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Occasionally my friends would send promotions of online business that they find interesting or think they can make some money from it am would like me to join in. So am here again with another review. The product is FixIncome.Online.

I did not have to think twice when I saw the ad to know whether or not it was a scam. Here I will be sharing with you what I know about the program.


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This is a referral site where they offer individuals the ability to earn $50-$100 US dollars daily by completing a simple task. It is very new in that it has only been around for about a month.

They offer free membership to join and claim to pay $10 per task and the chances of earning $2,000 per month. They also offer a $25 bonus on sign up.

Think for a second. If this was true, would anyone actually do a 9-5 job when they could get $2,000 per month sitting at home liking and sharing posts on social media?

And I must say poor Lauren Murray, using her name and picture to advertise their junk. Once your picture is online anyone can use it to promote their scams. She has nothing to do with this product in my estimation. Scammers never want to reveal their true identity.

The Facts

These are the facts. There is no need for me to keep you waiting. You can either take it or leave it. Either way, you will soon realize the reality of what I am talking about.

Why I am qualified to give you straight facts is because I have experienced a site similar or almost the same as in the past. Will share more about that further on.

  • There is no training needed when using their program, all they require of you is to promote their website link to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. This is done with an affiliate link they will provide you.
  • There is no real task for you to do.
  • You will not be paid any money. You will end up wasting your time and earning the owner money and getting people to signups for them.
  • If you reach the payment threshold you will not be assisted or get paid. They may close your account too without an explanation. This is after you have wasted your time making the owner money for about two weeks advertising the site.
  • There is no way to contact the company.
  • No one has ever gotten paid by them and no one will be paid. It is nothing but a rotten scam.
  • The testimonial on the site is fake by Joshiah Fraumin.
  • Take note that most things on the site are not clickable. The statistics on the site such as the total members join, amount paid out and a total amount paid is constant and they never change.
  • The money that you see in your account when you join is not real and you will never get it. It is virtual money to keep you there with your hopes up. Just a motivation for you to keep sharing their site.
  • The earning capabilities that they boast are fake as one cannot earn that much money by sharing and liking things on social media. The most one could earn for the month doing that is $10.
  • Comparing to legit paid to click sites, all they pay is like $0.10 for clicking on something. This would amount to the same $10 for the month.
  • There is nothing called free money. Any money one wants to earn online must be worked for through legit programs.

Similar Programs As

There is no way to contact the owner. There is also no real support. Notice when you click on the support tab on the website it keeps you bringing you back at the home page or give you an error page.

Below is a compilation of other similar sites that have the same one-page platform that does the same thing as Some of them have been closed. You need no further proof.

Related image

Related image

Related image

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Related imageRelated image


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This is for persons who want get rich quick overnight. It is for persons who do not truly want to know how to make money online.  It is for the lazy, the greedy, and those who believe that they will get a big fat check for doing nothing.

Don’t follow the crowd. There are scams everywhere and FixIncome. online is a scam. If you truly want to make money by just clicking ads then you can join a legit paid to click site called ClicksenseIt is like $10 per month to click and maybe a little more.

My Final Say

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I hope that you were able to find this review before wasting time on their program. If you join this program you are setting up yourself for failure.

Legit programs only pay $0.10 to click something. Yes, that is what legit programs actually pay you to click. Making money online does take some effort and I can show you how.

If you want to earn an adequate income online then you can check out this Review which speaks about how you can get all the training you need to make real money.

If you have experienced share your experience and comments in the section below.

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