Must-Have Gadgets For College Students

Gadgets and Devices

YAMAY Smartwatch

Price $30-$40

Staying fit is more than having a gym membership that you don’t use. Using the YAMAY smartwatch and fitness tracker, you will see to it that you are staying in shape. It keeps you updated on what to do in reaching your health goals.

This smartwatch has the capability of tracking your steps, monitoring your heart rate, sleeping patterns, etc. It is also waterproof, comes in various colors, and has the functionality of synchronizing with your phone.

This unisex watch is within the price range for students and is definitely a must-have gadget.

Jelly Comb Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Price $30-$40

Prolonged and consistent use of your laptop keyboard is not always the best typing method. If you don’t believe me, ask an Information Technology major, gamers, and other tech wizards who are normally on their computers a lot. Notice they normally have a detachable keyboard with them.

The Jelly Comb wireless keyboard is compatible with a number of devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets, Mac OS, Windows, IOS, etc. Another thing I like about it is that the battery is rechargeable and you don’t have to replace it.

The keys aren’t noisy like the average keyboard and the design being full size but ultra-slim provides ease of use. The price tag is also budget-friendly for students.

Anker Power Core-Powerbank

Price $40-$55

Talk about saving time and money, talk about the Anker Power Core Powerbank. This external battery pack can keep your devices charged for up to 92 hours. It is not too heavy and can easily be slipped into your pocket, purse, or backpack.

This device comes in generous colors and is able to keep more than one device charged at a time. It can charge any device that allows charges from a USB port.

The price range is more than affordable if you want to keep moving. This power bank is high-speed technology so why not Anker your devices with it.

Sanb Smartpen

Price $100-$120

The Sanb Smartpen takes your writing to the next level allowing you to write with confidence. It has the capability of connecting with your phone and other Bluetooth devices.

Sanb smartpen pen allows you to save your notes in pictures, videos, and text. The pen will even allow you to share your notes via top college apps with your buddies.

The built-in battery allows you to write for up to 8 hours. It is able to store 32Mb of offline data. Think that is not enough space? This smartpen will allow you to save your notes in Dropbox, The Cloud, Evernote, etc.

Don’t worry if you have poor handwriting as it is built with a handwriting recognition feature. To add, it can translate over 50 languages. I am sure that in using this pen you will feel like a spy in some movies.

Cowin Noise-Canceling Headphones

Price $50-$60

Getting yourself a pair of headphones and not just any headphones but the noise-canceling ones will be doing yourself a huge favor.

The reality of things is sometimes no matter how hard you try, you will face some sort of noise and disturbance when you are trying to be focused on your study. What better way to get rid of those distractions but by using the Cowin Noise-Cancelling Headphones.

These headphones will block out any form of annoyance. They come with Bluetooth features and have a battery life of up to 30 hours when charged. The sound quality is terrific, especially for playing music.

It can be used hands-free as well as with the wires. The earpads are soft and comforting on the ears. They also come in six different colors.

Ambor Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

Price $18-$20

When you talk about being tech-savvy this is definitely the bag that you need. This neat bag is 100% antitheft. It gives you the option to charge your phone on the go, specially designed compartments for what you need to carry, and even to use a security password feature in order to access the laptop section of the bag.

I must also add that it is water-resistant and they have thrown in a free USB cable with every purchase. It is comfortable, durable and the designs have a touch of class.

What more can I say than you will be preventing your laptop from a lot of injury with this multifaceted backpack? This is definitely a step up from the ordinary backpack.

WD Passport Portable External Harddrive

Price $55-$60

This might seem like the least needed item but is one that is past valuable. Having a backup of all your work is the best thing that you could ever do. No one imagines their laptop being lost or stolen but stuff does happen at times.

Imagine a year of writing a dissertation and your computer just falls apart. Why start over from scratch when you have the WD Passport Portable External hard drive to back you up.

The storage capacity is 1000MB however you can always select one with more. It is USB compatible and offers password protection for security. The colors it comes in are pretty awesome.

OMaggie Smart Desk Lamp

Price $40-$45

Every college student needs to have a desk lamp and not just any lamp. The OMaggie smart desk lamp is really smart being equipped with a number of functionalities that any student would love.

Not only is this desk lamp led but it carries a wireless USB charging port, has eye protection features so that reading and studying are more relaxing on the eyes. It is able to automatically adjust the brightness based on your settings and the last lighting used.

Adjust the lamp to whatever angle needed while in use. The lamp is ultra-thin, lightweight and you can easily fold and pack it away in your belongings.

GE 6 Outlet Surge Protector

Price $10-$15

If you want to save your devices from being damaged from lightening and more plugs to keep your devices charged, then you will need to invest in a surge protector. With the GE 6 Outlet Surge Protector, you will have a number of outlets and an even longer cord than the average surge protectors.

Neither does your cord have to stay on the floor bumping in the way. The customizable keyholes at the back allow for mounting, giving you the ability to better organize your space.

Keep this tool protected by using the twist to close the safety option when not in use. With more surge, you will have more power.

Tile Mate Key Finder

Price $55

Your stuff getting lost will be a thing of the past with the Tile Mate Key Finder. Use this smart device to keep tabs of those things you often misplace such as your key, phone, bag, etc.

What makes this key finder so awesome is that you can use the app to track whatever you lose. This allows you to even see your items on a map.

You can use Tile Mate to ring your phone if you have misplaced it. The ring on this little device is rather loud so don’t be too frightened if it rings on your person.

Finally, the device comes with one year-long battery life. Replace it yourself when needed.

Akaso Focus Mini Projector

Price $200

The Akaso mini projector is long loved for its multifunctionality and its vibrant display. It can be connected to a number of devices using AV, USB, HDMI, SD port, etc.

Weighing only 7.36 ounces, the design is made for simple packing and carry. The battery is rechargeable and allows one to use it wirelessly.

The image quality is superb and you can watch a video on it for up to two hours without charging.

Vanzon X5 Portable Speaker

Price $34-$40

This list could never be complete having not added portable speakers. This is a must-have.  Vanzon X5 portable speaker is small, affordable, and sure does offer high quality in sound.

The Bluetooth feature allows for connectivity of up to 66feet. Vanzon X5 is lightweight, allows for easy carry, and can be hung on your bag.

It is waterproof and suitable for use outdoors. It gives you three play modes and lasts up to 24hours of playtime. Make playing audios and videos in your class presentations a breeze by walking with your very own portable speaker.

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