7 Tips How To Stay Healthy In College

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Getting the freshman 15 in college is definitely not a good thing. Health is wholistic in nature. It is not just about one aspect of the human dimension. It has to do with the emotional, physical, spiritual, social and mental well-being.

It is said that your health is your greatest wealth so why not invest in it? Most students become concerned about staying healthy when they believe their health is going or they feel sick. Having a personal illness free life as much as possible is the ideal.

Below I will be sharing some tips on how any college student can stay healthy and feel good while enjoying the college life experience. They are basic in nature and will not require becoming any hard efforts.

#1 Manage Your Stressors

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It is important that a college student is able to deal with the various stressful event that presents themselves in college. Not being mentally well can and will expose college student to also becoming physically drained and unwell. Managing stressors can mean prioritizing your task and knowing those that contribute to your life positively or negatively.

Whilst there is eustress (the good stress) and distress (the bad stress). Being distress will not help a student in any way to be healthy. Practicing stress management techniques and healthy habits such as eating right, exercising or sleeping well are ways to handle stressors.

#2 Keep Your Space Clean

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Your environment can do either of two things which is to create or reduce stress. Coming home to an unpleasant or dirty environment can influence your mood (anxiety/depression) and the likelihood of not getting tasks completed.

Keeping your space clean also acts as a way in preventing you from getting sick. Whether or not we are conscious about it, our space does affect our health. A clean bright room that is germs free is happy and inviting whilst the opposite is not.

Clutter and garbage is not the way to go in your college room. If you want to avoid getting the cold or flu that is going around, then doing at least an hour a week cleaning and keeping things that way may be the best thing you could ever do.

#3 Get Enough Sleep

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One of the leading factors in health deterioration for college students is not getting enough sleep. The health side effects of sleep deprivation are unending. Managing your time well and ensuring that you get at least 7 hours of sleep for the night is highly recommended in staying healthy in college.

Keep the brain alert and be on par with your assignments, projects, and exams. Avoid doing all-nighters as there are no health benefits but results of burnout and fatigue.

Have a sleep routine and stick to it. To not get sleep is to slowly kill yourself and is not better than the person who takes drugs.

#4 Keep Your Social Life Going

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As a student one needs to have friends and a social life. When I say have a social life I don’t mean to be on social media like facebook or twitter. Having physical friends to socialize with can help to reduce stress, and provide feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.

That is how we were made, not to be isolated from others but to interact. Being able to share our thoughts and ideas with others in a sociable way influences our mental health. Positive relationships with others will act as a means of support and also in how you function throughout the days.

Being loving, respectful, alert, and focus, amongst others, will help you to express your emotions, stop worrying about past and future events but focus on the here and now and gain meaningful insights to deal with various areas of your life.

#5 Eat Healthy

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Eat well it’s easy! Aim to have a balanced diet from all the food groups. Try to have a high intake of fruits and veggies. Yes! I know there is no mom and dad over you to ensure this but responsible adults who are concerned about their health will do what it takes to stay healthy in college. Not all veggies are tasty so stick to those you like.

There is nothing wrong with snacking as long as it is on healthy snacks. I know it is easy to grab hold of all the tasty junk food that is at hands reach but what you put in is what you will get out. If you put in greases, fat, and sugar don’t expect to feel all energic for most of the day but expect some weight gain and other side effects.

Keep your portion size moderate and not over eat. Furthermore, try not to skip breakfast as this should be your heaviest meal that will give you most of the energy needed for the day.

#6 Take Vitamins

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For most students being in college requires them to use up a lot of energy. They may also gradually have an increase in their metabolic rate depending on their responsibilities and workload. Getting all the vitamins the body needs is essential.

Try to get most of your vitamins from your natural food as best as possible. Vitamins can help to keep your immune system resistant to airborne viruses like cold and flu. It is very easy to get drained while in college. The environment is very demanding and often times hectic especially during examination periods.

Multivitamins are ideal as they provide the essential nutrients that the body will need when the body is not supplying it fast enough. Go with a brand that is trusted and really works. Do not live on them every day but take as needed.

#7 Get Some Exercise

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Hit the gym and do a little workout. It is said that people who work out have an increase in memory and thinking skills This will help you to keep in shape as well as feel good.

I enjoy doing 30 mins workouts in the mornings before heading out. You don’t have to workout every day but you will definitely stay healthy by doing this. Start off small and simple. Outdoor jogging or cycling is first recommended as getting fresh air would do better than staying indoors.

Additionally, practicing good hygiene such as taking regular baths (everyday) and washing hand frequently will help to clear your mind and put you in the attitude to get things done.

I hope that these seven tips were of benefit to you in staying healthy as you pursue your studies in college. Be in shape to be your best self. You can leave your feedback in the comments below.

Do feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below.


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