Colleges Allowing Students To Nap At School

What do you think about the idea of getting a sleeping hour at school? Reminds you of pre-school or kindergarten right!

Back in the days growing up in a higher school system, whenever the teacher catches anyone sleeping they would be asked to go take a walk outside, stand for some time, or get knocked with the board duster over the head.

After all, it is considered disrespectful to sleep in a teacher’s session. It shows that you are just not serious about learning or something is totally off. 

Well in this century, colleges have been offering students the privilege to take peaceful naps in specially designed napping stations. No longer do students have to consider places on campus to sleep as the school now accommodates such conveniences. 

So the word is out, universities have acted on students’ opinions for this type of feature added to campuses and here it is.

Why Provide Nap Stations?

College students are some of the most stressed and overworked individuals that exist. This being because of the high academic obligations and the heavy external work-load that many of them carry.  

Students often suffer from burn out and are sleep deprived. They look for ways to get enough sleep amidst the pile of things they have to do.

The National Sleep Foundation statistics reveal that “taking short naps which lasts between 20-30 minutes can improve our mood, alertness, and overall performance in activities.”

I do concur with this statement. Feeling cranky at times and them taking a nap really does help you to feel much better. 

How Are Sleep Stations Set-Up?

Within a sleep station, we have what is popularly known as sleeping pods. These are specially built to give the student a relaxing and comforting posture for sleep.

The models and designs built out there are vast and many. They are designed in what is considered appropriate sleeping positions for public spaces. Sleeping pods are made to keep the feet elevated and shaped to provide comfort.

Pods are so technologically advanced that you can program them to give you soothing music and select a sleep cycle. The dome (covering on the tops) allows for added privacy.

Not every university has these sleeping pods. Many just use traditional forms of public sleeping materials to let their students rest.

These pods or beddings are strategically placed in less-trafficked areas for example a section within a library. Some colleges go as far as having them placed in rooms with dimmed lighting. 

Many colleges are already on board with having the modern sleeping pods installed on their campuses. 

Sample Model Types


More Traditional Forms


Are They Safe and What’s the Cost?

Some students worry about sleeping in a strange place intentionally and letting their guards down. The many questions they ask are: What if another student tries to steal my belongings while sleeping? what if someone tries to harm me while sleeping?

Colleges have put in place security measures to ensure the safety of their students who use these sleeping stations. A security officer normally oversees these sections. Students have lockers to place their belongings, and notices are placed at strategic points.

A student just needs to know what time they will be free and sign up to use one of the sleeping spaces as some colleges allow.

Many colleges are looking at paying between $4,000.00USD-$13,000.00USD to have modern pods on their campuses. The pods come with varying features so it all depends on the needs.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think present college students could get it any better with colleges catering to their needs in such an awesome way. 

Whether universities provided this solution or not, you would still find students sleeping in different places all over campus. 

Let me know what are your thoughts about this modern method colleges are now copying.

Share in the comments below if you have or would ever use a sleeping station with one being provided.



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