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The central theme of having a website is to have one that is content based. Content tells that you are interested in giving valued information to your readers. The basis for your readers to make informed decisions. I believe that everyone has a talent in some form. You may not be the best of writers but, believe it, there are people out there who are just waiting for you to share your knowledge, which will be of benefit to them. Here I will be sharing the top 5 things to bear in mind when and before writing content. These are:

  1. Doing your Research
  2. Utilizing stories, and Experiences
  3. Staying Healthy
  4. Maintain Social Interactions
  5. Making use of Writing Tools

but first:

Don’t be Scared

Scared of writing

Many individuals are scared when it comes to writing a blog or a post. Writing is as easy as it will get. You want to be relaxed and write naturally. Writing what you are knowledgeable about or your experiences, is the best way to get typing. You do not need to be a pro in the English language or writing papers. It is just being yourself and allowing the creative mind that your have to fully germinate.


#1 Doing your Research

It is of utmost importance that before you can write content within a blog, article or post, that you are familiar or know about the area in which you are going to write. Writing a blog is way different from writing a research paper in school. It is more like doing a short essay on one of your favorite topics. So once you come up with a topic on what it is that you want to write about, here are five key pointers that you will want to keep in mind.

  • Choose a topic that is relating to the theme of your blog or website. Example-blog: Caring for Animals, topic: How to give a Dog a Bath.
  • Start putting down by typing what you already know about the topic.
  • Find information about/on the topic through- The internet, journals, magazines, books, social networks ( Facebook, twitter etc.) “Surfing the Net is the best option.”
  • You can make a brief outline of the direction in which your content is geared. “Headings and subheadings”
  • Add new ideas or inspirations to what you already know in creating your content. (Do not plagiarize other people’s work. This will not allow Google to give you ranking.)
  • Lastly, you want to read over your work and make corrections like grammar, spelling errors, punctuation and repetitions where needed before publishing.
  • This is the best that you will get your blogs at if you try out these pointers.

#2 Utilizing Stories, and Experiences

Once again the opportunity to be yourself presents itself. This is one of the areas in writing which allows one to be more personal in relating or bringing across a point to readers. Stories are events that people love to hear, this is a part of our daily lives as we share past experiences with our friends and colleagues.

In sharing a story in your content, you do not want to overly use these especially if the stories are not things that you yourself have experienced. You also want to ensure that whatever experiences shared in your content is relevant to the topic or message that you are initially trying to convey. Make experiences short and spicy while “driving the nail home.”

Stories help the reader to be more in tuned or connected per say to whatever it is that you are saying.

# 3 Staying Healthy

When putting your ideas out there you want to ensure that it is quality. I want to remind you of the eight principles or laws of health that I have summarized into 4 main categories that always work and allowed me to be mentally ready and prepared to creating and producing the quality content that is seen here.

  1. Getting enough sleep and being temperate
  2. Getting fresh air, sunshine and exercising.
  3. Having balanced nutrition and drinking plenty water
  4. Trust in divine power.


All these principles go hand in hand. Take for example after getting seven hours of good nights rest, drinking a glass of water, taking a 30 min jogging or some form of exercise, while getting some nice sunshine and fresh air on the outdoors, then feasting on a nice fruit salad or a balanced breakfast. This would be a pretty nice way to wake up and invigorate all the cells in your body, especially the brain cells to be open and prepared for the 5 hours or so you will be using to write your articles for the day.

You can receive further insights on these principles at It is important that these principles are adhered to so that you do not feel too drained or overwhelmed. The principle of temperance plays a very important role in this aspect. These habits followed will provide a healthy lifestyle and make one a more well-rounded individual. There is one thing that what not a part of the above mentioned that I would like to emphasize on and that is Social Interactions.

#4 Social Interactions

Each day there is a need for new inspiration to writing out content for you articles or blog posts. To maintain the flow of ideas on a regular basis than feeling stuck and not knowing what to write about, maintaining a level of sociable is ideal. Sitting at home will definitely not cut it.These mediums have a way of sparking ideas at times. Watching a simple commercial on the television can just be the theme of writing content for your blog. You are simply learning from your surroundings.

We want to use all the possible social mediums to generate ideas and influence your writing. These are some examples:

  • Watching the television

  • Talking with neighbors/friends






  • Taking a walk or drive out to the park or social settings

  •                Listening to music

#5 Making use of Writing Tools

Wealthy Affiliate provides a great platform on which writing is made easy. With the use WordPress there are the options to add images, underline, bold, italics, and all the other common features that an ordinary platform could give. However, there are extraordinary features that are second to none. When I use to take hours to write and edit my blog for posting WordPress has been the solution in getting my blogs ready for posting in less time.

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Feel free to ask questions or leave me a comment below, as I will be more than willing to provide you with assistance.


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