Digital Profit Course: Another Great Review

Product Name: Digital Profit Course
Price: $5500 Rs.
Owner: Jyoti Ludhwani
Overall Ranking: 4 out of 100

While browsing online, my eye caught a duplication of a website layout I have seen before. It was that of Digital Profit Course imitating the original Wealthy Affiliate University.

You may have come across an online course that offers training on how to make money online before. Today we will be taking a look at the copycat Digital Profit Course and what it advertises.

Introduction About Digital Profit Course

This is an Indian site that offers the opportunity to work from home. It claims that once you accept the offer you will begin to make Rs. $6,302 per day. It is more of an investment where you pay them a one-time payment and they will teach you for three months how to make money online.

What they have is an e-learning system in place to teach digital marketing. It came about sometime in 2014 as compared to the brand Wealthy Affiliate that was started in 2005.

The owners have anonymous backgrounds and do not tell the public exactly who they are. The site addressed was registered at 6 Court Rd Delhi Dl 110054 India under the name Jyoti Ludhwani.

Is this the person behind the site? There is no certainty. Why would someone be the author of a product and don’t want anyone to know? If it was so awesome and genuine a product, anyone would want to be recognized and appreciated for their work.

Once you begin training you will know the name of the person who will be your trainer. Then again, are the names listed their true names?

Pro’s and Con’s of Digital Profit Course


  1. Basic information
  2. Low fee


  1. No free trial
  2. Many complaints
  3. No refund as claimed
  4. Duplicated website design
  5. 3 months to learn everything (unrealistic)
  6. They request to have your phone number and other personal information

How Does It Work?

Old Method

You sign up online with a password and email. They would call your cell and conduct a ten minutes interview with you before you are accepted. They would ask questions such as:

  • Do you have a credit or debit card?
  • Have you worked online before?
  • Have you ever made payments online?
  • Do you know how to build a website?

After this, they will tell you whether you are accepted which you likely will be. You will then pay them the fee Rs. $5500 and a starter kit of information (DVD, Pamphlets) will be sent to your home through the mail.

New Method

You sign up just the same and do an interview. After the interview, you pay the money online and is assigned a trainer in a classroom with other students. From there you will be trained for three months in the form of module classes on building a website to earn money.

Who is Digital Profit Course for?

It was made in mind to target the Indian population however they have made it accessible to other countries now. It used to be a home packaged DVD and pamphlets delivery. Now online lecturers reach a wider spectrum. It is for people who want to learn the basics of affiliate and internet marketing. It is also for people who are willing to risk it losing their money to a scam such as this.

Red Flags

  • A copied site of the brand layout of Wealthy Affiliate University.
  • The website does not provide any skills that are required and the process of how you will take the money.
  • You have to pay before they tell you how you will make money with them.
  • No information about the owner or team is provided.
  • You are required to give your phone number.
  • Fake testimonials and statistics numbers on the site.
  • The live chat is actually not live.
  • They are advertising the course as an academic course where they give certification and people can use it to get jobs.
  • Many complaints on various complaints boards.

Similarities to Wealthy Affiliate University

  • Website layout exactly the same
  • The steps to earn and learn online exactly the same
  • Images used are the same
  • The written information on the site is the same.

Fake Statistics

Another striking thing on the site is fake updates and numbers. If you should refresh the homepage you will not see those number change. This can be compared to the live and real-time data that keeps coming in on WA.

I also realize on the homepage that they have 16,080,941 members on their site which is proven to be a lie. WA has been around from 2005 and they only have 1,400,00 members as to Digital Profit Course starting in 2014. There is no way this is possible.

We also see that the testimonials are just a bunch of made-up names with experiences. Well, it is up to the viewer to believe these testimonials but I don’t trust them for a second.

Too Many Complaints

As was mentioned earlier, there are endless amounts of complaints online. Below I have shared a few that you may find interesting. Be sure to have a look as this will help you in determining if it is worth the worries.

There are so many on no refund and that the support is poor. I have been digging around and I have made it easier for you in providing the two top compliant boards that have their reviews. Namely: Mouthshut Complains and Consumer Complaints. I have also run a scam adviser trust rate and review of the site and they got a 30% out of 100.


They claim they provide a live chat option that persons can send their messages but what you will get is automated messages responding trying to lure you in buying into the program. You can also try emails and direct calls but as can be seen from the complaints these have been unsuccessful.

Members keep complaining of not receiving the course content material that they promise to send and would try to get them on Facebook and Linkedin for which they have accounts.

When it comes to getting a refund, support is non-existent. Do not look for a refund once you have made payment. Your money will be gone forever.

What does it Cost to be a Member?

One has to sign up for a 3mths membership which will come at a cost of $5500 Rs. (Rupees) This is a one-time payment. I find that this cost is pricey to many of the people who are living in India even though it is $80 US Dollars. As you know, there is currency and economic differences.

The price originally started at $4400 then $4980 now $5500 and I really don’t see anything that they have been doing to help those who are having challenges. Neither is there any real valuable training as it is basic information that you can research.

My Final Say

With online training you will have some amount of credibility when you are able to contact the owners and know who they are but as we see he or she remains anonymous in a sense. You don’t want to put your money where uncertainty lies.

The site proves to be fake in duplicating another online marketing course (WA) and this is a major red flag. The complaints are overwhelming and there is no transparency. I do believe that copying someone else’s website has already set them out with a bad reputation and that you should be careful to anticipate some disappointments.

Below I have made a comparison chart with Digital Profit Course and that of the original site Wealthy Affiliate University. If you have any questions or comments share them below as I am here to help.



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