Decorate Your Dorm Room Online-Fun Ideas

Considering that your room will be your space for the next three to four years, might as well you make it attractive and comfy as can be. Some like a homey look while others stick to a more office with a bed look.  

Many of us are used to the traditional form of decorating dorm rooms. We go out and buy all the things needed and its a semester of trial and error until we settle with a design that we like. Well, technology has brought college students something new to the table. Decorating your dorm room can be done in an easy and timely manner.

I will be highlighting some of the best online methods that any college student can use to create the perfect dorm layout that he or she wishes. Here I have shared with you the top 4 places that you can create a superb vision of how you would want your room to look. 

 1. Design Your Dorm

This site was created in 2009 by Bryce Wildelitz. They are located in Los Angeles California United States. This site uses a 3-D creator that allows students to customize how their interiors will look. It also comes with a feature that allows roommates to collaborate on the design online.

The site offers so much more by providing students with checklists, and other basic items that many college students would need. The tool they provide is very simple and easy to use.

Students have the ability to purchase their dorm room selections and items for their room online and have it sent directly to their college campus. 

2. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn provides an interactive tool that allows students to create their own plan of how they want their rooms to look. They can mix and match as much as they like until they get their desired look. 

Pottery Barn gives lots of information about their products, videos, and articles on how to best decorate. They also provide templates that are easy to customize. 

All purchase can be done online easily from their site. The site not only caters to the dorm but also to regular homes, apartments and even on campus lounges. They offer a wide range of other services and items on their site for kids and babies as well. 

3. Living Spaces

Living Spaces have a room designer tool that is easy to use and gives you additional leverage to style as you please. If you want to get some good deals you can have a look in their clearance section. There tends to be a lot of discounts going on there. 

They have articles in guiding their users to create awesome designs that suit their taste. They give a lot of how-to or DIY ideas. They even give their customers financing options to take items in partial payments. You can get up to 18 months to repay without interest once paid on time. 

You can find all you need for your dorm with Living Spaces. You get not only room ideas but ideas for every area of a home. Their designer tool is pretty good as well. With them tracking your delivery until it gets to your door is a breeze. 

4. Dormify

At Dormify, you have the ability to design your dream room. If you wish to decorate your room yourself you can get all the items you need on their site and style as you please. They sell all you need for bedding, wall, storage, bath, etc.

You are given a “Style Quiz” on their site that allows you to choose some styles and color preferences. Based on your choices you will be shown a set of room styles that fits the choices you have made.

They also have an app that you can use. If you want you could also run your ideas through their professional designers through chats, email, and much more. I must tell you to look out for their discounts and coupons as they normally have deals and you can get up to 25% off on your purchases. 


If you love playing house then you will have a great time customizing your room. The sites are pretty much straight forward and easy to navigate in finding what you want.

I hope that whichever tool you decide on using that you will get the dream room that you have in mind. Be creative and don’t be afraid to test them out. You will feel good knowing that you can take charge of your own space.

If you have any questions or comments you are free to share them below. 



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