Best Places To Sleep On College Campus

Many college students are sleep deprived. They spend so many hours studying, partying and working that they soon find themselves sleeping at odd moments on campus. The best remedy for sleep is getting some sleep.

Getting quality sleep is important. If a student wants to function effectively, there are many ways that he or she student can beat the odds and start getting enough sleep

If you do not live on dorm and don’t have the time to go home and get a quick nap, I have given below the Top 6 places that a student can consider to tap a nap as soon as they get a chance.

#1 The Back of the Library

The library can be an ideal place if you find a good spot. All you need to do is find a cozy corner, put your head on the desk and snooze away. Take note of closing hours so that you are not locked in. Although there are individuals who would do spot checks to ensure that no one is inside when they are closing, set a sleep timer.

#2 An Empty Classroom

There are places on Campus that you may see an empty classroom where no classes are being held until the next session. Take that as your cue to get a nice hour nap.

If someone should come into the room, sometimes they are looking for a place to bunk as well or another session is about to start. This is much better than sleeping in class. Lecturers can easily identify sleepers especially when the lights are on. You don’t want that to affect your ratings. 

#3 Your Car

Your car may not be the most comfortable place especially if it is out in the hot boiling sun. If it is sunny, park where you will have shade and open the door or roll down the windows to get some fresh air.

If it is too cold you could turn on the heater. Your car is the most private place on campus that you will find to sleep. You may need to set an alarm so that you don’t sleep away. 

#4 Student Lounge

The lounge is the place that many students find suiting. After all, it is a designated chill spot for students. Each department or college of the university usually has its own lounge.

You may have one or two disturbances though as students like to eat, chat or study in there as well. It is normally very comfy with padded seating and sofas.  Using some earbuds can help you to keep the sounds out. 

#5 Study Room

Study rooms are normally quieter than other places in the library. Usually, you have to reserve this room. Not a good idea for the bookers to pick up that you consistently book it for sleeping.

Be considerate and not do this in exam time either. Ensure that you have books, paper, and pens out on the table. You can get a good 1-hour nap in this room.

#6 Outdoors

Some campuses have great outdoor seating and spaces under trees. If you are not overly sensitive and easily distracted, then you can find a nice bench to sleep on. Some colleges even provide hammocks for students to relax in. Look for a section where there isn’t much foot or car traffic and get a quick nap. 

Additional Tips

  1. Wear a hoody or shades just to avoid your friends passing and taking a picture of you.
  2. Keep your personal belongings safe by having your backpack locked.
  3. Maintain proper body sleeping position.


You may have realized that I did not include sleeping in class as I consider that to be rather inappropriate. You want to get the most out of classes and sleeping will not help you to achieve that. I did not include sleeping in your friend’s dorm room either as you may not be allowed to enter considering the administrators usually know their residents.

A nap is not going to solve all your sleep deprivation but it will certainly help you to be more focus in class. Your days don’t have to be a drag, there are many benefits to staying healthy in college. Whichever location you find to be most comfortable, go there and take the nap you truly deserve. 

Share in the comments below what areas you have chosen and how it is working for you.



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