College Daily Routine: Habits That Can Make or Break You

The college schedule can seem to be very crazy to many students. This is due to the fact there are lots of things that are happening in one day.

Students have to keep abreast with what they plan to accomplish each day, what to do and where to go so they don’t find themselves sitting under a gazebo or on the lawn for the entire free period.

Here I am sharing with you what happens on an average day while being on campus.

9:30-12:20 Attend Classes

College students attend classes based on the time that they arrange to attend when they set up a timetable. Most times only freshmen choose to attend the 8:00 am classes. Most seniors choose to go to the class during the mid-day period or afternoon.

These are the classes that I am taking for the period. I pretty much have two classes per day this semester around. On Friday I have the extra class in the mornings.

The first three are general classes that all students take and the last two are my core courses. I am taking 15 credits this semester. They all have their own style to them but let me give you a little hint on each.

  • Beginning Spanish One………Learn and speak a new language in 12 hours of classes…..requires a lot more work to pass the exam.
  • Music theory and practice…………You learn about the instruments not get to play them. Unless you have your own or want to pay extra money for the lecturer to teach you how to play.
  • Stress Management Class……………teaches you how to deal with all the good and bad life throws at you. Yes, good stress and bad stress exist.
  • Social Work Law and Policy…………You learn about how to write proposals, create policies and understand ethical procedure etc.
  • Counselling Techniques………….Master various counseling skills and techniques with clients.

12:30-1:50 pm Assignments/Study

After my two classes, I would try and get the assignment I started in the morning completed. The day is still bright and the mind not too tired to exert some energy on writing a paper. I may also use this time to meet with my colleagues to work on a class project together if they are available.

Doing assignments is not always fun. Going to the library to read a textbook or do a take-home test does require time and if I intend on getting a good grade like an “A” then this is a must.

A student that does not have any assignments to do is one that is on a holiday break or one that does not attend classes. There is always something to study for.

This time I would get to give the last read-through of my assignment before I decide to print it or upload it to the school portal. I ensure for the last that there are no grammatical errors, plagiarism etc especially if it was a group work.  I also would send emails and respond to messages in various chats am in relating to school work if needed.

It is easy to be caught up in doing assignments every day as one class can carry 15 assignments or more for the semester. There will be another 10 test to study for added to that and maybe 1 project for the class. Some lecturers believe they are the only lecturers that exist and they want their work on time.

2-3:30 pm Club Meeting/Assembly

This time at my college is known as the free period but it is not actually free. My two club meetings are held every Tuesday and Wednesdays during this time period. (Department/Academic club and Evangelism club) Going to club meetings is fun a there are planned activities to do and members hold positions.

Most persons use it as their lunchtime seeing there is no lunch period in college. This time is for going to various clubs that I am apart of. I normally carry my lunch to meetings and have it there.

Mondays and Thursdays are University Assembly days.  During this time on a mon/thu, every student in the university meet with the staff for worship service or information session at the gymnatorium. These are most times interesting as they are well planned with the students in mind.

Since most persons are free in a free period there will be a lot of group meetings around campus where classmates are planning their presentations and many happen simultaneously as this is normally the only free time at my college. Assemblies are mandatory and students can be disciplined for not attending.

3:30-5:00 pm Blogging

Once again I would spend another moment to complete working on my blog for the day. I would write and complete the remainder post in an hour as I would have worked on it an hour in the morning before.

I would spend the next 30 minutes getting some amount of training that I believe can improve my website. I also would check my emails from my fans and respond to comments. I ensure that all is going well with the statistics report and look for areas that I can improve.

5:00-5:30 pm Travel Home

Walking home is a 30 minutes walk that I do every day. I don’t live in the dorm but in a nearby neighborhood to the university. Lots of students live in my neighborhood so I have company walking quite often.

Only if it is raining or I think I will be late I would get a taxi. Walking provides a form of exercise for me as walking up a hill is much different from going down one.

Due to the amount of walking, I do at school in the day from one end of campus to another that’s why I don’t need much exercise. The campus is very hilly as well. It sure does make many students lose weight in college.

Final Thought

I do hope that from my experience you are able to get an insight on how the day of a college student actually goes. It is all about what the person prioritize to do daily. While some students sleep all day, there are those hard at work.

Take note that for students who work and study all their free time in the day would be spent at work and they would do their studying and assignments in the night.

This is very hard as I did it for some years in college. I use to work but not anymore as having an online business has produced me more rewards than the job I use to do.

You can read about my morning routine habits before school,  night routine after school or weekend routine and how they actually work for me. If you are in college do share what your daily routine is like in the box below.



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