Is College a Waste of Time and Money?

We find today that many parents encourage their kids to go to college, to get a good education so that they can get a good job and become at least apart of the middle-class society. However, we see that many students have flung themselves into debt and spend the next 10-20 years trying to pay off that sum.

Yes, there are the bright sparks and some of the fortunate ones who have wealthy family backgrounds or the privilege of receiving scholarships that aided them in being partially or fully debt free.

Some were “forced” and “destined” to attend college by their parents while others were “summoned” lol. Common terms my colleagues would use. Am no expert here but I did go to college and certainly know what am talking about.

The College Life

So, yes I did go to college and had a wonderful time there too. I cannot complain. I had a wealth of knowledge after I left and a bunch of friends. Do I want to be an employee working a 9-5 for the rest of my life with a meager salary? definitely not.

It did not take me long to realize how the system is set up whilst I was attending university. Did I quit when I finally had some sense to figure this out? no, I completed all my years, as a matter of fact, graduating with two degrees.

Are the degrees useless to me and do I regret going there? Oh no. I had scholarships that aided and I worked my butt off doing two jobs for five years to pay that school fee along with the help of friends and family. If I had left in debt it would have been a sore point but I am grateful. ULTIMATELY IF YOU HAVE TO TAKE OUT A LOAN FOR COLLEGE DO RECONSIDER. A student should seek the best way to repay student loans faster before they even graduate.

The Education and Employment Sector

The school and education system was designed to teach us how to work for others. I can attest to that as throughout my studies I was taught entrepreneurship only about 2% over my five years attending.

Yes, there are many things they don’t teach you in college. You see, the system is set in such a way that when a student takes a loan and after graduation lands a job they have to stay in it no matter if they like it or whatever hell they are facing in it.

They have a loan to repay and so for at least the next 10 years, they live in a vacuum. Most of their salary is going towards a loan. Don’t get me wrong, education is good. The early years of our lives are precious and using it to go to college is a choice. I placed this comment below on Facebook some time ago and it had many likes. 

Apply for a job……………………………… need qualification………………….go to college for the qualification……………you need money…………………..borrow a student loan and get the qualification……..go back for the job……………….you need some experience………….volunteer 3 months………………go back for the job…………………..job require you have a car………borrow a car cause you can’t get money for one, you owe student loan………………………… finally get the job………………….half of how they want you to do the job is different from what they taught you in college…………………………………work ten years to make back what you spent to go to colleague (dependent on studies)………………………hey, there are people in the department who did not go to college and you are getting the same pay…………………………….LOL.

My Personal Viewpoint

College IS A Waste

  • It is a waste if you intend on being an entrepenur or being your own boss.
  • If a person has to take out a student loan I also think it is a waste.
  • It is a waste when students enroll and then start skipping classes.
  • It is a waste when in the second year a student changes their major and waste 2yrs of money studying what they no longer like.
  • It is a watse if students just take the information given by lecturers and don’t do additional research.
  • You won’t necessarily earn more than non-grads. There are always those persons who are at the same place as you without a degree and you wonder how they got there.

College Is Not A Waste

  • It is not a waste if you see yourself having a top-notch position in some firm making others money. If you don’t build your dreams others will hire you to to help build theirs.”
  • It is not a waste if the tuition fees are at reasonable pricing.  The university I went to had many international students and one of the main reason they shared they came was because it is more affordable than in their countries.
  • It is not a waste if you have fully paid scholarships.
  • If you want a job that they will not accept you without the college degree it is needed. Example…………Medicine, Law, Teaching etc. 


It is up to the discretion of the person on whether it will be a waste of time and money. To be honest, lecturers in college are just there to guide the learning process. Most of them will not spoon feed you. The student is the one who has to read all the books, do all the research, write all the papers and ensure that they are on the honor roll with excellent GPA’s.

Can someone do this on their own without going to college? Yes, it is possible. It just takes a lot of discipline and being connected with mentors who are experienced in the subject area that will guide you. The real-life experience is even much better than 3 years in a classroom and then 1 year of field experience.

As was mentioned earlier. If a person wants a career that requires a degree such as Medicine, Law, Teaching, etc then college is the way to go as you will not be allowed to work in such areas without the needed qualifications.

If you choose not to go to college know that you will need to sit down and plan your life through on who you will want as a mentor and spend time learning as much as you can about the area you want to be in.

I hope that the information shared has put you in a better place deciding. Do share your views on the issue, questions, and comments in the box below.



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