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So it is that time again when you want to be more organized by having a planner. Whether it is that you are going to start blogging or you are an expert, one need to stay organized to get most work accomplished.

You may have found yourself looking around the internet to see where you can find a free printable that suits you. 

In the past year, I have used bits and pieces from various planners that I have seen. As for me I have been searching for one myself and could not find one that fits absolutely perfect. For this season, I have created my very own that I believe suits me.

Take note that you may want to print calendars matching the year you desire for some planners.  

However here I will be giving you the top 7 best versions that I  have come across and I believe you will be able to utilize or even get ideas to create one of your own.

In no particular order, I have listed them below. In the end, you will find my very own that you can actually download and use Totally Free.


1. Homeschool Creations

Over at Homeschool Creations, Jolanthe helps you to keep on your P’s and Q’s as to meeting your deadlines and weekly objectives.

You get the whole packing for keeping your passwords for sites and keeping on schedule with your posts. There is much more that she has to offer if you wish to use her theme.


2. Organizing Home Life

Ginny over at Organizing Home Life offers a planner in which you will find monthly, and weekly post plans. Additional sheets to keep you abreast with the statistics, social value, sponsors, goals, finances, and notes that you will need.


3. Confessions of a Homeschooler

Erica at Confession of a Homeschooler shares a colorful and friendly planner that brightens your mood into a happy one. You are able to view a weekly calendar and take monthly notes. It is customizable and you can print as you desire.


4. Living Well Spending Less 

Ruth from Living Well Spending Less gives you the privilege of using pages that will afford you in seeing your year at a glance goal, monthly stats tracker, expense tracker, and additional pages to put down your notes. There are a whole lot of other things included.

5. Three Little Monkey Studio

Gretchen at Three Little Monkeys Studio provides simple yet detailed planner pages. It is nice, clean and easy to use. As your ideas come flowing, this planner keeps you on target with your weekly planning for your posts.


6. Designer Blogs Studio 


The Ultimate Blog Planner  kit provides a uniques customized planner. I think it is rather elegant and elite. Erin shares the multifaceted features that it has and I must say that it is definitely a giveaway.

It offers 9 free pages however there is an extension package of it that can be purchased. You can always head over and check it out. 


7. A Well Crafted Party 

Jenni over at A Well Crafted Party offers a very interesting planner to their community of bloggers. Each blogger is unique and may not want everything that is included as there are so many options offered in it. You have the ability to go through and select what it is that applies to you. 



If you haven’t started your blog as yet there is no reason to delay. There are many awesome benefits in starting a blog.

Do have a productive season as you move forward into planning your post and staying organized. Also, learn how to create your own blog planner.

I hoped you like the designs, layout, and colors. Do share your thoughts on the one that works best for you in the comments below.

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