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Product Name: Killer Content SystemImage result for killer content system
Price: $37 one-time payment + Upsells
Owner: Socrates Socratous
Overall Ranking: 45 out of 100

There is another hyped program on the market called the Killer  Content System.

You may be wondering if this is a legit program and can they really deliver without making empty promises? Here you will have the privilege to know all there is to know about the killer content system being promoted.

Introduction About Killer Content System

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This is an advertisement where Socrates Socratous the owner, promises to teach how to build a website with jut the click of a mouse.  This is also a click bank product.

They advertise that a person does not need to have any experience or skill to make money with them. They are able to get persons to make websites in two minutes. Sounds pretty easy but believe me it’s not.

The aim is to create multiple websites, add automated content PLR (Private label rights content), get exposure, traffic, and earn. I will discuss the downfall of this a little later.

So who is Socrates Socratous? He brags about his lifestyle of vacations and doing little work but playing tennis during workdays. He also boasts to be making 7 figures in commission per month using his system.

What do we really know about this guy, not much other than the information he shares about himself in the video being from a village in the Meditteranean and now living in California with his wife and a dog.

His saying “the only work you need to do is check your online accounts every few day to see how much money is coming” is the firs red flag. Doing no work and expect to live such a lavish life is unrealistic.

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What Does He Claim To Offer?

  • Content designated in 980 niches in the form of over 150,000 articles.
  • 1000 pre-articles ready for use.
  • Various content directories- allowing users to automatically submit articles for increased traffic.
  • Easy guidance and auto blogging features.
  • 6 persons support team.
  • Utilize pre- written articles and twist them in such a way to try and trick Google higher ranking and avoidance of content penalization.

Pro’s and Con’s of Killer Content System


  1. Reasonable starter fee.
  2. They have various tools to make money.
  3. Useful video training materials to get going.


  1. No free trial
  2. Limited to no support.
  3. Content in articles is already used and not original.
  4. There are too many options to choose from.
  5. Some of their tools will get you in trouble with Google.
  6. Socrates approach in the videos may come off boring which can cause persons to lose interest.
  7. Hidden fees (upsells).

Who is Killer Content System For?Image result for who

Their advertisement is geared at people who want to make money online. I would say that the system is suitable for persons who want to learn about internet marketing. It does provide a lot of starter information.

While this is the case I would not recommend this to a newbie. There are many options to choose from without a set direction to lead a person directly to what works best or is suiting.

This can be very confusing to persons who are new to internet marketing. Not sure which direction to go can be devastating and waste a lot of time.

Training and Tools Overview

Image result for killer content system

The bad thing about using PLR contents that Google is able to detect it and when they do instead of getting a higher rank you will get a lower rank or be penalized thus affecting the business you are trying to create.

Google wants original work. Connecting with the audience or readers is what Google needs. Duplicate content is NOT good for any website. So teaching how to use computer generated content will not go far.

They have additional tools such as WordPress sites, Site Manager-articles used to connect a person different websites together, Auto publisher- works on autopilot publishing articles, Money Makers- have built in banners that can be added to a website, eBooks and a report generator.

They provide training in the format of giving 10 videos once a person decides to be a member. Below are the themes.Image result for killer content system

  1. How to get 3345 subscribers with less than two hours of work.

  2. How to build a list on eBay for free and make money at the same time.

  3. How to make 68% more money with reselling rights on your products.

  4. Quick and Simple Ways to increase the profitability of any PLR package

  5. How to turn information products into high quality, multimedia CDs

  6. How to get paid big bucks while building a big list

  7. How to double your opt-in list conversion rate

  8. How to find workable niches

  9. Outsourcing secrets: how to double your income and triple your time off.

  10. How to generate 30,000 targeted keywords in less than three hours.


It is not easy getting assistance when you have a problem being an affiliate of the Killer Content System. There is no community support to receiving feedback for queries.

They do have a ticket help desk to submit questions that are not already answered in their FAQ section. A person is also able to send them an email.

This is pretty much a waste of time as they take forever to respond if they eventually do. One should be able you even contact the owner! A newbie can forget ever having a mentor to help out or give some timely heads up when it comes to getting help.

This is a downfall in not delivering their promises. Be careful definitely another red flag.

What does it Cost to be a Member?Image result for upsells

To be a member you will need to enter your email at the video advertisement on their website. They will say the price is $47 to get started and offer a $10 discount making it $37.

One thing that Socrates did not tell you or is upfront about is that your membership fee does not include the cost of domains for website or hosting. Seeing that you will need to run multiple websites as he said to earn, the cost for a domain name is between $5-$15 yearly. Hosting can cost up to $30 per month.

Now imagine if you have 50 websites. 50*$30=$1500 hosting for a month.

50*$15=$750 yearly domain charge.

They also offer upgrades on their membership status. Gold-$297 (automate 200 sites) and Platinum-$197 (automates 500 sites). You may need to get help from elsewhere that can come to you at a cost if you are stuck without help from KCS as the support is no good.

You may need to get help from elsewhere that can come to you at a cost if you are stuck without help from KCS as the support is no good. Definitely looks like a person will have a high expenditure at the end of the month.

My Final Thoughts

While there are some good attributes to the KCS program in providing training with the potential to make money, I find that a lot of the information is outdated.

While the tools seem good, they are ones that Google is not fond of. I will not say that it is a scam in its entirety but on the borderline. If you have poor content, poor support, or outdated videos it is not worth it. I would not pay for something that could drown my business.Image result for not recommended

There are too many flaws in this system for me to consider it worthwhile. This is the reason why I would not recommend this program to anyone.There are better programs out there that can provide more up to date information.

It has not matched up to my #1 Recommended Product that provides training on making websites, has solid content and ranking well in Google give 24/7 support and make you money among other things. Below I have made a comparison of my Top Recommended and that of Killer Content System.

Do share your views as well as experience if you have ever tried their system in the comments below.




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