Appi Travels Review: Real or Not?

Product Name: Appi TravelsImage result for appi travel scam
Price: $50, $200, $500
Owner: Danny Gauither
Overall Ranking:  27 out of 100 

There are so many scams out there it can be hard to know the authenticity of a newly launched program. In this review, you will learn about the Appi Travels program, their compensation plan, affiliate program, how they offer to make you money and the type of travel they offer.

You may be wondering, are the vacations real? are the discounts legit? is the company overall just another scam? let’s find out. The company does not provide much information about itself and it is through research and experience that I am sharing the information I have found with you.

Introduction About Appi Travels

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No beating around the bush but getting straight to the point. Appi Travel is an MLM program. The focus of this business is giving discounts on vacations but let us see if this company will do as it says. It focuses is on recruiting members to join and accept membership packages.

It was started in September of 2016 by owner and CEO of the company Danny Gauither from Montreal Canada. The company, however, is based in Quebec Canada. Gauthier has a past history being apart of two sites called Ultamex that crashed and was relaunched as Wealth Podium.

Wealth Podium lasted a year back in 2012. Danny disappeared from the scene. Now he is back launching Appi Travels. His credibility is something here to be considered.

Appi travel is a third party booking system. There is nowhere on their website where they tell who the third party person or company is that is providing all these discounts. Note that not everything that says discounts is actually a discount.

The domain name is registered private and this is a practice by MLM companies to cover their tracks when they crash or run off with people money. Covering their tracks protect the person behind the pyramid scheme. Appi Travels also sell websites already built if members want to promote the business.

Pro’s and Con’s of Appi Travels


  1. Easy and fast payment
  2. Can make money with them
  3. Discounts on bookings
  4. Fees are not too high
  5. 50% commission on all referrals
  6. 50% Matching bonus
  7. Can travel for free with travel points


  1. Cannot try for free-$50 to join
  2. There is no tangible product
  3. The possibility of not lasting for more than a year
  4. No refund
  5. Travel points is cheap 100 points= 1USD

Who is Appi Travels for?

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This program is for persons who are able to make the monthly affiliate payment starting from $50. This is also for individuals who love to travel to various places across the world and trust the site that there will be no problem after purchases or bookings.

Additionally, it is for people who are willing to promote the Appi Travels brand to gain travel points and get members to signup and do the same thing in order to start making money. Finally, this is for people who just want to make a quick cash for about a year considering the program will not stand the test of time.

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Training and Tools Overview

I am sorry to disappoint you but there is no actual product with Appi Travels. What they offer is discounts on travel. There are deals on hotel packages, flights and they put together travel deals. The program is pretty much set up like a travel club, just that travel is not the focus in making money. Which company or third party that offer these discounts is not explained.

A member has to earn travel points that would allow him or her to travel for free to various destinations across the world. As long as a member has a number of points necessary for a trip it would be possible? Earning points is no walk over. One has to do a lot of recruiting and be a 100% active member to get points.

So erase the thought of traveling the world for free as they promote you will need to work for that vacation. No free traveling for just signing up, paying a membership fee and being a member. Each level of membership you get one to sign up under a person is allocated travel point.

Travel points

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Travel points are earned when:

  • A person gets new members to sign up
  • Someone book flights, hotel room or renting
  • Direct and residual affiliate recruits 50% matching bonus (only on passed up affiliates)

100 travel pts=1 USD

250 travel pts = $ 2.50 USD

500 travel pts= $ 5 USD

One will need thousands of points to even consider meeting the price for a trip. Get more FAQ on their page.

In their back office, they offer some simple training on tips how to recruit and sell their program. This is in the form of PDFs and videos. They also offer training on how to promote their business by purchasing one or more of their websites and advertising the program.

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What does it Cost to be a Member?

To be a member is not so cheap. Below is a table of their three membership levels and what each cost. Take note that this is not the only money to be paid in being a member. There is an admin fee to be paid.

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Admin Fees




A person has to a member to benefit from the discounts on travel. Membership fees can be paid by recruiting instead of taking cash out of pocket. This is when members recruit two or more new members. The membership fee is not a one-time payment but it is a recurring monthly fee.

Purchasing websites from them to promote the business is optional. These sites can range from $200-$1200. As a member, you will get these for less depending on membership package.

For getting new recruits, payments are made same day to the member’s account. withdrawals can be received by loading the money earned onto a Visa card provided by Appi Travels. The loading is very easy and one can make purchases online with the card.

Compensation Plan

With their compensation plan I was thinking, is this for real? Offering 100% matching bonus. The site says 100 but it is actually 50%. For every new recruit, the company gets half and the member benefits from the other half. The difference between the memberships is the number of travel points that they carry.

Direct Recruitment Commission

For every person members are able to bring to the company they will get paid and this is the foundation on which the program is built and how the company makes money.

If you get an individual to join

@ Traveler $50 you get $25 in commission

@ Explorer $200 you get $100 in commission

@ VIP Navigator $500 you get $250 in commission

Residual RecruitmentCommission Image result for pyramid scheme

This is done through a uni-level payment system where when a member signs up they are placed on level one. Residual incomes are normally paid out the same as the direct commission.

  1. $25 for recruiting explorer affiliates
  2. $150 for recruiting navigator affiliates

On their website, I was looking at their plan and this statement is a shocker.

“Our compensation plan ensures that anyone can make a 4 figure income
their very first month. Then turn that into a 5 figure, or even a 6 figure,
true residual income.”

Don’t be fooled but making this income through recruiting in your first month is impossible. Four and five figure income does not come that easy. This is the true definition of how pyramid schemes operate. All confusion in explaining how you will make money with them and how much you will earn.

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My Final Say

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The company does not bring anything new to the table. Products are not tangible and I have never seen a success story of persons who used the program for booking and had no trouble. If you plan to use the program my advice is to check other hotel and flight sights and compare prices. Be cautious and don’t put in what you are not willing to lose.

Appi Travels is something that I would advise you to think through. MLM’s are not safe even if they make you money. You may go in at a time when they plan to cut with everybody’s money. It might work for people who travel a lot in getting some good deals on discounts but I won’t be surprised if when going on vacation after reaching the airport or hotel being told that there is no booking or reservations made like what WorldVentures another travel site did. Other similar sites that failed are Paycation, Pro Travel Plus and Wake Up Now.

Even though hyped with the amount of money the program says its members will earn, there are many things in the company to be aware of. Once members stop recruiting, the company will run into trouble and this is what makes it an MLM. Danny will take his share and run leaving Appi travel to crash just as Ultamex and Wealth Podium. MLMs don’t last for very long.

Finally the fact that the company does not have a product but focuses on offering discounts to traveling and recruiting members for sign ups in order to earn this is a pretty sticky situation.

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It would be nice to go to all your favorite places in the world but remember it will cost you money and hard work. Not a free ride just like that from Appi Travel.

If you are interested in creating your own business and generating income that could give you a real vacation with your friends and family then I will share my #1 Recommended Product.

If you are serious about earning income online there is no hype about it. A program that has been around since 2005 and has placed me in a better financial standing than I was before I came across it.

Take the free trial and see if this is something made for you. Learn the skill you need to be your own boss. Very simple. I hope that you found this review to be useful. Share your views in the comments below.

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