DotComSecrets Coaching Program Review: Does it Work?

Product Name: DotComSecrets Coaching
Price: free book (catch), $47/37 Per month + Upsells
Owner: Russell Brunson
Overall Ranking: 30  out of 100 

Getting paying leads or traffic to one’s website can prove a challenge to many affiliate marketers. Here is a program that claims it is able to help marketers send loads of leads to their site by following their strategies.

Conversion problem will be better fixed when these principles are implemented the owner claims.  Let’s see if they actually work and prove to be a legitimate program. This review will be giving you adequate information so you can decide if this program is for you.

About DotComSecrets Coaching

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DotComSecrets teach persons how they can market their products online and increase sales. Products such as books, training courses, software, and webinars are the key areas of focus.

Owner and CEO is Russell Brunson from Boise, Idaho USA and a graduate of Boise State University. He is an entrepreneur and has been around for about 12 years. He started out his career using click funnels and marketing automation in an effort to improve the effectiveness of his websites.

Some facts are that he has sold over a million dollars worth of his own products. Two major books namely: DotComSecret The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online and 108 Proven Split Test Winners.

These books are appropriate for intermediates in internet marketing.  Apart from this coaching company that he is running, he has a supplement and software company as well.

He is well established and known as an affiliate marketer having business partnerships with Robert Kiyosaki as he shares strategies that he has used to grow his business successfully.

So yes! he has a good reputation so far and is making money but let’s see if DotComSecrets is a genuine product of his.

Pro’s and Con’s of DotComSecrets Coaching


  1. Most of the information can be found for free online with a little research.
  2. Training has some useful information
  3. Helpful for persons who already have a website and is succeeding online
  4. Advanced and intermediate training.


  1. Not newbie friendly
  2. Lots of spam email after accepting his trial offer.
  3. Frequent changing of the price for some of his products and membership.
  4. You have to pay for shipping to receive his free book.
  5. Can get stuck- no clear step by step guidelines
  6. Upsells are being offered for his other products after signup.
  7. Can cost more than one plans on spending. $300+ monthly

Who is DotComSecrets Coaching for?

DotComSecrets is for persons who intend on selling their products online. It is more suitable for persons who already have an online business. The tips provided are useful for enhancing and making a business profitable.

It is not newbie friendly or for someone who is just starting out online. If you are just starting out online, My #1 Recommended Program will better help you in starting out.

DotComSecrets also have a paid membership group for those persons who are making $50,000 a year and more from their online businesses. These likeminded and successful experts share ideas and knowledge with each other to increase their earning potential.

Training and Tools Overview

Training comes in the forms of books, software, and video webinars. The two books he has written are the main training to scale a business. The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online and 108 Proven Split Test Winners.  There is an introduction to lots of sales funnel templates, using email and sales letters.

Throughout the book, he promotes readers into buying his upsell products. He recommends this for newbies but I would not say it is well suited as beginners need examples and samples of how his strategies can be applied to various businesses.

There are no step-by-step guidelines. Beginners also need to know the basics of affiliate and internet marketing and ways to go about making money online.

Reading the book is one thing. The implementation process, on the other hand, can turn out very challenging for newbies. The technical side of things is not fully explained in step by step language.

Russell webinars and training has some good information but not all is beneficial or useful in his videos. As I said, with a little research some of what he is offering can be found for free or at a lower cost online.

Some things included in the training:

  • How to face your business and attract new businesses.
  • Participate in email marketing and analyze website behavior to give customers what they want.
  • Creating your 0nline personas
  • Scripts and templates that the author has used himself.
  • Learn how to get sale and traffic to a website.
  • Carry out split tests- tailor website to attract paying visitors.
  • Find ways of building a relationship with customers and finding your target market

All these listed above are fine for someone who is intermediate and advanced in online businesses. Before one reaches these aspects one will need a website setup and DotComSecrets does not teach one how to start from the bottom up.

Just to let you know that in the training you will need to purchase:

GVO- helps you to create a website on their platform and provide hosting (Russell Brunson is a co-owner)

Pure Leverage-  This is an autoresponder that will allow you automatically generate a set message to email addresses. (Russell Brunson is a co-owner and Joel Therien is the founder)

Solo Ads- Advertisement in paying persons to view your website and make an impression.

To actually get this he offers upsells which will actually suck you dry before you ever see a dollar. Notice he is co-owner. Putting all the money in his pocket. I will share more about these tools below.

Wealthy Affiliate provides beginners, intermediates, and advanced training and is a better place that I would recommend for a person who is new to starting a business online. All the training one needs is given in step by step baby formula. It is also a great place for those who are well advanced.


There is a DotComsecrte support staff however it is very poor. They take decades to respond to a query. DotComSecrets promote using their Facebook group to receive help with questions and to get tips from other members.

They have an online community but as I said it if for those who are making $50,000 a year and more. One has to pay to be apart of this group.

To get help, I would recommend that a member liaise on with the sponsor they sign up with, or try to be apart of the paid experts group to get any quality help.

What does it Cost to be a Member?

This is where things get tricky and you really see that the program is not as useful as it seems to be. Forget about his reputation and think clearly about what I will be sharing about the cost.

$0 Offer

To subscribe and get started. Recieve Russell free book, however, one will have to cover the shipping cost which is  $6-7. Providing an email will allow him to keep sending you promotional offers on other product that will come at a cost.

If you were not offered his book for free you will have to purchase it. The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Kindle version: $8.69 or Paperback $12.65.

$1 Offer

You can try the monthly membership for 5 days. After the 5 days, there will be a recurring $47 monthly charge.

Skip $1 Offer

You will then pay $37 per month. Remember that the regular membership can change at any time.

Training Upsells

  • Russell Bunson has his own autoresponder called “Pure Leverage”. You have to accept his autoresponder or you cannot move on to any other training. His autoresponder comes at a cost of $24.50 and to be an affiliate of this is another $29.90.  Total = $54. 40
  • Solo ads weekly is a form of advertisements to get persons to click or view your site. 100 clicks are for $50-$110. There are four weeks in the month and less calculate it at $50. Total = $200 per month
  • To build a website and receive hosting has to be done using GVO. This comes at a cost of $9.97 per month. If you don’t join GVO you will have to learn how to create a website and host on your own.

Overall Cost per month

DCS membership Fee           $47

Pure Leverage fee                  $54.40

Solo Ads (4 weeks)                $200

GVO hosting                           $9.97

Total                                         $311.37  per month

My Final Say

You can now decide if the program is a scam. Russell is very sneaky in not stating the actual cost upfront. You will find out when reaching close to the end of his training that you will need to accept his solo ads, autoresponder and platform to actually build your website.

It is surely not worth the cost in my estimating. By buying into the various products that DotComSecrets offers, you will be paying more than the $47 per month. I must add that not everything he recommended works. It may not work for some people at all.

It may work for those who are already making money online if they are able to pick out the useful information and apply it. Think of it…. If he claims the program is to enhance a business you already have online, why would you need his autoresponder, his solo ads and to build a new website. Most successful businesses would have that already.

Then again if he is recommending it for newbies, the things discussed in his training are not newbie friendly. There is no guarantee that you will make money with his strategies. I would not recommend this program for beginners who want to make money online. Below I have made a comparison of My #1 Recommended Program and that of DotComSecrets Coaching.

Do leave your questions and comments in the box below.



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