Earn Money Online From Jamaica

We have heard that the internet is booming with ways how to make money online. But then the question is, can I make money online while living in Jamaica and how is this possible?

Yes, you definitely can make money online living in Jamaica. It is not so much a matter of if it is possible but the challenge that some Jamaicans experience is getting that money paid to them.

Hi am Nichole and I have been an online entrepreneur for over four years and I do live in Jamaica. The island that is! 

I have been working online since I was in college and I still do. You can check out my About Nichole page over on my main website.

Today I will be sharing with you how you can earn money online from Jamaica, a list of opportunities and how you can get paid whilst doing so.

Earning Online

The concept of earning money online is nothing new. People have been doing this for decades. Jamaica is at the place where it is developing and as is expected people are not making the world and new technologies leave them behind.

It has been featured on many TV programs and even in the papers how people are buying into online business and marketing their local businesses in Jamaica. 

There are many Jamaicans who do it but not on such a wide scale as many would prefer having the traditional job that they would go to.

Some have not ventured into this area due to insecurities about the safeness of using online methods and being scammed.

Still, some take the risk and once it is a legitimate business they may tell you it is more than worth the try.

There are lots of opportunities that exist. But first, let me tell you what you will need.

What You Will Need

  1. First, you need to have an open mind to earning money online. One’s mindset has a lot to do with whether or not he or she will make it in this venture. A person has to be willing to take a calculated risk and do what it takes. It is no bed of roses and there are competitors out there in the online world as well. Determination to beat the odds is a must.
  2. Next, you need to be a part of the right program and choosing rightly what works for you. Not all that glitters is gold. There are many programs that work but they are restricted to specific areas. Take for example a program that is not available to persons outside the US.
  3. You need a functional laptop or desktop.
  4. You need to have internet access at all times.
  5. You will need to have a Visa or Master card.
  6. Have a journal to keep track of all your online accounts and passwords.
  7. A portfolio to keep all online work related important documents.

Potential Opportunities

The listing of job opportunities is wide. 

  • Telephone operator 
  • Transcription
  • Blogging
  • Taking surveys 
  • Freelancing
  • Web designing
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Translation- Language services 
  • Website Testing
  • Affiliate Marketing 

and the list could go on and on and on and on and on and on…………These all can be done from the comfort of your home.

My Story

There are many things that I have done and still do personally online over the years.

You name it. From doing transcription on Fiverr, taking surveys, doing PPC (Paid Per Click) and even testing websites.  

If I should give a recommendation on where to start MY #1 RECOMMENDATION would be at Wealthy Affiliate. Here I have received all the training needed to understand what the online world in earning money entails.

It is the best thing that I have come across and it has taught me enough to enjoy the life I’ve always wanted.

You can check out my program review on the product. 

Some Methods of Payment

This is the part that can get tricky. Work without pay can really cramp your efforts. Based on the selected work option, companies will inform you of what they use and how they make payments. Some payment options that I have used include:

  • Payoneer account
  • PayPal account
  • Payza account
  • Wire transfers-Scotia Bank US account


Many companies will use Paypal. This is an online payment system that allows one to send and receive money.

One has to have a US account to get their money. If you have a US account with Scotia you will be able to get your money out with them.

The only other option to get your money out would be to request a cheque that will come at a cost of $5.

They will send you the money through the mail. It will take three weeks to reach Jamaica and then another 2 months in the bank when it is lodged. 

Another option is if you have a trusted relative living in the US you could send your money to his or her PayPal account.

That relative would then send you the funds through Western Union, MoneyGram, bank wire or another preferred medium. This would make the process faster than waiting around 3 months for your money.


This is a virtual bank meaning that it is only online. It is free to set up an account.

The account comes with a master card that you will be able to use and withdraw your cash from any ATM in Jamaica.

You will get a Bank of America routing account number however PayPal does not accept this bank number as it isn’t a physical bank.

There is a charge for every withdrawal at ATMs.


This is very similar to PayPal. The payment with them is very easy. They will send you the funds to your local Jamaican bank account as long as you have a visa or master card.

There do have small charges for transfers though. They charge 2.50% of the amount you are withdrawing to put in your bank account.

These payment given are all options that I have used. There are other payment options out there but as said it is dependent on the job you are doing and what they use.


I hope that you have found the information to be useful and you are at a better place in understanding what it means to make money online and moving forward.

If you are interested in earning money online from where you live in Jamaica, you can get started today with $0

Do share your questions and comments below as I look forward to aiding you.



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