How to Win a Free Vacation While Earning Cash

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You may be unemployed and have a lot of free time on your hands or you just need a break from all your work to travel and visit places but vacations do take money right! You may be seeking a getaway for a day or two where you will be able to have some fun. Here is the opportunity of a lifetime.

So you may be wondering what is entailed in this vacation package and who are the sponsors. You may even be wondering how is it even possible to win a free vacation and on top of that get the opportunity to earn an income.

Could this be some form of scam? Trust me don’t even think for a second of using any form of credit card.

Vacations can cost thousands of dollars but this one will help you to make thousands of dollars. Don’t worry I will be giving you all the details and how you can ensure that you stand a chance of making Las Vegas your destination of choice for rest and relaxation in 2016.

What You Will Get

First there are two different type of incentives that you will receive if you are able to meet the requirements for the trip.  There is the Vegas “300” and the “3000” Rolls Royce incentives.

“300” Vegas






  1. Get to play games, have fun and drinks
  2. Hotel expenses fully paid.
  3. Flight expenses paid up to ($600)
  4. A two-hour private meeting with founders Kyle and Carson
  5. A Spectacular Vagas Show
  6. WA sway package (high-end goodies)
  7. A chance to meet some of the most successful Affiliates.
  8. 3 day conference session

“3,000” Rolls Royce







For this incentive, you will get all that those in the vegas 300 will be getting but even more.

  1. Flight expenses fully paid
  2. Get picked up at the Airport by  your own driver in Rolls Royce
  3. Recieve VIP treatment throughout your stay in las vegas (being able to access all shows and clubs)
  4. A 2,000 sq/ft Sky loft with your own butler fully covered.
  5. A super Duper Swag package and even more high-end goodies.

How To Enter

Now you must be burning wondering what you need to do in order to receive all these services. Well here goes……The program that is offering this opportunity is called Wealthy Affiliate. They are an online university that help persons who want to become entrepreneurs to start their own business online.

It has been around since 2005 and is fitting for experts in online business as well as newbies

What they teach is very simple.

The provide the platform and teach all the skills that are necessary to owning a business online. Being a member of WA will give you the ability to earn while you learn. This opportunity is for persons who have a mind for business, want to make money online, are unemployed, need a second job, need some extra cash, retired etc.

They provide the opportunity for their members to win a vacation to Las Vegas and I am extending the invitation to you. The Vegas incentive is an all-paid conferencing where you will be able to meet the founders of the company, chill out and have some real fun.

So now you are thinking is that all? No, I must say that it will not cost you a dime to join. You can try our free starter membership.

Start Today at $0

If you really desire a legit program so you can earn, click Here to learn more.

The requirements

All members of the WA community have  to meet the requirement of getting 300 premium members to join the team for the year 2016. Is this possible? YES it is! It  begins on the 1st of January to the 1st of December 2016.

The good thing about wealthy Affiliate is that what you make from your 300 premium sign up will all be yours. So here is how you will earn during the process of getting your 300 members to be on board.

You can learn more about the Vegas program from the founders themselves.

You will need less than one premium member to join per day to make this trip a possibility. Then the earning of getting 300 members will be super great.

There you have it. Do the maths and you will see how much you can make from just getting 300 persons to come on board. In fact, let me do a little bit breaking it down for you.


1 referral per day

30 referrals for February

30*$8= $240 (first month)

30*$22.50=$6750 (recurring months- March, April etc)

This is what you will be making from just 30 persons signing up in one month. All you need to do is keep getting the referrals in.

Believe me but this is just one way of earning through the program as there are so many other ways that they provide.

You will be more than able to afford all the vacation that you want at the end of the year with the earning potentials that the WA program offers.

I hope that you will make use of this business opportunity as I look forward to meeting you on the inside and not only that but seeing you at our Las Vegas trip this year.




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