How To Decorate A Dorm Room- 10 Tips

Decorating can be fun when you are creative and have a taste for style. If you are no expert at decorating, in this post I will be sharing how you can easily add a touch of style to your dorm room. Your dorm room does not have to be dull and boring. With a few accessories, you can turn it from drab into fab. 

As a student, there are many options available to you when it comes to decorating your dorm room. You can decorate your room online or do it yourself with the ten tips that I will be sharing below.

1. Rugs

Rugs can add a whole new look to your room. Whether it be those that are fluffy allowing your toes to disappear or those that coordinate with your setting. A rug is able to hide plain old floors and keep your feet from getting cold. You could also consider getting a neutral color rug. With this, you can hide dirt and don’t have to worry if it clashes with your colorful bedroom. 

2. Accent Pillows

These are not a must-have but they can give some character to your space. They do look great on your bed and their funny saying add meaning. Accent pillows definitely add vibrancy and integrate your personality. To make them extra special you can customize them by printing personal photos on them. 

3. Color Schemes

You need to know what coordinating colors you will be using in your design. You want your colors to complement each other. Think about the color of the wall, curtains, rugs, bedding, towels, etc. With colors, you are able to bring life to your room. Think of the mood that you want to create whenever you enter your room. You can use a color wheel to identify varying shades of a specific color or find complimenting colors.  

4. Lighting

I love adding lights. We normally see lots of lights at Christmas. I know it may not be that time but using the pepper light or LED strips can make your room cozy and more attractive. They don’t need to be many colors. One-color will do. Hang them on the wall, ceiling or over your bed. Forget about boring lampshades by adding stenciling images or decorative ribbons. Find desk lamps that go with the theme of your room.

5. Wall Art

Add something to the walls. You don’t have to make them fussy. A painting, wall mural, poster, maps, or photos provide for you endless options of what you can do. Make your plain wall something to look at. Depending on where you live, you may not have the option to repaint the wall or add wallpaper to it.  Using tapestry can get the work done and cover large sections. You can even make your room welcoming by using washi tape to make designs.  

6. Real Flowers and Plants

Bringing live plants in your room is a bonus. Nothing beats having those natural elements that are able to purify the air. Place your plants in decorative pots on your desk or selective areas on the floor. Keep them on the window sill or the entrance to your dorm room. Remember to give them lots of sunlight and water to keep them alive and healthy. If you have no space you can consider hanging planters or using old mason jars with water. 

7. Personalize Desk Space

In your room, you will spend a lot of time at your desk. Keeping your desk area simple and comfortable is key. To have an effective working space that is clean and organized, you can use organizing accessories. This way you will keep clutter out and find what you need within reach. You can also add organizer trays and drawers. Having a desk without mess will certainly free your mind and provide a stressfree productive environment. 

8. Build a Canopy

Canopies add an elegant look to rooms. If you feel like a princess or a prince this is for you. NO! it is not a girlish feature. Canopy bedding is known to be used by Lords and Noblemen in Medieval Europe. With this, you will add some warmth and privacy while at the same time enjoy the little hideaway. You are sure to get a cozy home feeling using a canopy in your room.

9. Loaf Bedding

Turning your bed into a loft can do wonders for your room. Using this easy yet simple tactic can make your bed much higher and give you added space in your room. You can use your new space for storage or anything else that you please.  Adding floor pillows, bean bags or sofa sacks will help you stay out of bed longer. Now you have more room space to convert into what you like. Turning this space into and a chill spot is a cool idea. 

10. Add Room Dividers

If you want to segment your room you can easily add room dividers. Separate seating area from the rest of your room. This will get you more focused on doing your work than always looking at your bed. IKEA room dividers are multifunctional and can be used as your bookshelf or display area. Make it homey by adding a few nostalgic items to it. Using storage bins in dividers help to give a sleek clean look.

I hope that you have found these 10 tips useful in decorating your dorm room. If you want to create a functional sleep and work area then you should start putting your decorating ideas together and make it happen.  

Take before and after pictures to see the transformation. Don’t be afraid to invite friends to see what you did. Do let me know in the comments below how your decorating went. 



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