Moving Back Home After College: The Pro’s and Con’s

It seems like moving home after college is slowly becoming the norm in this the 21st century. I would say that it is not necessarily because graduates want to go back home but most times they  are caught between a rock and a hard place.

While in college many families offer financial support to boarding and taking care of other needs. A college graduate that is jobless or even if he or she lands their first job will find a bulk of responsibilities weighing them down.

Finding the first few months rent for an apartment, fueling vehicle, paying all the bills and having withdrawals for repaying student loans is definitely what living paycheck to paycheck is all about.

I only have one year left in college and the possibility lies that I may be moving back home. Going home for a few holidays have given me a taste of what it would be like if I should live there after graduation.

Moving back with parents can be not the best circumstances or the best decision that you could ever make. Here I will be outlining some Pro’s and con’s of moving back home after graduation. Within each heading are pros as well as cons to moving back home after college.

Live Free

Moving back home offers the opportunity of living free in most cases. This means that you are not responsible for paying the bills unless it is some immediate one like that of your personal phone.

You can eat the food in the house, use the water, gas, watch Netflix, sleep in a bed, burn electricity etc.

If you have strict parents, your living free abilities may be limited. Your parents may require of you to help out with providing groceries by contributing a stipend from your part-time or full-time job. Some may even require you to pay a small fee for rent in order to teach you to be responsible.

Living free can be awesome but remember no parent likes a LEECH. Well look at it, They have a grown person in their house eating food, running up bills. There is gonna come a time when they will get tired of this no matter how much they love you. contributing will help out a lot.

Contributing will help out a lot. Chip in with a few hundred dollars. It is way better than if you were on your own.

Save Money

While living at home you have the opportunity of saving more of your money. Seeing that you will have less or no bills at all you can save towards moving out as soon as possible to renting your own place, paying off loans or other things that you have to do. 

You may find that sometimes parents will pay for stuff for you or get you stuff like new clothes etc. The aim is not to ask them to do these stuff for you but if they went ahead and get you something be appreciative.

When some persons live at home they may be inclined to spend more on going out, taking vacations, or on luxury items. Bad money management can make a person stay at home for even ten years.

Do not spend your money on your parents, they are not your children. If the need arise and they require your help you are to do so. Instead, start some form of retirement fund or put away some money so that when they get older you can afford to care for them at that point whether or not they had things in place. Health care is expensive.

Taking on Responsibilities

Some parents may still see you as their child and not as a grown adult. Some stuff that they did while you were in high school is likely to replay. Nagging and bossing you around may just be two.

If you thought that living there will total be free you thought wrong. A home have a lot of responsibilities especially if it is not just your parents that live there.  

If you have a job, some of the responsibilities that I am about to mention will be lessened. You may be asked to do chores like clean the bathroom, wash the dishes, mow the lawn or carry out the garbage, water the flowers etc.

Other responsibilities you may acquire are walking the dog every morning, picking up your brother from school in the evenings, carry your sibling to the dentist, cook dinner most evenings since you are always or mostly home.

When I go home for holidays I am usually a princess for the first two days and that is it. I am sent into the kitchen and the responsibilities go on and on.

You may find this to be exhausting but helping around the house or with stuff can actually be a good thing. This will help to show your parents that you are not a kid anymore and you know how to handle responsibilities. Take some responsibility for yourself like doing your own laundry and your parents own if possible.

Respecting Rules

Even though you are now an adult some rules may still apply. The first thing that will want to bear in mind is that it is not your house. Things like having friends over you will still need to ask permission.

Being out late at nights, sleeping over and letting your parents know where you are are things that are going to come up.

Parents are very much concerned and they can’t help it because they are parents. They want to know where you are, who you are with and what you will be doing.

Other rules like eating at the family table while on your cell phone may not be permitted. The college life that familiar with, doing whatever you want however you want and whenever does not apply here all he time.

Being back home will requires a lot of readjusting. You may just need to sit down with your parents and talk about some rules that definitely needs to be thrown out.

No Privacy

The first issue in this aspect that you will encounter is the size of your room. Maybe you are back in the room that you had in high school and now it seem so small that it is like living out of your suitcase. Be prepared to have persons in your room. It could be knocking at your door every moment or just barging in. 

After a long week of work, you may think that you can sleep all weekend. You thought wrong.

As soon as the sun is up people will be walking and talking and nagging you to get out of bed.

Siblings may trouble your stuff if you are not an only child and things can really get annoying. If you intend on living with a spouse this can be a good foundational experience of having someone in your space.

Slower Pace

In college things are a bit fast moving. Back home you may find that persons are more relaxed and laid back. Things are not as fast as in your college setting. Everyone seems to be taking their time to do things. How you get things done may be so different but you will have to get back to being patient.

You will also find that your family may require more of your time and so you will need to spend a little less time on social media. Family time can be good in this case.

In some of these moments, you may become bored. You miss your college friends but then you can reunite with some of your old friends back home. You may think that you have so much free time on your hand.

Now is the time that you will start to do a lot of reflection on your life and if you want to continue in the career you are in.

The best thing a person can do is to set goals on how much they intend to save in a set period. This could take up to two years to save enough.

I hope that you have some insight on how things might be when you decide to go back home. Do feel free to share your experiences, suggestions as well as questions below.




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