

Includes a 7-day training course. They teach how to license others products without creating one for self. Simply put it focuses on internet marketing. A person at this stage can sell some of their products, have access to top earners by various mediums including phone calls and get up to 90% commission. (I wonder if someone legit will be on the other end of the call.) This only gives you the right to sell the products so next you will need to buy the products.

  • Home Business Summit Event- ($97 online streaming, $497 VIP tickets)

For this product, Matt focuses on topics like of traffic, sales funnel and how this impacts a person who wants to become a millionaire. It is a 3-day seminar where members will get to hear from various speakers. Hotel accommodations and flight cost are not included. More like minded and claimed experts in the field promise to be there.

  • My Top Tier Business (MTTB)-$49

This is the basic package everyone gets when they sign up. It is said to all the products that a person will need to make it successfully. It is a direct sales system that is already done for their customers. This is the one that Matt claims will deposit $1000, $3000 and $5000 checks into a person’s bank account. More like a get rich quick scam!

  • Inner Circle Memberships- $99-$299 per month

With this product, a person will have other elite earners training them. Those who are making the big bucks out of the system so they say. Wow, all am seeing here is that Matt has made some partnership, and probably giving them a small percentage to do the work for him.

That is even if they even get a percentage. You will get monthly newsletters, gain access to private members forum (which does not exist) and a bunch of audios to listen.

  • Titanium Mastermin-$8997 (one-time fee) Image result for titanium mastermind

This is the ultimate package. It includes everything that is in the other packages such as training. However, for the summit event, it will be four days and involved higher profiled speakers.

For this membership, a person will be a part of what they call the inner circle where they have access to members who accept the package with a few of Matts partners to keep the motivation going in getting a commitment to remain.

Some Other Offers

$97-Done for you emails

$4997-Diamond Coaching Program

$291-Affiliate Bonus Domination

$194-Funded Proposal

$194-My email marketing empire

$194-Outsourcing Formula

$997-The 90 Day Challenge

$997-Add the NitrousImage result for mobe marketplace

As can clearly be seen the aim is to buy his high ticketed products and resell them to other persons if you are able to.

Ready done sales funnels and emails will not work when there are so many others falling into the scam and doing the same thing.

They also have a marketplace where they feature over 50 products mainly on books, articles, videos and tools on improving and starting some sort of online marketing online. It also covers some aspect of coaching.

This for me is enough confirmation that the aim of this MLM is to get persons to buy and sell their products for them using affiliate techniques.

Most of the products here are overpriced and other affiliates are using the same sale strategies. Just think of trying to sell a bicycle before offering someone a bunch of CDs and Books for a thousand dollars.

SupportImage result for mobe facebook group

Their support is handled by sending a ticket to their help desk. They also have a bunch of frequently asked questions that would lessen the amounts of queries they get. Someone can look forward to a week’s response with excuses or never get one.

Matt talks about a member forum but there is none such as a person will be redirected to be apart of the facebook community. If they cannot find time to solve issues of fraud and ripoff from consumers they are not going to find any time to answer new concerns.

Not having an active forum but a facebook community group where members try to help each other is Matts way of getting his program publicized and not helping himself. After all, what he needs is the money. Take a look at a response he gave to a customer who sought his assistance after a week has passed.

Image result for mobe negative support

Their Compensation Plan

The aim with MOBE is referring others to the program. Their compensation plan is paid based on commission. Matt says he will take all the risk to guarantee a person’s success. At the end of the day, they do have a disclaimer.

Depending on the product that sells determines the amount of commission a person will get. Each product is categorized to a commission standard either 50% or 90%.

My Final Say

I am sorry to say but I cannot recommend My Online Business Education (MOBE) to anyone. It is not worth the price neither is it worth sacrificing time. One thing I do know is that Matt sells a lot of hype. It is all about buying their products and getting referrals.

There is no such thing as easy money. It will take some serious sales skills to get anyone to purchase those overpriced products. Matt is making thousands from his followers in letting them buy his products and resell.

However, if someone wants to make money online and get access to the tools needed to do so and not spending even $100 then here you can read a review on my #1 Recommended Product.

I have made a comparison of My #1 Program and that of MOBE. If you find this review to be helpful do share your views in the comments below.



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