Aspire Business System Review-Legit or Fake?

Product Name: Aspire Business System
Price: $37, $67, $127 per month
Owner: Michael Force
Overall Ranking:  2 out of 100 

There is a lot of hype out there about the Aspire Business System.

I will be revealing all that I know about the system so that you can make a decision on whether this program is fitting for you. You may have been scammed in the past and is wondering if this program is just another get rich quick scheme.

They claim that they will train you in six steps to make six figures. Claim that you can make 6 figures in less than a week.

Before I start this review I want to share with you My #1 Recommended Program if you are seeking a legitimate way to earn an income online.

About Aspire Business System

The company also goes by name Aspire Digital Altitude. Or you could say that Aspire which is the name of a website promotes Digital Altitude. Aspire itself is not a product or program. So our focus in this review will be Digital Altitude.

You may see me use these words interchangeably in this review. It is a training platform that teaches entrepreneurs how they can become successful.

It is a package that contains coaching in the form of videos. After each session at each stage, live feedback is expected to be done with the coach and discuss what is being taught.

Affiliates of this program also promote Digital Altitude. Videos, coaches, live chats, support, products for the business website.

This is an MLM company. They offer digital products and events. They teach about digital marketing. and how to create a downline MLM.

Michael Force is an internet marketer that has been around for about 15 years. He is mainly known for carrying out presentations and lectures at various business events.

Pro’s and Con’s of Aspire Business System


  1. Free Starter or $1 trial
  2. Ability to earn high commissions
  3. Can earn $1000 in sales
  4. Coaches help you sell
  5. Events that are luxurious.


  1. Is a high ticket opportunity
  2. Upsells
  3. Spend 5 figures to earn another 5 figures
  4. Large investment can be 50k to fully pledge.
  5. Must own do training to earn from them.
  6. Automatic charge if not cancel after $1 or $2 trial.

Who is Aspire Business System for?

This is for persons who are into MLM and want to get rich quick overnight. It is also for persons who have lots of money to lose.

Training and Tools Overview

One needs to buy the training in order to resell them. A commission is earned when one resells the product.

Below is outlined how the system actually works.

Their events are held at 5-star resorts where members will stay 3-4 days. These are at different locations across the world.

They will also get experts in various areas of internet marketing to come and make presentations on digital marketing and how one can successfully improve their business.

Top affiliates in the program attend these conferences and share what makes them successful. A playground for networking.

Most people buy the products to resell them and not necessarily for the value that they will receive from it. Some people go into the business for the knowledge and the information that they will receive from

They are teaching you how to recruit others to join instead of teaching you how it is that you can create a business for yourself that will earn you genuine income.

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The support is to continuously recruit you into upgrading. The coaches that call are successful members that are coheads with the owner to make more money. All they encourage is for you to take action and buy into their sales.

There are many unhappy customers that exist and would complain that the coaches actually read from a script.

What does it Cost to be a Member?

It is very costly to be a member of Aspire. There are lots of upsells when going through the steps of the program. If one wants to earn a higher commission they will need to spend up to five figures in cash.

Even if you are not earning you are expected to upgrade. Don’t expect to go into the company and earn just like that.

Starter membership or $1 trial for 14 days.

$37 per month Aspire Walker

1 tier pyramid

40% in commissions

view members area

receive the starter training video

$67 Aspire Hiker

2 tier pyramid

50% commission

members area

startup training

weekly training and more

startup training videos

view members are

$127  Climber

3 tier pyramid

60% commissions

weekly training

additional information

With this, they now store your credit card and email information.  That is just a catch for you to sign up or have a look at how the business is set up.

High ticket products are mostly the seminars that you will have to attend. The prices and packages change frequently.

Products start from $2000 and go up to $16,000.

Base: $597

Rise $1997

Ascend: $9,997

Peak: $16,997

Apex: $16,997

They offer $60 commission on a $37 sale to join. This is no big deal for the owner as he knows he will make back the money with the upsells that he offers. Commissions are 25-30%.

One has the ability to earn from the sale that their team members make. Sit back and do nothing.

You not only spend on the seminar but you will have to find the plane fare and lodging accommodation to go there.

My Final Say

So the big question still remains is this program legit or fake or are they scamming individuals of their hard earned cash.

There is the possibility of earning with them. It is very risky though as it requires a huge investment in money. It is not possible for you to make money without buying the products and attending the conferences.

This can turn out bad as one will only be buying a product to make money from it and not necessarily that they want it for themselves. It is definitely a scam as members are forced into upgrading even when they are not making money.

I would not recommend anyone to join this program unless they want to spend $50k in order to earn something. It is always a pay to play when it comes to Digital Altitude. Notice in the sales video that he and his family are the ones speaking of their success and not their customers.

This is a program that will cost you to break the bank and spend all your savings. The aim is not for you to learn how to start your own business but to recruit others for the Digital Altitude program and products.

If you have had any experience with this company, Do leave your comments in the box below.



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