7 Great Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog


One does not need to be a writer to start writing a blog.  When I started out, I thought that I would not do well or write so that the world could actually read my page. From this experience, I have gained so much knowledge and exposure that I have started writing a book soon to be published.

I have seen where I benefited not only personally but also professionally from the experience and in many other areas of my life. I could tell you numerous reasons why you should start a blog however, I have summarized them in only seven great reasons.

1. It’s Easy To Get Started

Why I say it is easy is because you will be writing about something that you love or topics that interest you. There is nothing hard in getting it set up. This can be done in less than 10  minutes. I use WordPress which is one of the simplest platforms that I have seen out there when choosing to write a blog.

There are no worries about creating a site from scratch, all that is done for you with WordPress. No need to get Tech savvy either. Plugins, Themes, and HTML are already done for you. Building a website for your blogging is easy.

2. You Can Help Others

I can remember when I just started blogging and I started receiving comments on my post and even emails from visitors. From various parts of the world, they shared how helpful the information I shared was for them. It really touched my heart. There are persons out there who actually don’t have the answers to many things and will go on the internet to seek a solution.

Your blog could provide information these individuals. Take for example you are a farmer and you know the ins and outs of raising animals. There are other farmers who want to know how to milk a cow, raise chickens, or even care for special types of goats. Any area you write about there will be persons interested in reading it.

You can also create a forum on your blog where visitors can share their thoughts on a particular topic or receive information or the opinion of other visitors.

3. It Can Make You Money

Making money by blogging is actually real and possible. Not all blogs monetize but you can decide if you want to write for free as a hobby or make money from the information you are sharing. There are persons who make a steady income from doing this, up to six figures income. To reach this does take time and a little more effort than just doing it as a hobby.

One will need lots of visitors per day viewing their blog post in order to make money. With the aim of gaining financially, blogging could take hours creating new post daily so that Google gives you a good ranking. Business owners can use it to promote their business, sell things or point visitors to products that they are offering.

Having patience and practice while utilizing income generating strategies (marketing) will let you see results if you want to make money blogging.

4. Promote Yourself and Open Opportunities

Sell yourself and your newfound ability to write. Writing a blog offers the chance to meet new friends and potential business partners. Lots of people will be able to get your advice based on your area of expertise. Google will like what you are doing and send visitors to view your page.

Being in college I am offered the opportunity to write a weekly column for the university paper. This was after my friends and lecturers stumbled across my blog. Persons may soon ask you to write reviews for products for them, edit documents etc when they realize you have a blog.

You may even be offered the chance to write for your company. This would help them to be recognized growing their business. Many persons are going online to search for information. If your employer does not have a blog, you can make your suggestions and even write for them if they don’t have someone doing so. Well, that should be more salary for you. Establish yourself as an expert in your field.

5. Help You Organize & Share Your Thoughts

Blogging provides a place where you can freely share or express your thoughts. This platform is often free from criticism and you will find many like-minded persons who share your ideas. With blogging, you will find that thoughts on your mind can be organized into a beautiful blog post.

It’s like writing a journal or diary bearing in mind others will be able to read your experiences. You can talk about anything you like:, Politics, Family, Children, Religion, Relationship or any other topic. Very soon after you start blogging you will see how clearly you think as you exercise your brain.

An intentional thinker is what you will become as you view the world and things of life in a new light. Putting thoughts to paper will have you thinking at a deeper level than you normally do.

6. Improve Writing & Increase Knowledge

Starting out in college my grammar and communication skills were not the best. I can now say that through blogging it has improved a far way. The more you write the easier it gets. It is not like school where you have to write a particular way in essays or research papers. You are free to explore other dimensions of writing when blogging.

Why you should write a blog, is that it helps you stay knowledgeable and abreast with current events and happenings in your field.  Take for example my blog about college you are now reading. I have tons of knowledge to share in this area as I myself am a college student. As I write I will see the need to explore new experiences or research information that could be useful to my readers.

When people learn new things they find they are growing and feel more fulfilled. A blog provides an opportunity for you to be well rounded in various subject areas. Here are some tips to start out in writing your first blog.

7. Personal Development

Startsing a blog will have you thinking about life, who you are, what you want to be and where you are now. You will see changes in your worldviews. Some employers look for employees who seek to put themselves out there and are able to express themselves in a professional manner. You can always add your blog to your resume.

Having a blog teaches discipline, time management and commitment. Having to sit for one or more hours a day and write to meet your deadlines and get the results that you want requires devotion. You will gain confidence and feel more comfortable being known as you make your brand as a writer. With that, you will also communicate in a better manner with others.


If you have too much free time on your hand, bored and have nothing to do, then make blogging your hobby. Blog from anywhere you are. Don’t waste too much time on social media. In fact, social media is a platform on which you can promote your blog. Once you get the hang of having a blog you will become addicted and be publishing a post almost every day.

If you are interested in starting your own blog today, then head over to my site where I will show you a platform that you can not only use to gain access to free websites but that you can also start a legitimate online business and make money the way I do.

It is time to experience something awesome by starting your own Blog. Have fun


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