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Now there are many programs out there that are really captivating but many of them are aimed at scamming whatever little resources you may have in your pocket. College is not the place to throw away or lose money.

As I have mentioned in the About Nichole page I have been a victim of such and have lost money to various programs. I will be providing information about the program that I am presently a part of and how you too can get started.

What is Wealthy Affiliate About?

This is an affiliate university that offers training for online marketing. It is aimed at helping individuals who want to work from home and assist themselves financially. No previous internet marketing is needed as the community provides resources in training, tutorials and a 24/7 community support to answer questions and resolve issues. Talking about technical difficulties is not in the picture as the founders have made this an easy process.

Doubt and fear often get into the way of becoming successful many times. I encountered this on my journey as well.

It took me a week before making up my mind to join WA, but if I knew then what I know now I would not have hesitated.

How to Become a Member Starting with Nothing

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter membership so that individuals who want to try the program will have an opportunity to do so. This membership last seven days. $0.00. That is what it takes.

This allows one to make a conscious decision on whether WA is for him or her. It is not about sticking your head in the sand, but you have the chance to try before purchasing.

There are many benefits in trying out the free membership because after it has ended there is an opportunity to receive bonuses.

What do you get as a Starter Member?

  1. 2 Free Website
  2. A Personal Affiliate Blog
  3. Beginner Training Courses
  4. Keyword Research Tool
  5. 1-on-1 Coaching
  6.  Affiliate Booth Camp Training
  7. Live chats and classroom
  8. Video tutorials
  9. etc. click the image below

Premium Membership

The premium membership is at a cost of $49 per month. There is an opportunity in upgrading to a premium membership and WA offers a huge Discount for the first month.  They offer the first-month fee at the price of only $19.

How Much Time Do You Need 

Going forward you will have a business on your hands, yes I am aware you are in school and studying. This requires that you be flexible and know how to balance both work and study. Being in college you definitely will not be in school for the entire day.

For Me, I started putting in an hour to two hours just before I head out in the mornings. If you usually work seven hours per day on your part-time job and study, here is an opportunity to work fewer hours and get to do the things that you want or have to do.

Time is of the essence. Based on your goals and how much you plan to accomplish within Wealthy Affiliate you can determine how much time you are willing to invest.

One piece of advice though. The more time spent greater will be the rewards. Each lesson for training usually does not take more than an hour.

Being in school requires time to be spent on school work. Doing Wealthy Affiliate is not a program that is aimed at robbing anyone of their time. Make a schedule when you plan to work each day if you wish so that you can have adequate time to improve on grades.

WA Review! Learn More

If you need any assistance feel free to leave questions below or you can drop me a comment.




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