Failing College Class? Top 10 Solutions

Is there that one course that you just can’t seem to wrap your head around. You may be in your latter years and the courses get a bit more technical. There are many students who are in college but are failing miserably.

Is it that the education system is so rigorous that it cannot be managed? Or is it that students are not spending time in studying so that they can matriculate in the prescribed courses?

You may be half way through the semester, but there is still hope. A few weeks before my final examination. I was saying to myself “Nichole you have 6 weeks left in the semester to save yourself. the embarrassment, money and waste of time to do over a course that is rigorous.”

I was not doing so well in. I am giving you some of the options that I took in order to improve my grades. It was sort of a crash course situation in the six weeks that were left, but I did all the assignments and got help in preparation for the final examination. So here goes;

Form a Study Group


You can have your study group online via Skype or other tools. Depending on the class content you may want to meet physically. Nothing beats learning from your own classmates. With forming a study group, this can help you to learn faster and improve your socialization and collaboration skills.

You can gain new perspectives on questions and solve course problems effectively. This can also limit your habit of procrastination because the group will meet and you may need to present your information or a worksheet that the group should have been working on. Studying by yourself is good as well, so find time to review that which you went through with the group.

Remember not to waste time talking about personal issues or cracking jokes about non-related issues. Choose persons to be apart of the group who are knowledgeable and focused.

Talk to Your Lecturer


Some lecturers are really approachable and you can talk to him or her. Let them know you may be struggling in the class and areas that you are weak in. You may even have failed a paper. Make an office visit and sit for a few minutes to discuss how you can redeem yourself. You may just get a chance to redo that paper or be provided with a make up bonus paper just to help your grades.

Do not be afraid to express yourself. There is no time to waste. You do not need to spend more years than your degree or course requires for simple issues such as these that can be amended. Be sincere.

Other persons in the class may be struggling and not saying anything. The lecturer may address the issues with the class and help other students. Some teachers even provide after school tutoring just to help you succeed. The personality of your teacher you may not favor but still try. You are paying for your education.

Learn From The Internet


If you find it hard to learn in class and just do not understand how the teacher explains concepts, you can try the internet. The world is full of information. You may not have a textbook, but you can still survive once you have the net. Some things that you can do are to listen videos on YouTube that explains the theories that you may have on you own. Learn a new language, use it for your research papers, get textbook information and all other class-related assignments.

Remember not to plagarize.

Talk To Your Adviser


It is a good thing to visit your adviser. Advisers usually help you in course selection and give guidance on course related issues. It could be that you discover that you were doing a  third-year class in your second year by mistake.

This may even be the reason why you are not able to understand the content. You may just need to drop the class and pick it up in another term. However dropping a class can reflect on your transcript that you dropped it while failing.

This actually happened to me. Doing a third-year course in my second year and I would only be refunded 50% of my money if I dropped it. I was amazed when I saw my “A” at the end of the semester. Sometimes but not every time the courses I struggle with most prove to give me the best grades.

Believe me there is no limit to what the brain can do. If you want to survive you will find ways to overcome.

Prioritize Your Work


Please do not leave your school work at the bottom of your to do list. It is best to tackle the hardest task at the start of the day than to leave it last when you are tired at the end. There will always be time to go out and party, watch movies and do all the things that is there to be done in the world.

Work before pleasure. Each day you can create a list of the things that you have to get done and put out great effort into completing them. It is said that some of the most successful people in the world are those who are organized and learn how to manage their time wisely.

I know you may even love to multitask but focus some time on that problematic subject and it only. Put reminders on your gadgets and keep the ball rolling. A few weeks of school work will not kill you. Let this be about you and what you want.

Get A Tutor’s Help

Spend time studying your area of weakness. This was one of the first solutions that I came up with that I believe would be the best thing to improve my grades. I was doing a course and I did not not a fly about Stats. I was not even a fan of doing mathematics so I could not see my way out.

Some tutoring will come at a cost. You can have a personal tutor by yourself or you can do it as a group. Whichever you believe will make you learn better or can afford.

Maybe you lecturer will see you efforts and the improvements in your grades and be a little lenient. This tells how interested you are in your work. I was glad I did that. It was better to pay a few extra dollars to someone that have to pay thousands of dollars just to do over a course.

Pay Attention

At the beginning of the term I use to find myself sleeping in class and not being too focused. I advise you to pay attention in class. Make an effort to be present at all classes as well. Missing a class will be missing out on vital information. Sometimes during class sessions there are opportunities for you to ask questions and have the teacher clarify concepts that you do not understand.

Whilst gadgets can be used everywhere. Do not let this take the time that is assigned for class session. Some colleges have a no cell phone policy when it comes to being in class. You can always chit chat with friends and respond to those social media messages after the session. If you are not careful these will rob you of your time. Take notes in class as this is a key factor to helping you remember what you have learnt.

Be a Teacher and Teach Yourself


There is nothing that is impossible. I have tried this strategy and it has help me to remember concepts and sequence of how things work. Take for example you have to know the process of how the digestive system works or how to do an equation step by step. All you need to do is get a couple charts and a black or white board. Take note of how kindergarten students learn. In their classrooms, there are many charts reminding them of the days of the week or how to count.

Have your math formula or biology diagrams that you need. You can purchase some depending on the area of study or drawn your own and place in your room. Repetition is the art of learning. Sometimes  I would teach the teddies that are on my bed.

Get Enough Rest


You need to work with your schedule. Don’t stress yourself too much about the situation. More work and less worrying. If you want to be alert during the day just give yourself at least 7 hours of sleep in the night. Sleeping improves memory and helps you to retain that which you have learnt.

Sleeping will boost you creativity, performance and help your problem-solving skills. Sleep deprivation impairs your ability to learn. Keep in good health, get your rest at night and don’t be the edgy one who easily gets irritated during the day, that people find it unpleasant being around you.

Never Give Up


It may feel as though you cannot go any further and that you are on your last but never give up. A little gem that I learnt while growing up was “Don’t say you can’t before you try, try and see what you can do. And if at first you don’t succeed, try and try and try again.”

Be realistic but do not limit yourself. Look back on your achievements. In the past, you may have achieved many awards or achievements in high school. It is evident that high school is easier than college, but you are given what a person at your age is expected to manage. If you could have done it then you definitely can overcome now.

Nothing happens over night so you will ned to put in some extra effort. Assess the grades that you now have for course work and see if there are areas that you may have lost some marks due to oversight on the lecture part. If you need not query don’t do so. I have seen friends query and end up losing more marks. Work smarter by taking advantage of these easy methods.

I end leaving you with this thought.” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

I hope that you have found this blog soon enough and that it is not too late to be resilient. Good luck on completing your class.

You may leave your comments below as I am eager to hear how the prescribed strategies went.


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