Managing Stress in College: Top 10 Ways

Stress can be defined as ” A state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, work etc. It is something that causes strong feelings of worry and anxiety” Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Note stress is not always a bad thing.

There is “Eustress” which is a good type of stress and “Distress” which is bad stress. Eustress usually acts as a form of motivator in helping persons to get things done.  It makes you feel excited and also improves your performance. Distress is the one that often plague the lives of  many university students.

It causes one to feel unpleasant and is usually beyond one’s coping ability.    We will examine preventative measures as well as those that can be used to combat this issue.

  • Worship

Spiritual happiness can be achieved when one has a clear conscience, being at peace with oneself, God, and others. Having a purpose in life is something that each person ought to have. There is one who is greater than us, sees and understand all our problems.

Some of life’s greatest obstacles are unbearable when we try to face them alone. God is a sure help in time of worries when we are covered with the clouds of fears and perplexity. Spend time to prayer and you will see the hands of God moving and working in your life if you trust and believe. By worshipping, you can achieve feelings of joy and satisfaction.

Christ wish is for us to be happy and find rest in him. Christ is not oblivious of our problems because in likewise he is touched with the feeling of our infirmities but he promises to make a way for us if we cast our cares on him for “his yoke is easy and his burden is light“. (Matt 11:30)

  • Exercise

There are may benefits to getting regular exercise. This will help you to fit and maintain balance in weight. It also improves your mood and give you a fresh mind to get you assignments done and even give you better rest at nights.

Having as small as 20-30 mins of exercise three times per week will reduce high levels of stress by strengthening brain functioning and help one’s self-esteem in feeling better about oneself.

If you want to feel and have the mindset of a winner and alleviate mental and physical fatigue, this is the way to go. Get you brain running and by getting some fresh air on the outside.

  • Rest

Sleeping is an essential. One of my saying as a youngster use to be “night is made for sleep” Well sad to say that this is not the life of a college student. It is important for a student to achieve at least seven hours of sleep per night in a ventilated room to functional at optimal levels during the day.

Not getting enough rest make one become easily irritated or frustrated and grumpy like an angry bear. The body needs to rebuild and restore the energy, tissues among others that were losses during the day. Early to bed, early to rise will make you feel refreshed and energized.

  • Don’t Procrastinate.

To procrastinate is to keep delaying or postponing something. Time is something that flies. We either save time or waste it.  Use your time wisely. To prevent stress and anxiety do not leave your assignments or school related task which are priority for the last minute.

Time wasted can never be regained. You need to take advantage of every second of each day. Try to be organized in meeting due dates for assignments. Successful people strategize on planning.

“Time dedicated to planning is never wasted.”(Felix Cortes). Am not saying you ought to be a perfectionist you neither ought to be a workaholic. Just do not leave for tomorrow that which you can accomplish today. It is when all the work you have is piled up, by just looking at it can make you feel stressed.

  • Eat Healthy

You need to have a well-balanced meal. Eating from all the food groups is a good way of ensuring that you get all the nutrients that the body needs.  The most important nutrients you need are; Protein, vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrate. Taking in a lot of fiber is ideal. Junk food is not an ideal.

You need to eat food so that you can develop and not only that but concentrate. The brain needs nutrients to function. Drink plenty water. 6-8 glasses of water per day is perfect. Try you endeavor best not to snack between meals.

Adding to maintaining a healthy diet. Stay away from all harmful substances such as alcohol, caffeinated beverages, tobacco, cigarettes etc. These will not help in reducing stress. At the end of the day, the problem will be there and this will not fix it. in fact, this worsens your health and ability to make amendments to your stress issues.

  • Have a Social Life

There is a time and season for everything under the sun. There is a time weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance. Have a little fun and don’t always stick to being a loner.

Take a break and go out with friends. Book a night on a free weekend just to keep up to date with your friends and improve you social skills. You will be surprised at how this helps in relieving anxiety. A little excitement will get you feeling energized and optimistic.

  • Listen to Music or do a Hobby.

Music has a therapeutic force to it that many people are unaware of. Music can help one to relax. Spending a few minutes listening to your favorite music can help one to de-stress.

By the way, why do you think counselors use music in their offices in the background when they have a client? This helps a person to be more relaxed and focused,  you can do that too.

Play music while you get along with your tasks each day. You can enjoy this as you do a hobby whether cooking, painting, swimming or even fishing.

Here is a Link to finding soul relaxing music that can help anyone to find calm and peace of mind within any stressful storm. Relaxing Music

  • Laugh and Talk to Family/Friend

Sometimes you may be feeling down, it is good to have that close friend or family member that you can share you struggles with. Talking to someone and having a listening ear when you need it can feel really good and help you to let go of some of you worries. This can improve the relational ties with your family and you can gain their support in them being there for you.

Laughter is medicine. It triggers the release of endorphins which enable the body to feel good. It decreases stress hormones, relaxes your muscles and put you in a good mood. It aids in emotional wellbeing. Laughter is free and tends to attract others and make their day a lighter one. So take time out of your day to find something to laugh about the world is not all full of gloom.

  • Find Time for Yourself!

College life can be so busy that you can hardly find time for yourself. There is always time needed for self-evaluation, reflection or being assertive. Time spent alone away from the hassle and bustle of the busy crowded classrooms or from family and friends is one that ought to be valued.

Love yourself, respect yourself, praise yourself when you have done something praiseworthy and examine areas of your life you can improve. Understanding and knowing yourself can better help you to make life changing decisions that will better yourself and others.

  • Keep your Environment Clean & Shower

Being in a clean environment or work area will make it easy for anyone to concentrate. A dirty place can make one feel miserable. A clean workstation allows your mind to be more focus and even come up with creative ideas. If you want to be free from molds, getting colds or fever just spend at least an hour once a week to clean and throughout the week keep your area organized that way.

You will be able to find items more easily that shuffling your stuff all over the place. If it looks better you will feel better and your work will be more productive.

Cleaning will make your room ready for guest just in case you may have one visiting. It is ideal to begin the day with a shower and end it with one. There is healing power in water.  Some like it hot some like it cold. A shower can help you relieve tension, soothe muscles, ease anxiety and me adding one, make you more alert. Stay fresh.

Feel free to share below those stress relieving activities that have worked for you. Also, I am willing to accommodate any questions you may have or new ideas.


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  1. John

    Eating healthy is a good point, but man it can get really expensive. Besides the taste, I think some of us eat junk food because it is cheap. Just like McDonalds, I can feed everyone thanks to the dollar menu! lol.

    • Hi John, you shared a good point. Thanks for that. Buying the healthy stuff and cost a little more than junk food but looking on the flip side, a lot of time junk food does not carry the nutrients that the brain really need to function properly. Many fast food places do not prepare their food as a home cooked meal may be prepared. Using overnight oils and stuff like those often occur in fast food places. Calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium content is usually very high and this is bad for health. Better to sacrifice the money and live longer than to suffer from health problems.

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