Chris Farrell Membership Review: Read Before Joining

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Price: $4.95 first week, $37 per month, $997 mentor me program, $147 video creation, other upsells
Owner: Chris Farrell
Overall Ranking: 85 out of 100

For some reason, you have seen the Chris Farrell Membership program (CFM)  being advertised. You May have experienced the sales pitch video where Chris talks about what he is offering and how you can make money online.

Is this another get rich scheme put on by Chris himself? In this review, I will be sharing all you need to know before joining this program.

Introduction About Chris Farrell Membership

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Chris Farrell Membership is a membership website that teaches you how to start a website, drive traffic, market a product and build an email list. It is a 21 days training program that teaches you how you can make money from home provided basic step by step guidelines.

The man behind it is Chris Farrell himself. He is an internet marketer who has been around since 2008. He has a lot of experience in internet marketing and this mentorship program is just one of his creations.

He has great abilities in coaching individuals. Back in 2011 and 2012, he was awarded the best online money making coach. IMReport card.

Pro’s and Con’s of Chris Farrell Membership


  1. Low startup cost
  2. Step by step training
  3. Easy to understand.
  4. Videos come with blueprint and of quality
  5. Email campaign set up is a breeze.
  6. Available themes to build a website.


  1. Upsells exist
  2. No free trial
  3. Support could be better.
  4. Some information shared is outdated.
  5. Training time not mentioned.
  6. No advanced training.
  7. Have to accept the yearly membership to get free hosting.

Who is Chris Farrell Membership for?

This program is for newbies in online marketing and those who want to create a website to make money. CFM charges $37 monthly for beginners training, while at Wealthy Affiliate, you get a better deal and far more in their free membership offer.

Additionally, Wealthy Affiliate $47 per month premium package is able to give you what the experts get, that is advanced. A much better offer when it comes to training, tools, and support.

Training and Tools Overview

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In the CFM members area can be found the tools needed to go through his training. These are in the forms of instructional videos and blueprints.

In the training can be found training on:

  • How to create your own products
  • How to do video marketing
  • Basics of Social Bookmarking
  • How to build a website from scratch
  • How to make Wealth with WordPress
  • Article Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • How to set up email marketing Campaign
  • How to get free traffic with search engine optimization.

The training teaches how to build a one-page sales website that needs email sign-ups. An example of this is the one that Chris used to pitch his sales video. Google is not so found of these websites because they don’t have much content however, they may make you some money as Chris teaches.


CFM do have a forum where members can go to ask questions and engage in discussions. One thing in the forum I disliked was how members keep showing promotional banners or ads wanting others to make a purchase from them. I don’t think the community forum should be for that purpose.

It is also not so attractive with all questions in one placed not categorized. As  I have said before, some of his training is outdated and goes back to 2008 and some 2013.

Others are good and still usable. There are no alternatives to advance training that exist with the Chris Farrell Membership program which is a big downfall.


The support is one that is not exactly how I wished it could be. It can take some time for you to get help, up to three days the most in wait after submitting a ticket at their help desk.

They encourage members to share and discuss their questions in the forum. Not everyone in the forum has the answers as some are newbies themselves. A phone number on the site for calls is also given. This does not always work out.

What does it Cost to be a Member?

So there are two main pricing of the program. You can get it the first-week for $4.95 and then after there will be a monthly charge of $37. The other cost is the $997 mentor me program.

The yearly price is at $297. If you do not cancel after your first-week trial, you will be automatically charged the monthly price of $37. The upsell that exists is that once you become a member you will see constant advertisement encouraging you to take the video creation at a cost of $147.

This and other product offers makes it a bit difficult to navigate through the training at times. There are other promotional products that he offers which for me is a big turn off.

I must also let you know that in creating a website you will need to purchase a domain at a cost of $10 which you will revenue per year. This is not bad as everyone who has a good website have to pay for a domain name. Hosting is not free and you will need to pay for it separately if you pay the monthly membership.

My Final Say

I do recommend the CFM program. It is for beginners and not those well experienced in internet marketing. So no, it is not a get rich quick scheme and it will not make you money overnight. but it sure is legit.

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This is not for those who already know about internet marketing. Wealthy Affiliate offers both beginners and advanced training, they have the complete package for $47 per month and they also offer a free membership.

Below I have made a comparison of My #1 Recommended Program and that of Chris Farrell Membership.

Thanks for reading this review, I hope you got enough insight into what Chris Farrell is offering. Feel free to share your questions and comments in the box below as I anticipate hearing from you.


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