Is Pure Leverage A Scam? Another Program Review

Product Name: Pure Leverage
Price: $24.97+upsells per month
Owner: Joel Therien
Overall Ranking: 35 out of 100 

You may have seen Joel in ads online flashing his car and other luxury items but is this another get rich quick scheme or is this program an authentic and legit one?

Are they the best? You are about to find out as I will be sharing with you what the program is about and how you can have a full understanding of what is happening in the back end of what Pure Leverage is offering.

About Pure Leverage

The company is under the name Global Virtual Opportunities and is located at 6701 Guada Coma Drive, Schertz Texas 78154, 210.651.4487

The main concept of the Pure Leverage system is affiliate marketing. 

The aim is to get others to join with no true meaning behind how to make money. If that is not a recipe for a pyramid scheme I don’t know what else is.

What they actually sell is a platform that anyone in online business can do video conferencing, video email, autoresponders, and lead capture systems. Even with these “so-called products” some actually don’t worth the cost. 

Pro’s and Con’s of Pure Leverage


  1. Affordable front-end price
  2. 30-day money back if you do not like the services
  3. Some of their products do work.


  1. Pyramid scheme in disguise
  2. Upsells
  3. One does not get the complete package as is advertised.
  4. 100% commission payment is not guaranteed.
  5. Poor marketing tools
  6. Emphasis is on the reselling 
  7. No free trial
  8. Everyone gets the same blogging page with a domain name.
  9. Email SPAMMING

Who is Pure Leverage for?

This is for the experienced internet marketer who has a solid foundation when it comes to online marketing. The tools that they offer may seem amazing but the expert online marketer would be able to pick from what they have. One or two useful ones.

If someone wants to go about running a real business this is definitely not the way to go about it. Whilst the set up of Pure Leverage seem attractive its foundation is MLM in nature. I will tell you more below why what they offer is not so much worth the grab as they may rave.

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Training and Tools Overview

The training that they provide is centered around promoting Pure Leverage only. This is one of the main reason I would not introduce it to even savvy marketers. There is really nothing to get out of it.

Below are details of what a person will get when they accept the $24.97/mth offer.

Web Presence and Site

With this tool, you get to build, customize and host a website of your own on Pure Leverage. The thing about this is that they only show you how to build a website to promote their program.

You will never learn how to build a website for yourself with them. All you will be doing is using their duplicate information of pre-written articles amongst other materials. Google does not like to see these things and soon they will receive low ranking like Empower Network that was shut down some time ago. 

Lead Capture System

This tool allows you to create landing pages that will let you track and keep email subscribers. They provide templates where all you have to do is change the images and texts.

Once again, they will tie this into the website to promote themselves. They use average templates that are basic. I would not say they stand out amongst the crowd when it comes to creating landing pages and you can find better elsewhere.

Auto Responder

This is an Email Service Provider (ESP). In connection with the lead capture pages, the autoresponder would send follow up emails to your list on a daily or weekly basis. This is not unique but can be useful.

All one would need to do is to pick a date and time for the emails to be automatically sent. It is able to give feedback also on how many persons would have opened and read your sent emails and provide a response in some cases.

Video: Email and Streaming

This is aimed at building one’s subscriber list. So it’s not just emailing as with the autoresponder but one can record a video and send it to all the inboxes of their email listing.

This I find to be a unique aspect of Pure Leverage as not many ESP’s are providing video email. It may take some time though to make your videos appealing and attractive to your audience.

Live Conference Room

This tool allows members to connect live and in real time to have meetings or webinars. It eliminates the need to meet physically in a hotel conference room. Once there is an internet connection, one is able to interact with a team that is built.

Once again PL wants you to keep your recruited referrals that you get to sign up to the PL program motivated and to stay in the game. This tool is average as there are many free places to hang out such as on Zoom, Skype or Google Hangout. Not worth paying for this on a monthly basis.

Elite Coaching

This is where you would meet 2-3 times per week with their coach and they will prep you on how to better market the Pure Leverage program and bring in more sales for them.

You will not get any training on how to build a sustainable business for yourself. They will definitely drill you on how to promote their products. If you want to do you your own thing you will not learn that here. I would recommend you start with this training if you want to succeed.

Pure Leverage Affiliate Program

Pure Leverage claim that they will pay 100% commission on new referrals gained. Be cautious as they will not follow through on the second month and other months to come.

Funny enough, with all that they boast about 8 figure income, there is no income disclosure out there to show that the program actually works and persons have been able to actually make money with them.


Pure Leverage lacks support in every way. Whenever customers have issues and they may post a negative review on various forums we can see the owner Joel getting into a fit.

Instead of trying to make his offer better and solve the issues persons are faced with, he would quarrel with them.

They do have a support contact form on their website that allows individuals to email them. The success rate of this medium of support is not unsatisfactory.

What does it Cost to be a Member?

To be honest I cannot really say that there is a set price affixed to the program there are so many add-ons that it is more than ridiculous. It is more than the $24.97 monthly.

One will find themselves paying up to $150 or more as there are many upsells after signing up.

The main aim of the program is to benefit from selling the products to new referrals, however, to have the right to resell the products will cost $19.95 per month

The Upsells

The upsells is where online marketers could somewhat benefit from the training. That is where a little flesh is added to the bone and things start making a little sense. The cost here is still not worth it though!

Some of the upsell often to be seen in their program includes:

  • I.P Syndicate Center -$97/mth
  • Smart Marketing Coaching $47/mth
  • Freedom Live Las Vegas $197-one time 
  • Take Massive Action-$97 one time
  • GotBackUp $7.00/mth
  • Online Marketing Masters Workshop $497-One time

My Final Say

From what was revealed we can see that Pure Leverage has MLM written all over it. The price will not kill you but I know that one can get way better services for that price.

100% compensation on sign-ups cannot be guaranteed with them and I would not recommend using the Pure Leverage system for beginners nor savvy online marketers.

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Do share your questions and comments in the feed below. If you have had any experiences with the program you can go ahead and share it as well.



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