My Mobile Money Pages Review: The Untold Truth

Product Name: My Mobile Money Pages
Price: $ 39.95 + Upsells
Owner: Andrew Davidson
Overall Ranking: 2 out of 100 

I have come across another bay of hype while doing some searches online. I definitely had to do this review and let all my readers know what this program is about and what to do if they come across it.

I really thought that programs like My Mobile Money Pages were no more in existence but I see that many persons are still being deceived by these scams. 

In this review, I will share with you the details of the program that will provide you with leverage on deciding if you should put any effort into investing. 

Introduction About My Mobile Money Pages

The My Mobile Money Pages was launched back in 2010 and is a ClickBank product. It promises that you will be able to make $547.43 per day with no effort on your part. The one-page video that can be seen on the site is a promotion to get people to buy into the product.

It shows that you will have everything pre-done for you by automation. I have picked up a lot of double mouthing in his video. 

The owner Andrew Davidson is keeping himself on a low profile. It cannot be proven whether or not he is a real person either. 

The program is supposed to teach you how to build a website and earn from it by creating mobile-friendly web pages. The concept of making money online is not new, but is Andrew delivering all that he claims? Let’s discuss more. 

Pro’s and Con’s of My Mobile Money Pages


  1. Can get a refund
  2. Low cost to get started


  1. Copy and paste websites
  2. You don’t own your website
  3. No payment proof
  4. No free trial
  5. Outdated information
  6. Poor traffic
  7. Hidden Costs/Upsells
  8. False claims
  9. Poor training methods

How It Works

  1. Get a niche website and domain name from My Mobile Money Pages 
  2. Copy, paste and edit content from other websites to your website. 
  3. Post product links from Amazon on your site selling products.
  4. Place Ads from Adsense on your site.
  5. Post your website affiliate links on social media pages (facebook, twitter, etc).  In an effort to get people to view your website you will need to do this. Otherwise, you would have to buy traffic not having quality content.
  6. Earn a commission if someone buys your products.
  7. Create more websites and do the same thing over and over. 

Who is My Mobile Money Pages for?

With no apologies, this product is for the lazy, greedy and gullible. Sorry if newbies get caught in this trap but you can’t get anything more than a scam if you sit around waiting for money to fall into your lap. Experienced marketers would know that what is being offered is pretty much useless and is not a genuine way to make money.

If you want to learn the authentic way of earning an income online and receive step-by-step training to do so, you can check out my review on my #1 Recommended program below. 

Training and Tools Overview

A person using the system is not expected to have to work more than 15 minutes per day. My Mobile Money Pages provide some PDF files and three videos however none tells you how to create a website for yourself, do affiliate marketing, learn online SEO, entrepreneurship skills, or earn genuine income. I must say as a result there is no real valuable training available.

Here I have broken down what they offer:

Website Builder

With this, you can build a website in less than a minute. I must say that the website that you get from them is a pretty poor layout. This is built using pre-existing templates. These templates are really unattractive too. So yes there are website builders out there that you can use for free. This is not a high selling point. 


Google is not enticed by sites that use subdomains. It is very hard for these sites to get ranked. It has to be a case where the site is well built and loaded with information. Remember you will have to use other people’s content and this is not recognized as well built.

A domain name is generated and given to you by My Mobile Money Pages. When you have a subdomain the website does not belong to you but to Andrew. He has the authority to sell it whenever he wants along with his website.


One thing that is sure about the website that they provide is that it is full of Ads. It is difficult to leave the site seeing that ads are popping up everywhere and whatever you click keeps redirecting you to the website. Google Adsense is mostly used here. Nobody likes being bombarded by Ads. Using Ads should not be the main method of gaining revenues on a website.

Spun Articles

Google is not a fan of spun articles. Google loves when the author creates content that is unique and interesting to readers. This can affect your ranking, as Google wants high-quality content and not articles that are pre-written otherwise stolen from other websites. The content on My Mobile Money Pages is useless.

All the software does is to take content from other websites and modify it. In this day and age search engines do pick up on this. 100% unethical.

No traffic 

Since the sites use content borrowed from others, getting ranking will be hard. No real visitors mean that you will get no sales. That means you will have no money. My Mobile Money Pages over exhaust the use of social media to get traffic but this will not solve the problem. A quality website will have free traffic going to it when there is quality content. 


If you were never told the truth about the support they have then you will get it here. Support is actually non-existent. There are numerous complaints online but I find that Andrew does not provide any good help. An automated message is usually sent to customers saying that the issues will be investigated and he will get back to them but it never happens. 

One of Andrew’s claim is that you don’t need a laptop or computer but you can do everything on your mobile phone. Well, a popular complain out there is that the software is not working properly with mobile devices.

The only form of support you will get is when you make a request to ClickBank to get your money back. This can be a tedious process as well. Do know that according to My Mobile Money Pages you have 56 days to request the refund. 

What does it Cost to be a Member?

The cost is a one-time payment of $39.95. As you browse around and try to leave the page you may see the priced reduced to $29.95

The sales video has been on the site for four years now and they still advertise that this is a limited offer and you need to sign up before you lose your spot. Still, there is no buzz about any proof of earnings or payment.

You will also encounter some upsells:

  • $ 97 Automation of backlinks for your site.
  • $ 67 Monthly membership and access to the members’ area.
  • $197 Build sites in monetizing niches

My Final Say

Someone who is familiar with Affiliate marketing will know that Davidson’s financial claims are unrealistic. You cannot expect to make money online and not do any work.

As far as I can see, there is nothing here that is worth the cost to me. There are better and ethical ways to go about making money online. The promise of making $547.43 per day amounting to $4,832.01 per week resulting in $15,328.04 per month is unrealistic and unreasonable for doing nothing at all.

In fact, doing serious online work having an already established business could take you about five months or less to make that figure. Depending on what you do.

Follow my advice, don’t waste your time and money. Below I have compared Davidson’s program with that of My #1 Recommendation. Check it out.




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