How To Shop For Groceries In College!

Shopping for groceries has been a favorite pastime for many, while shopping overall is usually a stressful and hectic one. But how does a college student shop for groceries or how should they go about doing so?

A student that is on a budget especially needs to know how it is that they can shop smart while still keeping their bodies nourished and always ready and fit to take on the daily tasks of college life.

Today I will be sharing some tips on how any student can go about doing this in an efficient and effective manner. In no particular order, you can view the top ten methods listed below.

1. Shop With A List

Shopping with a list is the best way to keep you on target in purchasing the things that you need instead of the things you want. There are always those chocolates, sweets or fun stuff at the cash out to lure you in making an impulsive purchase.

It is not just shopping with a list but also sticking to that list. You can check out the ultimate college grocery shopping list that will aid you in shopping smart and getting all you need.

2. Stay Away From Junk Food

The reason this food is referred to as junk food is that, in reality, 99% of it is actually junk. It provides no nutritional value and often times is not filling.  I must say though that there are those on the go healthy snacks that you can try. They can be great to munch on between your classes or when you are unable to have a main meal.

3. Plan Your Meals

You can plan your meals menu on a weekly basis. Place this on your refrigerator to be reminded. It is ok to schedule a night to eat out whether on a date, with friends or just bunking in bed alone.

When you plan your meals you are able to know the exact ingredients needed to create each meal. More than likely those are the items you would purchase. This way you won’t have items you don’t need sitting in the pantry for decades until expiration.

4. Decide To Prepare Your Meals

Precooked meals are most time more expensive than cooking on your own. Frozen dinners are often times filled with additives and preservatives. A better choice would be to just prepare your own meal. Cooking your own meal allows you to style and flavor as you desire. There are many useful quick and easy meals recipes for college students.

5. Eat From All Food Groups

A rule of thumb when shopping is to ensure that you make purchases from all the food groups. This will help you in maintaining balance in the things that you eat.

Staying fit and healthy in college is a problem for many students. However unrealistic it seems, Staying healthy in college is possible. Fresh and healthy foods can cost a bit more than processed foods.

6. Identify the Best Place To Shop

Not locating the ideal store to shop can cost you twice as much for your groceries. It may be a difference in going to the farmers market or a local shop. Buying meat at the meat shop and fruits at the food market may work out better than getting everything in the store.

Some supermarkets are just outright cheaper than others. Lots of times you will find college students shopping at a particular store that is cheaper than the rest.

Shop around to see which stores are best for which produce. You may not find all the cheapness in one place. One thing that can help you is to keep all your receipts. In that way, you can compare the prices of your purchases.

7. Use Coupons

Coupons are a great way of saving on items. A gentle reminder is that you do not need to use a coupon on a purchase that you do not need. Neither do you have to buy things that are on Sale.

Taking a quick spin in the newspaper or using apps like Flipp and Ibotta will not do you any harm. Stores like Target and Shaws have upgraded to using coupons apps. Imagine what it is like saving $2-$5 on an item you need.

8. Don’t Go Grocery Shopping Hungry

Going shopping when you are hungry is definitely not a good idea. In fact, you are more likely to make impulsive decisions choosing foods that are salty, sweet or high in calories. You are not keen to make healthy choices nor bargain prices when all the stomach is focusing on is getting something in there moving.

9. Buy In Bulk

For a student, it is not always easy to make purchases in bulk as the funds may be low. But if possible, buying in bulk not only saves you money but it also saves you time in the number of trips you make to the grocery store.

Bulk items are often cheaper and in that way, you will have items that will last. Take for example having a case (24) of toilet paper as to buying just one or two. The case will last for months, even a year and likely you will not run out on it.

10. Get Just What You Need

Not because an item is on sale means that you should go stock up on that item. As a college student, you especially do not bulk up on perishable items. Fruits and other ground produce naturally go bad after a time. Don’t buy more than you can manage all at once.

Remember to check for dates on those SALE items. This all goes back to planning your meals, using a list and planning how frequently you shop for groceries. What you should get is just what you need.

Use the above tips mentioned and am sure that you will see a difference in how much time and money you will save.

I hope that the information shared have been useful. Do leave your comments and questions below.



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