College Weekend Routine: Habits That Can Make or Break You

Before I start telling you about my weekend routine most college students don’t have a routine as they go normally unplanned. Am just a part of the few minority that plans most of what I do. College weekends are normally Saturdays and Sundays however for many the so-called free time actually starts from Friday. You have heard it before that there is nothing such … [Read more…]

Is My Lead System PRO A Scam?

Product Name: My Lead System PRO Website: Price:  $19.97 discount, $49.97 per month basic, $149.97 per month standard, $1499.97 per year+upsells Owners: CEO–Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and President-Todd Schlomer Overall Ranking: 15 out of 100  For some reason, you have been introduced to the My Lead System Pro on the internet. You are wondering what it … [Read more…]

DotComSecrets Coaching Program Review: Does it Work?

Product Name: DotComSecrets Coaching Website: Price: free book (catch), $47/37 Per month + Upsells Owner: Russell Brunson Overall Ranking: 30  out of 100  Getting paying leads or traffic to one’s website can prove a challenge to many affiliate marketers. Here is a program that claims it is able to help marketers send loads of leads to their site … [Read more…]