Change of Career Advice During Coronavirus

Considering the many job loss now might be a good time for persons to consider looking for work elsewhere. Those who are in college studying may also take another look and approach to the field that they are studying in.

Taking into consideration the effects of the Coronavirus, many will have to accept taking a pay cut or losing their jobs entirely. An individual’s 5-10-year goal may change sending them back to the drawing board.

There are college students who are graduating and will now have to face unemployment. We are mindful that not all industries or sectors have faced a hit but have still been in operation.

One such sector is health care that still operates but feels the strain as they are overworked. Some people who have been laid off from work under a contract, will not be called back, as companies are making up for the business they lost during the pandemic.

People now have to look elsewhere and outside their fields of expertise to make a living to feed their families. Some popular industries individuals are now targeting are:

  • Food Distributors
  • Major Tech Companies
  • Medical Manufacturers and Institutions
  • Public Sector

Working From Home

The statistics show us that 62% of Americans have been working from home since the Coronavirus.

While for many this is temporary, for others it is permanent. Some people have come to prefer working from home and find it more productive.

Regardless, working from home does and will eventually have its implication on the economy.

The commercial arena will suffer as the need to rent office space will go down and the real estate market will be affected.

Working from home would also result in employers tracking employees’ productivity through the usage of their computers. Many companies already have technology in place to monitor work that is being done.

You need to also evaluate how urgent getting a job is for you. You may need to take your job search online in seeking a work from home opportunity.

Do Some Reflection

Use the time you now have to focus on that which is most important to you. Ask yourself the question, will I be able to do what I have always been doing and succeed?

If not, now may be the time to start looking in another direction. Some say, only if I had saved enough money I would be at a better place or only if I had taken insurance, things would be much better.

None of this is your fault. Go easy on yourself with the blame game. Carefully consider what will be your next move and where you see yourself heading career-wise.

If you are without a job, now is a good time to start reflecting on which industry you want to get in and start networking.

Make connections, think outside the box. Companies are shifting their tactics to reach their target market. How can you be apart of that movement?

Health Risk and Your Job

Whilst health professionals are trying to come up with a vaccine for the Coronavirus, employers will need to have measures in place for public health safety.

The arrangement of office spaces may even need to be adjusted to accommodate employees with social distancing.

For now, let’s look at two main industries (hospitality and airline) that are affected and how they not only treat their customers but their employees.

Are they putting safety measures in place and are they giving back or treating employees fairly.

Keep up to date with what companies or your industry is doing to aid employees. This can be a determining factor in whether going back to your old job is a good idea.

Get used to the new arrangements that may come along with your company. Using online forums to communicate may be the order of the day for a while. That is until all that is happening reaches some level of stabilization.

Enhance Your Skillset

Many companies are now taking their services online and are looking for individuals who are able to use the computer well. They want folks who understand and can use varying software and applications.

You might be required to take some online courses to brush up on a few areas or they might just get someone new to replace you. Sad to say but reality.

We have to admit that this is the direction in which the world is heading and if many of us don’t catch on we will get left behind.

There are lots of free training programs out there that will teach you while there are those that you may have to pay for.

Now is actually a good time to re-evaluate your skillset. After all, the saying goes, “Learning never ends.”

One way to get out of this rat race is to create a stream of income for yourself by having an online business. With this, you will have better control of your income.


There are many lessons learned from this coronavirus. Not laying all your eggs in one basket but having multiple streams of income will surely offset many unforeseen challenges. You may learn also that no job is secure.

Finding work that is meaningful, inspires creativity, and that one can feel happy doing is a must. Hence, transitioning for many to do something in an industry which they are not familiar, will call for a learning curve in which they will need to adapt.

The name of the game when it comes to finding a job at this time is called PATIENCE. Searching and going through the application process will take a little while. There are so many things that we don’t have any control over in this crisis.

Furthermore, the best thing to do is to focus on working on and developing yourself to better meet the world when all the dust has settled.



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