College Night Routine: Habits That Can Make or Break You

After the day is over for many college students, it is time to go home and get a breath of fresh air. Well, that is if one is not taking modular or night classes.

Some students stay on campus after hours for various reasons such a training for sports practice, rehearsal, group meeting, club meeting etc.

I hit the road running when I see 5:00 pm every evening except for Tuesday evenings when I attend Spirit Of Prophecy Club meetings.

A really great club where I get to meet my friends and engage in wonderful Bible studies, discussions and activities. Below is a description of what my schedule is like on a normal day.

5:30-6:00 pm Have Dinner

Am normally hungry when I get home so the first thing I do is to put down my bag and go looking for food. In dinner time I would watch some cartoons as I eat and have a little de-stress. I may also watch some of my favorite music videos.

When in college there is always something in the fridge to get heated. Most of the cooking goes on on a weekend. Dinner is most times light as I would have eaten a heavy lunch on campus. I try to eat first so that my food will be digested by bedtime.

I must also add that this is the time that my housemates would normally share the high points of their day and we joke and laugh about our experiences.

6:00-6:40 pm Watch Something Inspiring

It’s my style to have some me time every day. An hour when I get home does it for me. While may students are the movie type I don’t normally watch movies unless I get one to critique for an assignment and I have to watch it. Many rented rooms don’t have TV so laptops are normally our entertainment set.

I love listening to TedTalk or just watch Motivational videos on youtube. I may even watch some documentary, a business model show like SharkTank my favorite and some new discoveries in my field of study. It must be something that will add valuable knowledge.

This may seem like work but as I said the average students watch movies or Netflix to relax. College can be draining and unwinding in the evenings is very crucial in keeping me energized.

It is just the time of evening I do something that I love or enjoy. I get new Ideas for my essays or research paper sometimes.

I multitask and try to prep something for breakfast or if I plan on bringing something for lunch at the same time. The possibility lies that if I have an exam the next morning I may do a revision for the last this moment instead. I have come a long way in ensuring my work is not last minute for the past few semesters.

6:40-7:00 Prepare For The Next Day

At this time I would make my schedule for the next day. A to-do list is normally ideal.  I look at the assignments that are near due and what I should prioritize first.

I pack my bag for the next day and ensure all that I would need is in there. I charge my laptop beside it and take it off charge just before I sleep.

Instead of hurrying in the morning and leaving things at home or getting locked out of my room, packing my bag is a must. Not packing my bag causes me to be late at times and so I schedule a time to get this done.

I also give my room a quick sweep and at this time every evening even when nothing much is there to be swept.

7:00-7:30 pm Get Ready For Bed

This is the time I put on some instrumental music to help me sooth my brain. In winding down for bed I first hit the shower and have myself a nice bath.

I really spend more than the average time in the shower this time allowing the shower to beat out some tiredness. I brush my teeth and floss.

When I get out of the bathroom I would get dressed in my PJs. I jump in bed as it is my favorite place to be at this time. I make myself cozy and have a little chat with my family, boyfriend or those I care about for a few minutes. Get a few updates on life beyond college doors.

7:30-8:00 pm Have Devotion

The last thing I do before resorting to bed is to have my personal devotion. I would just meditate for some time, read some scriptures, and pray.

I sometimes journal my payers. Another I would do is to evaluate how my day went. I would write down in bullet points two things that went well in my day and two things that I can improve next time.

8:00-2:50 am Sleep

Sleep time is 8pm-2:50 am. I go say goodnight to everyone that is still awake. I am the only person that goes to bed this early at my house. I put my phone in silent mode as to get undisturbed sleep.

So as you can see the amount of sleep that I get in a night. Falling asleep happens like clockwork and is no trouble for the most part. Getting enough sleep allows me to be energized in the day and work at my best.

If you have a challenge sleeping at nights check out how you can get enough sleep in college at nights. There are various strategies I use if for some reason I can’t fall asleep. One such is getting up and writing down whatever is on my mind on paper.

Final Thought

When I use to work and study I would start my assignments at 6:30 pm and would not finish at 10 pm. I only got 5 hours of sleep per night and would sleep a lot in my classes. My entire schedule was different.

You can read about my early morning routine before school, daily routine habits at school, or weekend routine and how they actually work for me.

What are some key things you do in your college night routine? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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