Is My Lead System PRO A Scam?

Product Name: My Lead System PROImage result for MY LEAD SYSTEM PRO
Price:  $19.97 discount, $49.97 per month basic, $149.97 per month standard, $1499.97 per year+upsells
Owners: CEOBrian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and President-Todd Schlomer
Overall Ranking: 15 out of 100 

For some reason, you have been introduced to the My Lead System Pro on the internet. You are wondering what it is all about or if the program is another scam.

In this review, I will be sharing with you some useful information on what it is that the program offers and adequate information that will help you to decide if this program is for you.

About My Lead System PRO

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This was created back in 2008 by Brian and Norbert. They offer training for Multi-Level Marketers.

The concept that the company focuses on and uses is “Attraction Marketing”. They teach how you can attract people to joining your individual businesses and programs.

The aim is creating an online presence that people would come running to buy what you are offering instead of you going out searching for them.

My Lead System Pro teaches you how to market it’s product to other MLMs. They promise to pay you $100 in commission for each person you get to sign up with them.

Additionally, to pay you $1000 and more in commission on their products that you sell. They claim to have paid $7,305, 318.59 in commissions since they started.

The company promotes MLM businesses such as Empower Network and My Online Business Empire (MOBE). I have done reviews on these two companies and they don’t have the best of reputations either. Let’s see if they are delivering all these claims or these guys just want to get rich.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Facts

MLM as the name suggests is multi-level marketing. This is a pyramid scheme where members are encouraged to recruit others to join a program and this is the main focus and way of making money with them. None of the information they give is for free.

Often times the information that they give is not able to make your business more profitable as the aim is for themselves to make the money. Some tools may help to enhance a website and attract visitors but the visitors do not buy your products as its a ripoff campaign. Promoting the company’s product is the key focus.

Members have to pay exorbitant fees on startup and given lots of upsells. These MLM companies are also sometimes referred to as Ponzi or pyramid schemes. Some other attributes that will allow you to identify an MLM is that they will offer 100%  matching bonus for getting signups which are not likely to happen with regular programs.

In the end, they don’t normally give this percentage. MLSP offers training for MLMs and they themselves are one. Sure to be ripped off in some way or the other.

Check out My Top Recommended Program that is not an MLM and will teach you the basics of starting out online to truly earn an income the legit way. There are no upsells and you won’t be disappointed. That is unless you want to get rich overnight like these MLMs.

Pro’s and Con’s of My Lead System PRO


  1. Some of the training is useful
  2. Free weekly webinars
  3. Webinar conference is inspiring
  4. Have an affiliate program
  5. Been around for a long time


  1. A lot of people fail.
  2. Lots of upsells
  3. Poor support
  4. Don’t get access to everything with the monthly membership
  5. Too expensive
  6. No 30-day money back guarantee as promised
  7. Lots of time spent recruiting.
  8. Easier said than done-attraction marketing
  9. Infomation is overwhelming
  10. No step by step process
  11. $100 matching bonus for referral not honored
  12. Website interface not newbie friendly
  13. Videos are too long 1 1/2hrs each
  14. Complains all over the net about them
  15. Some training information is outdated.
  16. 30-day free trial is a sham
  17. Have to accept upsells to get advanced training.
  18. Need to have a product to make any money with them

Who is My Lead System PRO for?

It was created with network marketers in mind, MLM companies and anyone who want to attract people to their programs and products online. It was created for people who want to help grow their business by generating leads, get direct sales, and building a network team.

Sorry to say but the program is for people who want to promote the My Lead System Pro and do recruiting since this is the main aim of the program and not to actually to grow your own business. It is for persons who have a lot of free time on their hands to invest in the training.

It is for people who can afford to pay $149.97 per month and the cost of the upsells being offered. Finally, it is for people who don’t mind being disappointed when they don’t get all that’s promised by these tricksters.

Training and Tools Overview

MLSP provide lots of training to their users. They are mainly in digital marketing tools. As was said before they teach attraction marketing. Attraction marketing takes a lot of time, effort and skillset. One can attract people to a promised lifestyle and hope that they will trust that their goals will be fulfilled.

On sign up, you are introduced to 17 different products to buy. you don’t have to purchase them, they offer a way to make money by selling them to others. There is no free trial as they offer.

A person should make $1,000 off each product. Forget about this as it is not going to happen. You know who will make all the money from this, the owners themselves.

Videos are average 1 1/2 hrs long. Only 20 minutes of the info is actually useful. The training and upsells in providing various software tools are actually junk and does not give you the quality info you can apply.

Some features of MLSP:

  • Live webinar
  • Squeeze page templates
  • Online business training course
  • Custom marketing campaigns
  • Lead generation bonus.
  • Create landing pages
  • Social media templates

Below are some of the tools and training that MLSP offers. There are lots more but just to let you see what you would be in for.

Image result for my lead system pro review


There are quite a few complains online about the company. Below is a sample complain from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). There are others when you check the site.

You could also use companies such as Complain Board, Ripoff Report, and ScamAdviser to see the ratings and complain about My Lead System PRO.  The most common issue that people face is billing issues.

Problems with Product / Service

I had signed up for their trial period and had canceled via email but they didn’t get it and debited $149.97 on Oct 2nd but they refuse to refund me.
I had signed up for their 10 day trial period but had sent a cancellation from my cell phone during that period. They claim that they never received it, and debited my checking account $149.97 on Oct. 3, 2016. I called their phone number (XXX) XXX-XXXX and left a message, but never heard from them. I went to their very confusing website which goes around in circles, but finally got a request for the refund sent to the support desk. I received a receipt via email with my request. I then received an email explaining that they hadn’t received my cancellation. Obviously there was a glitch in sending my cancellation, but I had never even logged into this account, because after learning in an email sent to me during the 10 day trial period I had learned about MLSP through a network marketer, Rick Martinez,it was sent to me via his website I read that I’d be charged $149.97 monthly unless I cancelled. That is when the glitch occurred. But Since I contacted them in a timely way once I discovered the debit from my checking account, and NEVER set up a login to officially register for their MLSP course, I would think to be a company with an A+ BBB rating they would honor my request. I truly cannot afford to spend that kind of money right now. I regret that I cannot produce the lost email requesting to cancel the obligation.


MLSP has an online community where other internet marketers where they can share ideas, ask questions and connect with other like-minded individuals. They heavily promote using social media such as Facebook to get help in their groups. They use Skype chat for their private coaching.

When persons request help, all they do is to send them promotions on how to better advertise and recruit, promising them a lavish lifestyle. The focus is on getting more people to join MLSP.

What does it Cost to be a Member?

When someone accepts the monthly membership called MLSP Mastery they will be offered an upsell. There is no free trial as was mentioned before. Members get paid when they refer persons to the program and get a sign up There is also a pyramid scheme structure where members are paid on different levels.

The owners change their pricing information and services they offer occasionally. Even giving the items new names.

  • Sound Traffic Mojo………………………..$149.99 One-time payment
  • Attraction Market Intensive…………..$297 One-time payment then two-time payment of $ 167
  • Training Library………………………………$ payment, then two-time payment of $447, then three-time payment of $317
  1. MLSP Pro Academy $19.97 (discounted offer)
  2. MLSP Pro-Gold $49.97 (Basic membership)
  3. MLSP Pro  Platinum $99.00
  4. MLSP Pro  Master $149.000/ 1,499 per year
  5. MLSP University $49.97

Discounts are offered if members take these packages:

  • 3 months package $427.97 discounted at $142.66 per month
  • 6 months package $798.72 discounted at $133.12 per month
  • 12 months package $1499.97 discounted at $124.99 per month

My #1 Recommended Product will not cost you A Fortune

Compensation Plan

I will not get into detail about the compensation plan as it is obvious that this program is a scam and have no intention of helping to make you any money. The owners are at the top of the pyramid and everyone else is at the bottom. You will make a scrapping or nothing at all.

What they offer:

  1. Recruitment bonuses- $100
  2. $1000 return on all products
  3. Leadership level points plan
  4. Higher percentages for various levels

My Final Say

Overall I would not say the company is a total scam. It is hyped with promises that they are not totally able to fulfill. Some of the training is useful but not all.

The potential of earning with them is very meager if any. The training is a long process as it is not so easy to understand everything. This program will cost you an arm and a leg to get by and it still does not guarantee you will actually earn with them. All that glitters is not gold.

Am not saying that you should expect money overnight as legitimate programs can take a little time to get money but seeing results is nowhere near with My Lead System Pro.

This is for persons who are already in MLM and want to enhance getting visitors to sign up. Not for persons who genuinely want to earn money online.

If you are seeking to make some extra cash online to do the things you want you can take a look at My #1 Recommended Program. This is where I receive the best training in internet marketing, creating a website, attracting visitors and how you too can create an online business. I can tell you it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Below I have made a comparison of MLSP and My #1 Recommended. Leave your questions and comments below.



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